Golf Technology

New golf technology comes out every year, but there are a few basics you should learn if you are taking up golf or need a reminder.

Everyone desires to be successful in a passion or career. This is also the case in golf, whether it’s a career or it’s a passion, there is the desire to be successful. This article will focus on ways that can assist in improving a golf game with the technology available to you.

Must-Have Items I Need In My Golf Bag

Golf bags are provided with interesting pockets meant to be filled with hi-tech and low-tech golf technology to bring along in a golf course. One may, however, end up overloading the bag with non-essentials. Below are the key golf essentials that you shouldn’t forget when heading to a golf course.

  • Permanent marker

This is a great essential in a golf course. It’s useful when keeping score when a pen or a pencil is not available, to put a specific mark on the golf ball and can be used to draw alignment lines on the ball for easy placement.

  • Golf balls

The golf balls should not be more than six. You can rarely lose more than 6 balls even in an unfamiliar golf course, hence six is enough for the time you will spend in the golf course. You can learn more about the best golf balls for beginners before you buy.

  • Sunscreen

This is crucial to avoid unpleasant burns on the necks. It can be accompanied with a bug spray to prevent any distractions by the bugs in the field.

  • Golf gloves

You may need to carry an extra pair of golf gloves. This is crucial as you may get sweaty as you play. Hence, an extra pair of golf gloves will work well and your golf grip will not be affected.

  • A rain jacket

Consider lightweight one. A water-resistant lightweight jacket can be helpful when the rain hits and your great time in the course will be maintained despite the weather.

  • A pain reliever

You should have an Aspirin or Ibuprofen as you may need it in the process or your playing partner may need it as well.

  • Athletic tape and band-aids

These are crucial golf course accessories as there may be cuts, blisters, and scrapes as you carry on with your golf game. They are lightweight and versatile hence easy to carry in your bag.

  • Water

Golf involves more physical activity than it’s imagined. Dehydration can’t be avoided. Water will relieve you from dehydration and keep your golf game on point.

  • Business cards

Golf course is very appropriate for networking. You may get new golf partners, job opportunities or even business partnerships. Ensure you have packed a few business cards as they may land you to a great opportunity.

  • A towel

A small wet towel is greatly used in the golf course. It can be used to wipe sweat, wipe off mad from the ball and clean your hands after eating or reapplying sunscreen. Ensure it’s wrapped around your driver or putter to keep in in place throughout the golf course.

  • Cellphone with GPS App of the golf course

This is very useful as it helps you get accurate yardages and keep track of your score with ease. Golf Apps are available for both Apple and Android devices.

  • Snacks

You may also consider carrying quick snacks that are easy to carry and easy to eat on the go.

Which Golf Technology Do I Need To Carry In My Game?

  • USA Light Up Golf Ball

Playing golf at night is allowed in some golf courses provided you’re in the right golf technology. The Night Sports USA Light Up Golf ball stays active for eight minutes after an impact and can be easily traced due to the bright LED.  It lights up every time it’s hit and its performance is similar to that of a professional golf ball.


  • Titleist Scotty Cameron Pivot Repair Tool

This is a must-have golf tech for anyone utilizing Scotty Cameroon putter. It provides accuracy when repairing divots and ensures that the most sensitive areas in the golf course are well maintained. It’s durable due to the presence of tumbled aluminum.


  • Callaway Golf Pocket Ball Retriever

This device is very low-tech golf technology made of aluminum alloy of good quality hence remains intact even when fully extended. Its handle provides a comfortable grip and the retriever construction is of stainless steel. All these qualities make it easy to retrieve a stuck ball even in the most inconvenient places with ease.


  • SKLZ smart Training Aid

This smart glove assists you to make the right swing. It has a rigid twist meant to improve your accuracy and consistency by enabling you to have a correct positioning that will give you a proper release. The rigid twist is removable and the glove’s palm side has a fabric outline, particularly placed for proper grip position and great approach shots.


  • Garmin Approach CT10 Club Tracking System

This tracking system has a sensor that helps you keep score by tracking every shot made in any club. It’s compatible with Garmin golf watch for gathering information on every stroke such as the location, distance, and club used. This way you will be aware of your accuracy and the distance you hit in each club.


Best Golf Technology Reviews

  • Best range finder

The best range finder is Precision Pro Golf NX7 rangefinder.

It helps you to get an accurate distance from the flag. It can measure up to 1/10 of the yard thus can help you find your target by locking onto the target and pushing the button on the top of the device. It utilizes Target Acquisition Technology which avoids unwanted objects that would throw off your range. It can be utilized at any level of golfer as it can pick up targets that are more than 400 yards away. It’s quite fast hence doesn’t interrupt the game.

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  • Best golf watch

The best golf watch is Garmin Approach S60

This golf watch has an in-built GPS which accurately measures the distance to the hole. Interestingly, it directly syncs into your smartphone hence providing enough information on every course. The display is legible even under the sun and works with a touch of a glove. It also has smartwatch functionality to enable you to receive messages, emails and take calls. Moreover, it gets access to hazards such as sand and water. On a single battery charge, it can last for more than 10 hours.


  • Best golf simulator

The best golf simulator is Sky Track platinum simulator package. This portable simulator has incredible accuracy as it utilizes high photometric technology and highly developed algorithms. It also has great game improvement features such as ball speed, launch angle, side spin, backspin, distance, flight path and many more. Moreover, it’s easy to use due to the presence of friendly Setup Guide and support team to ask any question.


What You Should Know Before Buying a Golf Rangefinder

  • Accuracy of the laser range finder

Use a golf range finder to get your distances dialed in

Laser range finder should provide accurate measurements to distances of at least 400 yards.  They can be used to confirm the distances marked in the yardage book and get accurate distances between points in the fair-way and layup areas.

  • Know how the laser rangefinder works

Laser rangefinders utilize various technologies but have similar ways of determining yardages. It’s worth noting that when the processor is powerful, the calculation of the distance and showing it to the golfer is fast. It’s therefore important to consider how powerful the processor is, in the laser rangefinder.

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Golf Watches Vs Range Finders: Golf Technology

Pros of rangefinders

  • The exact yardage to the pin is provided rather than just the distance to the middle, front and back of the green.
  • Doesn’t need to be charged before every round
  • Its case easily clips onto the golf bag

Cons of rangefinder

  • They can’t be used in situations where you can’t see the green or the flag or the fairway
  • They work poorly in the rain
  • No device in the world uses the same battery as one used by the laser range finder hence might be a challenge to get one.

Pros of golf watches

  • A glance at your watch will provide you with enough information that you need
  • Very useful on blind holes
  • Can sync on your smartphone
  • Can be used as a normal watch or for other sports

Cons of golf watches

  • Can be disruptive in case of frequent calls, messages, emails, and social media updates
  • Some of them are bulky
  • They should be charged before every round

Golf watches or phone APP

  • Battery life

A GPS watch is unlikely to drain the battery of your phone as the APP would do. Generally, the GPS app has 3-4 hours of battery life while a golf watch would last for days before the need for being recharged.

  • Accuracy

Since the phone holds many Apps the accuracy of the GPS App may be affected. A test has shown that on average, a GPS watch is 2-3 % more accurate than a smartphone.

  • Cost

in terms of cost, a GPS App is less expensive than a GPS watch. Since you already own a smartphone, getting a GPS APP is cheaper than buying a GPS watch which has an average cost of $100 to $500.

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Benefits of Indoor Golf Simulators: Golf Technology 

  • They’re weatherproof as you can practice your swing on any kind of weather.
  • They’re flexible- you’re able to switch the setting to a new course once you have mastered one course, this gives you more challenges and keeps the game fresh.
  • Require limited space- a golf simulator provided enough play within a limited space.
  • Have a lower cost- a simple set up of the golf simulator can cost a few hundred dollars.
  • Presence of an instruction Aid which provides enough information for proper golf game.

How to Set-Up A Golf Simulator in My Garage

Ceiling height

The ceiling height should be 10 feet, and this should be chosen depending on your ability to swing clubs, your height and the height of other golfers

Room width

The appropriate room width should be 15 feet, as it can hold both left-handed and right-handed golfers. There should be enough space to protect the wall.

Room depth

The average room depth should be 15 feet but if it’s a radar-based system, consider 23 feet depth for accuracy.

Screen setting

You will need a screen cage for screen setting. Secure one eye hook into strut channel with specific square nuts. Each eye hook should be secured with a square washer. Build a little ramp by adding extra material to the bottom. With different clubs, hit the ball from 10-12 feet to maintain the screen tension.

Projector installation

The size of the screen and the distance between the screen and the golfer will determine the depth of installation.  Check the internal settings for manipulation of the image on your screen.

Computer setup

Select a suitable place to set up the computer. A smartphone can be used in the place of a computer.

Mat placing

The mat should be placed in front of the net. Consider placing it directly on concrete to avoid sliding.

Net setting

The net should be hung in front of the screen to protect it from your shots.

Golf simulators reviews: golf technology

There are various golf simulators in the market, we have however focused on the three golf simulators below.

  • Sky Track platinum simulator package

This portable simulator has incredible accuracy as it utilizes high photometric technology and highly developed algorithms. It also has great game improvement features such as ball speed, launch angle, side spin, backspin, distance, flight path and many more. Moreover, it’s easy to use due to the presence of friendly Setup Guide and support team to ask any question.

  • Dancing Dogg Opti Shot infrared Golf simulator

It can be used with a real golf ball, practice ball or no ball at all. It’s easy to set up and can be used in any room. Have infrared sensors to measure the club-head speed and the point of impact. Its software provides accurate and enough information about your shot.

  • Golf launchpad golf simulator.

It has an optical signal processing technology and a tethered regulation of golf ball. It’s portable and can be hooked up anywhere to a USB device. The tethered golf ball provides the impact physics of a golf ball and can replicate the same forces as when using a real golf ball. You, therefore, have an authentic performance, sound and feel using your clubs.

From the above discussion, it’s evident that golf technology has improved golf game. Ensure you have utilized golf tech appropriately for the best results.

My first experience with a golf simulator was with the Golden Tee video game. Remember those, they were in all the pizza parlors.