Golf Rain Gear

Outerwear for Golf

You don’t have to play golf only when it’s sunny. There is golf apparel that can keep you  dry and cool in the rain or when it’s too windy. With the best outerwear for golf, you’ll be comfortable in the outdoor, hence your performance won’t be affected negatively. 

These golf clothes may be designed in different ways, but they’re all aimed at keeping the golfer well protected from the strong wind and rain. 

Types of Weatherproof Golf Clothes 

Different types of clothing are weatherproof, thus appropriate as outerwear for golf.

They include the following;

  • Windproof- these  are meant to protect you from the strong winds, but can’t spare you from the rain. They are efficient when playing in windy and cold conditions. Some manufacturers treat these clothes with Teflon to make them a bit water-resistant, but they can’t be worn in wet weather conditions.
  • Waterproof – waterproof outerwear keep their base layers dry regardless of how long you stay in the course. You’re kept from the rain completely. The most common fabric that is used to manufacture these types of clothes is, Goretex. It’s known to be a very effective waterproofing fabric. A porous membrane is laminated to a layer or can be between the fabric layers. The membrane is large enough to offer breathability but small enough to keep off liquid water. 
  • Rainproof– they are also known as showerproof. It’s not treated with Goretex, but rather with Teflon. It keeps off water for short periods as compared to the waterproof clothes. They are less expensive than waterproof ones.

The Best Outerwear Golf Apparel to Consider

9. Under Armour Waterproof Bucket Hat

This hat is made from Gore-Tex making it waterproof as its name suggests. Due to its design, it provides you with a 360- degree protection, the rain will therefore not drip down to your skin, which can be very uncomfortable. Most golfing jackets aren’t designed with hoods to avoid impairing your vision. Buying this hat will, therefore, be a great idea, as they will work in a better way than caps.

8. Sunderland Vancouver Waterproof Golf Jacket

This jacket may not offer the same reliability as Gore-Tex since it’s made from100% Polyester. It’s however more budget-friendly. Moreover, its manufacturer says that it’s windproof, waterproof and breathable. Since it’s manufactured from Polyester, it becomes less expensive than the outerwear golf clothes manufactured using Gore-Tex. Interestingly, they’re available in a variety of colors, thus you can choose one that is the most preferable for you. 

7. Callaway Waterproof Hat 2018

This is waterproof golf apparel that provides all-round protection to your head. It has reflective branding and a sweatband. The sweatband is important in summer days with some showers. It ensures that the moisture from your forehead doesn’t drip into your eyes. The reflective branding plays an important role in the grey and dusky days, as you can be easily seen by the people in the course. It’s made from polyester and utilizes a waterproof construction. It’s however, only available in black.

6. Prooquip Tour Flex Golf Jacket

This outerwear golf clothing is slim fitting to enhance mobility. It’s made from polyester and elastane and takes a waterproof construction. It also uses moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry. Moreover, it’s stretchy to provide a perfect fit for you. It has a storm collar that provides protection when it begins to rain. You can also put your small golf instruments on the side pockets without getting worried that they may get lost since the pockets are well zipped. Interestingly, it’s rustle-free, thus it isn’t annoying to those around you.

5. Callaway Weatherproof Series Corporate Golf Jacket

As the name suggests, this golf jacket is waterproof. It has splash-proof zippers to maintain its waterproof effect. It’s best suited for rain and cold conditions. It’s made from Polyester and has fully sealed seams. There are Velcro storm cuffs at the jacket’s wrists to keep off the wind and the water. The cuffs are adjustable to provide a secure fit for you. Additionally, it’s stretchy to provide you with the necessary motions. For breathability, the jacket has a well designed three-layer membrane.

4. Under Armour Storm Elements Full-Zip Jacket

This is a waterproof jacket that utilizes storm technology to repel water and keep the interior dry making you comfortable throughout the golf course. The jacket also features some windproof materials for more comfort in the windy days. It’s made from polyester and the soft inner coating absorbs the heat from your body to for more warmth even in the colder days. For a full range of motion, this golf jacket uses ‘action back construction.’ Nevertheless, there’re limited colors available for this jacket. 

3. Under Armour Gore-Tex Paclite Trouser

This outerwear golf jacket is both waterproof and windproof. They are made of Polyester and are highly breathable to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the course. The Paclite technology makes them durable, hence you don’t have to keep on purchasing the trousers now and then, making them pocket-friendly. The trousers have five pockets, a flat front and give you unrestricted comfort due to the adjustable waistband. 

2. Nike Hyper Adapt Storm-Fit Jacket

This is a stylish waterproof and windproof jacket. It gives you unrestricted motion due to the four-way stretch fabric. This golf jacket is popular as its both lightweight and comfortable. Since its seam-sealed, it keeps off rain effectively. Moreover, the waterproof element of the jacket is enhanced more by a storm flap and waterproof zippers. Its breathability is enhanced by mesh sleeves that enable airflow on the inside, ensuring that you’re comfortable throughout the course. 


1. Under Armour Gore-Tex Paclite Jacket

This golf jacket is both waterproof and windproof. It’s made from Gore-Tex to ensure that as it’s offering the weatherproofing element, it provides enough breathability. The storm technology utilized by Under Armour ensures that every drop of rain is kept off, and the wind is restricted effectively. Interestingly, with the Paclite technology, it’s easily folded into a small item and packed into your golf bag. This way, you can easily pull it out when it begins to rain. 

The hems and cuffs of this jacket are adjustable to ensure that you get a perfect and secure fit. Furthermore, the hand pockets are zipped, hence you can securely store your small golf accessories for easy reach when needed. Nevertheless, it’s only available in red and black and the long zip can bulge out when in a bending position.

There are varieties of golf outerwear for sale. As you decide to ensure that you are aware of the type of weatherproof the apparel is, to avoid dissatisfaction or disappointments when in use. Above all ensure that you have chosen one with the right size and breathable for more comfort and better performance in the golf course. You may consider the above outerwear golf apparel for the best outcome and productivity.