Kirkland Golf Balls: Costco Price Tour Performance? Top Review

Kirkland Golf Balls: Tour Performance with Costco Price?

If you are an amateur golfer not yet playing on tour (Lol!), then you probably know that Kirkland golf balls are a saught after ball because of the price-to-performance ratio. 

They are very affordable and some say offer the same performance as the more expensive golf balls that provide “PGA tour-level performance”. 

Costco Kirkland Brand Golf Balls

This blog takes a closer look at Kirkland golf balls because a few things have changed over the years. So, whether you are a low handicapper or just learning how to play. Take a look at this review. 

Urethane Cover on Kirkland Signature Brand

High-performance golf balls that tour players use have a urethane cover. This provides excellent spin and feel for more control.

Additionally, urethane has a lot of benefits compared to plastic and rubberized materials that some golf ball covers consist of.  

The urethane cover on the Kirkland golf ball enables the ball to retain its structure and strength.

Also, thanks to the cover`s soft nature, the Kirkland golf ball has better strike feedback on putts and chips, which is vital for distance control in the short game.

The urethane cover is thin but very sturdy; the lightweight nature of the cover gives these golf balls its perfect weight. 

If you want to go deeper into finding the right golf ball for your game, also look at the following.

How Kirkland Golf Balls Are Made

The original Kirkland golf ball had a 4-piece construction.

They were tour quality with great speed, distance, feel and spin. Plus, the original version also delivered tour-level performance.

It also had a simple dimple design making it a 360-dimple ball that had excellent aerodynamics.

New 4-piece design

The newer Kirkland golf balls hav a 3-piece construction that still works well, but does not perform quite as well as the original design.

Most reports we’ve read was that golfers were not as impressed by the performance of the 3-piece golf ball as with earlier versions.

In addition, the core of the Kirkland golf ball is large and soft to help with the velocity of the golf ball for players with slower swing speeds. Also, the large core energy impacted by the clubhead is not lost while the softcore maximizes compression.

The mantle design of the Kirkland golf ball reduces driver spin while it also increases the soft feel of the ball. This golf ball doesn’t balloon in the air like ionomer golf balls due to their backspin. Furthermore, the ball zips when you hit your wedges thanks to the mantle.

Performance Comparison

The Kirkland golf ball still performs exceptionally well in the 3-piece category.

It offers excellent value for money. However, the new design falls short of the tour style balls category.

But, according to information submitted to the USGA by the Kirkland Company, the Kirkland golf balls have been improved in some aspects. 

  • L, M, H when testing spin rates of a golf ball in flight stands for Low Spin, Medium Spin, and High Spin.
  • The Kirkland brand has an M-H rating. To an ordinary golfer, this rating has no meaning, but to golfers who play on tour, it is an essential factor to consider. The M-H rating helps a golfer to know what the spin rate of a golf ball is. Additionally, the rating is usually not indicated on the packaging of golf balls, but some do show it on the cover of the box.
  • Beginners and mid-handicappers are going to enjoy this golf ball thanks to the distance and spin it has.When you compare the Kirkland golf ball to other professional golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1, the performance is almost similar. Furthermore, it performs really well on for driver shots and iron shots with excellent spin and flying distance like the higher-end version golf balls.This chart below shows the Ball, the type of construction (3P = 2 Piece, c = Cover), the spin rate and the number of dimples. Kirkland Signature balls have 360 dimples.
Spin Rate Tests for Some Golf Balls

Thanks to jimboscientist on for sharing spin rates of some 3-piece 2 cover balls played on Tour

  • When hitting wedge shots into greens the Kirkland brand ball performs very responsively in the greens. Furthermore, the Kirkland golf ball accentuates mishits.
  • In addition, the Kirkland golf ball has excellent stopping power like the other high-end golf balls. Compared to other mid-level golf balls, the Kirkland golf ball sits slightly higher among the other brands, and we highly recommend it for both beginners and handicappers. Likewise, thanks to the triple cover, this golf ball can withstand longer games.

How Much Do Kirkland Golf Balls Cost?

The Kirkland, WA based company has seen a rise in the number of golfers hitting their Signature brand golf ball because of its high-quality but favorable price.

Instead of losing expensive balls in the lakes or bushes, the Kirkland golf ball has given golfers a chance to enjoy their game without being worried about losing expensive golf balls on the golf course.

Costco gives excellent offers on four dozen balls, and for a shot that performs nearly as well as the high-end premium golf balls, this is truly a bargain.

These balls remove the tension that beginners get when they are about to hit the ball in fear of misplacing their golf balls. With Kirkland golf balls, you get to save a fortune on golf balls.

Pros & Cons

As mentioned earlier, the Kirkland golf ball has the same qualities as the Pro V1 in terms of distance spin and other factors.

The large core also helps to maximize the distance without the golf ball losing control. Kirkland Company has used counterbalancing technology by maximizing distance and spin.

Having a golf ball designed with the best technology makes the Kirkland golf ball a strong buy.

Remember to check the type of layering a golf ball has, a 2-piece layered golf ball does not have the same kind of spin and distance as a 3-piece or a 4-piece layered golf ball.

Observations by Golfsquatch

Golfsquatch in Person

After hitting the ball in a few rounds here are some observations I made.

Reports and Tests

  • The 4-piece Kirkland golf ball has tested faster than its predecessor when hit with a driver and 6-iron.
  • The spin rates are also higher with a driver, but sadly, high spin rates CAN lead to distance loss when the ball is struck improperly.
  • On full shots with a wedge, the Kirkland golf ball launched faster than the Pro V1X. That is likely why there is an ongoing patent infringement suit from Titleist that alleges Costco is infringing on 10 of their patents.
  • Plus, the 338 dimple pattern makes the Kirkland golf ball an excellent option for a golfer looking for a golf ball that offers flight in a game. Sadly, this product has a high compression of 96.

Player Observations

  • Thanks to the urethane outer layer this golf ball plays well for higher handicappers without hitting the pocket book too hard.
  • However, the ball is prone to scratches and scuffs.

    Kirkland Golf Ball, Scuffed

    Image by u/Hank_Moody on Reddit

  • Excessive exposure to the sun turns the golf ball yellow overtime.
  • This golf ball still performs as it is intended while the cover gets rough. But with severe damage, the ball can lose its flight and responsiveness. Like with any other ball
  • This new 3-piece design still is impressive and worth investing in.
  • A golfer with a low swing speed should avoid using this golf ball and choose one that has a mid or low compression.
  • If you are looking for a golf ball with great greenside control and feel, then the newer version of the ball won’t make you happy. It might perform better than other mid-level golf balls, but it is no match to the high-end options.
  • The Pro V1 has better greenside control and feel, but that is one of the small areas it beats the Kirkland golf ball.
  • I think this is the perfect ball to help high handicappers (17 and above)

Final Thoughts

For the price and the level of player who would want to play this ball – we loved the Costco Golf Balls.

The Kirkland golf ball is meant to cater to all player levels, but best suited for 17+ handicappers for the following reasons.

  • The new version (after the lawsuit) if affordable and plays well enough. A good ball to play in colder weather too as it doesn’t compress as much as premium priced options.
  • Beginners can buy the 2-dozen and if you lose a few balls on the course, it won’t hurt the wallet as much.
  • For higher handicappers, they can take comfort in knowing that while they are analyzing their swings, using the Kirkland Signature brand ball is a great way to save money.

When it comes to golf technology, golf clothes or clubs buying cheap can end up being more expensive in the long run, but that is not the case if you decide to purchase Kirkland golf balls.

They are of high quality and are proven to be durable and highly functional. There is no better option at a reasonable and affordable price, like the one offered by the Kirkland Company.