What Are Top Golf Balls for Seniors to Use?

Which are the Best Golf Balls for Seniors 2020?

Golf is one of the most popular sports among seniors. When it comes to choosing the ideal golf ball, seniors should choose a ball that’s specially designed to reduce their weaknesses and highlight their strengths.

In this article, we’re seeking to answer the question: what are the top golf balls for seniors to use?

Best Golf Balls for Seniors

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What do you want to achieve?

  • If you score well with a short game, you’ll need a softball you can control with ease around the field.
  • If distance is your focus, a straight ball flight will work well. In this case, you’ll need to use a lower-spin ball.

Seeing that seniors require both feel and distance, getting the ideal ball can be an arduous task.

Here are some of the best golf balls a senior would be comfortable using.

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

The Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls are firm, all-round ball that offers superior consistency with each shot. This ball is specially designed to ensure that every senior enjoys their game. While the Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls are tailored for a low spin on long shots, they deliver a soft feel with each shot to produce a unique feeling that’s different from any other golf ball from Titleist.

A Unique Soft Feel

The DT TruSoft is indeed very soft and using it is similar to hitting a bouncy rubber ball. While it doesn’t produce any sound on impact, it’ll compress well for slow swing speeds. The soft feel spreads through the putter and the green complete with a muted sound and feel.

You are likely to have difficulties playing with this ball, especially if you’ve been using a urethane capped ball. All you need is to get used to using this ball and before you know it you’ll be playing with minimal struggle.

Swing Speeds

This ball is ideal for swing speeds between 75 and 85 mph to give seniors an excellent roll out and an intelligent trajectory. Executing faster swings will most likely over-compress the ball and exert in it an unnecessary spin.

Features a Two-Piece Construction

The DT TruSoft is made using a two-piece construction, a factor that gives it the soft compression. The combination, however, hinders the creation of spin on chip shots an arduous task. These balls are great when it comes to accuracy and distance gained from approach shots and drives, which overrides the aforementioned drawbacks. This ball is cost-friendly and versatile and seniors will enjoy using it.

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Balls

The Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Balls are specially designed using a two-piece titanium core. It comes in handy to enhance energy transfer from the club head ball which makes it spin less yet reach long distances. It features aerodynamic and symmetrical dimples which are essential when it comes to long and lifted shots.

The cut-proof cover is made of DuPont Lithium Surlyn which guaranteed durability, resistance against scratches, and great elasticity.

These golf balls for seniors feature a low compression structure which makes them soft and comfortable and enhances your confidence around the green. As the name suggests, these balls are designed to offer distance.

They’re Bright Colored

These balls come in a bright orange color which makes them more visible both on-air and in the ground. Both beginners and seniors can use these balls with ease. The fact that they’re reasonably priced makes them more popular.

Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls

The Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls come with 2 piece construction to offer excellent construction. They are ideal for you if you are looking to sample different reasonably priced golf balls for seniors.

The Nike mix pack introduces you to a wide range of good quality Nike golf balls.

The package contains various balls which include: tour accuracy, ignite, velocity, crush, and tour control, all of which are designed to fulfill a variety of golfer demands. These balls appear and feel new even though they’re not as shiny and glossy because they’re already used balls. Both beginners and seniors can use these balls with ease.

Excellent no Scratch Balls

While these are used balls, you’ll hardly see any wear or even scratch. Of course, you’re bound to feel some difference in the color and gloss of these golf balls. However, they have excellent characteristics which make them ideal for use. What’s more, they’ll offer you excellent performance.

Bridgestone E5 High Flight 2-Piece Golf Balls

The Bridgestone E5 High Flight 2-Piece Golf Balls are designed with a double design feature giving them excellent loft and enhancing their flight performance. They’re also quite penetrative across the air. Designed for seniors, these balls travel faster and help you achieve accurate shots. If you’re a senior or know a senior who’s looking for the ideal balls, consider recommending the Bridgestone E5 High Flight 2-Piece Golf Balls.

Achieve Swing Speed and Improve Distance

Whether you’re looking to achieve swing speed or enhanced distance, these balls will give you a powerful delivery. It’s worth noting that the design of the Bridgestone E5 High Flight 2-Piece Golf Balls was recently improved. This has facilitated a prolonged flight duration with each shot. Apart from being reasonably priced, these balls come with a great ball rolling and this is critical when it comes to hitting targets. With the 326 web dimple design, the surface coverage has been enhanced.

Execute Better Scheduled Shots

Are you a seasoned golf player, if you are, these golf balls for seniors come with exceptional features which you’ll love. However, these balls aren’t designed for beginners. If you’re a novice player, you may want to avoid these balls until you’re experienced enough. If you use them appropriately, these balls are capable of providing high performance

Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls

The Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls are durable and ideal, especially in low lights. If the distance is your main worry, these balls come with the dimple design which will facilitate excellent delivery. These are some of the most unique balls in the market today thanks to their metallic color.

These balls are specially designed to be used by all kinds of golfers. Further, the Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls come with a robust core which executes enhanced energy during shots. These balls are ideal for seniors because they come in a bright color. Remember, many seniors struggle with poor sight and to ensure they can play with minimal struggle, these balls will come in handy.

Srixon Q Star Golf Balls

If you’re looking for the ideal balls for ultimate control over spin, the Srixon Q Star Golf Balls is the way to go.

This ball comes with a low compression score which is ideal when it comes to producing an excellent feel on impact.

Since there will be minimal spin as you execute your driver shots, the shots will not only be stable, but they’ll have more distance. This ball is specially designed in a 338 dimple design to ensure it performs well even during windy conditions. They come with a urethane cover which enhances durability, a factor that many senior golfers are seeking for.

Precept Extreme Golf Balls

Golfers who’ve already used these golf balls opine that they provide the longest distance and slow swing speed.

This makes them some of the most ideal balls for seniors. The ball performs excellently with irons and drivers. Executing long and straight shots is easy with drivers while the irons will give you a soft feel.

If you’re looking for value for your money, these are the golf balls you should buy. However, these balls come with various drawbacks which include: they may not be visually appealing and they are susceptible to wear and tear soon after you start using them. As a senior who’s interested in getting a slow swing speed, these balls will be ideal.

MG Golf Balls

MG Golf Balls are specially designed to meet your needs. You can choose from the available MG Golf Ball colors which include pink, yellow, and white.

These balls are ideal for you if you’re looking to enhance distance in your drives.

These balls are designed for seniors and will come in handy for players who have a slow swing speed. Seniors are guaranteed to appreciate the soft feel which comes with these balls. However, there’s a drawback with these balls. The fact that they aren’t the United States Golf Association (USGA) compliant, meaning they can’t be used in major tournaments. The MG golf balls are also quite expensive regardless of their effectiveness.

Best Budget Golf Balls for Seniors

If you’re looking for affordable golf balls for seniors, the following balls will be ideal.

Srixon Ad333 Golf Balls

The Srixon Ad333 soft feel Golf Balls are among the best in the market today. They are firm and great for seniors. They feature an ionomer cover which is not only durable, but it offers a good feeling while executing distance accordingly for slow swing speeds. These balls will give you a 60 compression rating.

The dimple pattern sends the ball flying with a straight and great flight. When searching for a versatile ball that comes with minimal drawbacks, this ball will be ideal. One of the interesting things about this ball is that it’s quite affordable. While this is an advantage, some senior may translate it to mean that the balls are poor quality which aren’t the case.

High Performance

When these balls are compared with other brands with similar features, it’s evident that they perform just as well. Often, you won’t even notice the difference whatsoever, a clear indication that the ball offers excellent performance. For instance, when the Srixon Ad333 was compared with the Titleist DT TruSoft there was hardly any difference regarding spin rates. The only notable difference, in this case, would be the price.

TaylorMade Golf Balls for Seniors

The TaylorMade Golf Balls for Seniors is specially designed to deliver distance continuously. It’s ideal for seniors who have a low swing speed due to old age. For the best results when using these balls, the seniors should be able to hit the ball in a straight and short manner and maintain low chips on the ground. This ball is designed as a low spin firm and fastball which offers a penetrating and low ball flight. If you are a straight hitting golfer focused on achieving distance by applying massive roll when hitting bullets, this ball will do the trick.

Understand that:

The balls don’t come with lots of feel, especially around the green. The fast and firm feel will traverse through chipping and putting. Therefore, these will only work appropriately for the run and bump chips. High trajectories, flop shots, and spinning shots won’t be ideal conditions for these balls. This is because their core and cover is overly firm which makes hinders their ability to generate a backspin.

Appearance and Value

TaylorMade Golf Balls for Seniors is clean and comes with two alignment options. If you love a longer line, try to transfer the logo and place it above the number. These durable balls are also cost-effective and seniors will love using them.

What is the Longest Golf Ball for Senior?

One of the longest golf balls for seniors is:

Volvik Golf Balls for Seniors

Volvik golf balls are great playing materials for seniors. They come in a dark and light orange design and feature a small arrow at the side which makes it easy to focus towards the target. This ball is a good value for money especially for people who swing at 90mph. There are various pros of using this ball which include: a matte finish which makes the ball unique both in the air and on the ground, enhanced control and accuracy around the green and eruptible distance for medium and slow swing speeds.

Which are the Best Low Compression Golf Balls 2018

Lower compression golf balls come with various benefits. The most critical and noticeable ones are: they create a bigger curve of the golf ball at impact. As the energy on the shot goes towards curving the core of the ball, the magnitude of spin directed on the ball reduces extensively. Due to this, lower spin for many golfers translates to less curvature and straighter ball flight. Less curvature, in this case, translates to enhanced distance. If you have a slow swing, a compression golf ball will come in handy to help you hit the ball further. These balls enhance the spring similar effect on the shot.

If you have a Fast Swing:

Golfers who have a fast swing are more comfortable using a high compression ball. This is because they’re able to swing fast and leverage on the distance to reach the core of the golf ball.

Reasons why you may want to use Low Compression Balls

If you compare low compression balls with distance balls, the former curve more and are more comfortable at impact. Further, they allow players to get more spin around the green especially if they’re using short irons. Often, the golf ball stays on the clubface longer and this allows players better results that high compression balls would.


They’re better for players with slow swings. Squeezing a high compression golf ball becomes an arduous task if you have a slow club head speed. If you want to achieve more distance and a comfortable feel, low compression golf balls will come in handy. When it comes to low compression golf ball manufacturers, Wilson is the leading and most popular company at the moment.

So far, they’ve designed two of the lowest compression golf balls you will get. If you’re looking for more comfort and distance with slow swing speed, Wilson golf balls will be ideal. These balls are the best for women golf players and seniors. Let’s look at some of the best low compression golf balls available in the market.

Wilson Staff Duo Soft (Compression: 29)

Wilson Staff Duo Soft golf balls are probably the lowest compression golf balls in the market today. They feature a compression rating of 29 and are ideal for you if you have a slow swing speed. These balls are quite soft which means they’ll leverage the spring effect on impact. This ball gives you a good combination of price and distance. It’s softer compared to other similar balls and will provide more distance, extra yardage, less spin, and a comfortable feel all through.

Available in Various Colors

Golfers will be excited to learn that the Wilson Staff Duo Softballs are available in a wide range of colors such as pink and blue. They feature a matte and shiny finish which gives them a unique and great appearance. If you’re an adventurous player who would rather play with anything else other than the common white ball, this is the ball for you.

Wilson Staff Duo Spin (Compression: 35)

Wilson Staff Duo Spin offers a combination of greenside usefulness, low driver spin, and great control on short irons to produce an excellent low compression. These balls are high performance complete with a comfortable feel on almost all shots. To compress these balls or even enjoy the spin and feel benefits, you won’t need a fast swing speed. If all you’re looking for is an excellent golf ball in terms of price, distance, and feel, this will be the perfect ball for you. This is perhaps the softest 3 piece golf ball you’ll ever find. It features an ionomer cover which gives it high launch angles and exceptional durability. It’s also a three-piece ball complete with an inner mantle to enhance its feel.

Callaway SuperSoft (Compression: 38)

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls are reasonably priced and some of the most popular balls among many golfers. They are quite soft and produce great distance off the tee. Among all the golf balls from Callaway, these are the lowest compression.

If your compression rating is 40, then you need a softball. The Callaway Supersoft golf balls offer a comfortable feel on impact and have a great green side spin. Since they’re low compression balls, they’re probably not ideal for you if you have a fast swing speed. This is because you’ll overly curve the ball which will result in uncontrollable shots. If you have a slow swing speed, these balls will be ideal.


The Callaway Supersoft golf balls feature a tri-ionomer cover which gives them a comfortable spin and feel. They’re available in different colors and are specially designed for high spinning on short shots and low spinning on long shots. They have hex-shaped dimples to reduce drag and make them more aerodynamic.

These balls offer excellent accuracy for experienced senior golfers and come with a softcover which propels them further down the greens. If you experience aiming challenges, this is the ball for you. If you’re looking to achieve an excellent flight and straight trajectory across the air, go for these balls. They are ideal for use for senior beginner golfers.

Best Golf Balls for Seniors: Buying Guide

Golf is an exciting sport which offers varying experience for every player. Golfers can choose the best equipment that suits their game and fulfills their individual needs. As a senior player, you want there are two factors to consider when it comes to purchasing your golf balls. These are your expectations from the game and price.


If you play golf for fun, you may want to purchase budget golf balls. If you’re a regular senior player, on the other hand, you need to purchase high-quality balls or any other golf equipment which can enhance your performance and playing experience.

Consider Your Expectations from the game

What are you looking to achieve? Is it ball control, distance, or spin? Remember, while your swing could have been fast as a young person, growing old slows down your ability to play as effectively.

However, you still have an opportunity to change your golf balls and maintain optimal performance. If you have a slow swing, gaining distance becomes an arduous task. If your main focus is distance, you can easily choose between balls. This means you need balls that give you a high distance on slow shots. Softballs, in this case, will be ideal.

Research Different Brands

Decide whether you want to spin and ball control before settling on a certain brand. This way, you’re able to sample what each brand offers and identify what works best for you.

How to Choose the Ideal Golf Balls for Seniors

Consider the ball cover.

Are they made of urethane or surlyn? The latter offers more durability for seniors. What’s more, they’re more affordable, which isn’t the case with urethane cover balls. Surlyn covered balls also offer straighter shots and more control with a low trajectory. While this may be all you need in a ball, golf fanatics searching for a higher backspin will find urethane covered balls more effective.


Are they three or two-piece? Two piece golf balls are ideal for senior golfers. They can deliver more distance with average swing speed. If you want more spin and ball control three-piece balls will be ideal. The downside of using three-piece balls is that you’ll lose distance.

How a Golf Ball is Made


Are the balls high or low compression? Low compression golf balls offer a straighter trajectory and reach long distances on impact. This makes them ideal for seniors.


Dimples are a critical part of golf balls when it comes to minimizing air resistance and improving golfer abilities. Golf balls complete with shallower and wider dimples will work best for senior golfers. This is because they achieve more distance. You want to avoid balls that come with deeper and smaller dimples.

What’s the difference between Golf Balls for Seniors and Ordinary Balls?

The way you play golf changes as you grow older. Young players have a faster swing speed. This comes in handy to ensure they hit the ball hard to achieve long distances. However, seniors have a slower swing compared to young golfers. This limits their performance. To improve their game, senior players should consider the ball distance, durability, and ball control. Sometimes they’ll want to consider visibility as well.

How important is a Golf Ball Cover?

Golf balls can either be covered in urethane or surlyn. The latter is ideal because it offers flight response, ball control, and durability. However, surlyn is designed for golfers who play for fun. If you’re a professional golfer, you want to choose urethane covered balls instead.

What matters most between Ball Control and Distance?

Distance is what you should focus on. As a senior player, your slow swing speed makes your drives weak if you’ll be using ordinary golf balls. Using a specially designed golf ball for seniors, however, will improve your score and you’ll enjoy the game.

Will Ball Visibility make a Difference during Play?

Golf ball visibility may not have a huge impact on the game. However, you may have difficulties seeing the ball especially when you’re playing in low lights. Seeing where your ball has landed will be an arduous task. If you have to keep on struggling to find the ball with every shot, you’ll not only waste lots of time, but it could cost you lots of money too.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a senior doesn’t render you unfit to engage in your favorite game of golf.

With the proper golf balls, you’re guaranteed to enhance your performance and have fun while at it.