Golf Tips for Women on How To Fix The Most Common Mistakes

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Whether you are a man or woman, playing golf for the first time can be quite the intimidating experience. No one who has ever started out in golf is denying that. There is only a slight difference between how two genders play. This is usually down to body shape and nothing else. So what is the most common mistakes that female golfers make? Well let’s take a look at the golf tips for women list below.

When it comes to playing golf, men and women face different challenges whilst they are going around the course. Women have the problem of breasts getting in there way whilst they are within the swinging motion. Or the awkward feeling when they have to stick their butt out when positioning themselves in a stance.

So, let’s find out what the most common mistakes that golfers make, just for female golfers with big boobs. Well it’s time we helped with this. That way you can better improve your golf game.

Fixing The Most Common Mistake Female Golfers Make

Golf is a game which needs some basic skills in order to get started. I am here to help put forward the most misunderstood rules. So, If you are a female golfer, Let’s go through some helpful golf tips for women which will help you to improve your game.


golf tips for women

Let’s start by saying that you are going to require the best beginner golf sets currently available. If you don’t have these, then you will struggle to identify the mistakes and won’t be able to correct them.

So once you have these, we will move onto each swing, which means that you are going to need a good solid grip. Of course, you cannot expect to learn any other methods or tricks if you cannot master the grip. Women have a hard time overcoming errors more so, this is mainly down to their size, which is also a supporting factor to their strength.

As one of the golf tips for women building a good knowledge and perfect grip will help to lay a good foundation to anyone’s game. With this, will come an incredibly perfect swing. Regardless of gender, All players of golf want to have a great feeling and more natural grip. This is because your hands are the single contact point with the club. This means if you can have a proper grip, it will give a more natural feel. This helps you to be one with the club.

Now with a natural grip, you can remove the possibility of the club slipping out of your hands whilst you are within the swinging motion. This will help you to have a single continuous swing. Whilst, you are able to have a great deal of power when you hit the ball.

If you are a right handed golfer, then you will use your left hand as your lead right? Well the bottom/training hand is the right hand. If you are a left handed golfer then you will be doing this the other way around.

Grips are available in a number of different forms with a wide amount of options. With Women, the most popular grip is the overlap technique. This is great for those who have a big to normal size hands. If you have smaller hands or shorter fingers, then I would recommend using the interlock grip technique. If you feel that you have weaker hands then you could use the ten-finger technique.


golf tips for women

Once you have mastered the grip techniques, you will need a proper posture to ensure you are maximizing your game. Having a good posture will help you to have a more consistent swing and have better balance as one of the golf tips for women. The most commonly caused swing problems are from golfers not having the correct posture position. The best posture to work to, is to have your butt stuck out with your back remaining straight. Keep your chin up!

But when it comes to women golfers, this doesn’t really apply. If you are wanting to fix the most common mistakes that female golfers make, then make sure you are paying attention. Man women don’t have the straight backs unlike men. This means that they are unable to force their back to be straight. This is down to women’s natural curvyness and if they keep their back straight for too long it can cause some severe backache. Also, if they straighten their back for a long period of time it could lead to spinal injuries further down the line.

But, with your back straight you will be able to have a perfect posture. To master it, all you need to do is practice doing it and overtime it will become your natural posture. The idea however, is to remain comfortable whilst you are swinging your club. Once you are comfortable with your swing, with a good grip and perfect posture you will be able to produce repeatedly great shots.


golf tips for women

Although it isn’t a mistake many problems that women golfers face is to do with their breasts. I see it as the breast battle. The best way to fix or lessen the problem is by wearing the correct under dressings. You ideally should be wearing something that gives a lot of support. This will help to give the breasts maximum support without causing any issues to mobility.

If your bra is too tight, then it will flatten your chest out. This can cause discomfort which will ultimately lead to a poor swing.

Of course, standing too upright may cause the opposite effect. It is essential that you avoid this as it can cause poor swings. Make sure that you keep your shoulder rounded, this will help you to have enough room to swing across your chest freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effect of big boobs swinging in golf?

Large breasts can affect swing motion but adapting posture can help. It doesn’t significantly affect accuracy. Supportive attire aids comfort. Specific drills focusing on form aid improvement.

Are there any special techniques to accommodate big boobs swinging in golf?

Yes, adjusting the stance and utilizing a more upright swing can accommodate a larger chest. Working with a golf pro can provide tailored techniques.

Do bigger breasts impact the accuracy of golf swings?

Bigger breasts may affect swing motion, but not necessarily accuracy. Proper coaching and practice enable golfers to overcome such challenges.

What type of golf gear or attire is recommended for golfers with larger breasts?

Supportive, comfortable attire is recommended. Sports bras provide support while swing-specific clothing allows for freer movement, aiding in a comfortable and efficient swing.

Are there specific exercises or drills that can help golfers with larger breasts improve their swing?

Yes, one of the golf tips for women’s strength training, flexibility exercises, and golf-specific drills focusing on rotation and movement can help. Consultation with a coach can provide personalized routines

Big boobs swinging in Golf

In Conclusion

There is a lot to be said that oftentimes women carry their weight differently to men. This is down to their narrow torso and wider hips. This means that women have a lessened gravitational force on their center than mens.

There are such a large amount of differences, which is of course the reason why there are different mistakes for both male and females. So you may be asking, how do you fix the most common mistake female golfer make? Well as I have said above in this article, there are a number of way to do so. If you feel like you haven’t learnt them, then feel free to read back through the article above.

As one golf tip for women, the most essential thing to remember when trying to improve your golf game is that you need to have balance and power. Especially if you are looking to become a lot better with your golf swing. Men have a lot more power available due to their torso whereas women have more access to their balance. This is down to their wider hips, which certainly helps with the lack of power. Twisting your weight through your lower body will help build up power throughout the stroke.

And that’s everything you need to know; I hope that this post was both informative and useful to you.

If it was, drop a comment below as I love to hear your feedback and I will see you in my next post.

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