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The First Time I Learned How to Break 80 in Golf

Things I Learned the First Time I Broke 80 in Golf
How to Break 80

Things I learned the first time I broke 80 in Golf support could be a center degree of golf’s imperativeness that has broke 80 in golf. NGF closely tracks how numerous individuals play the amusement, as well as the statistical course management composition of America’s golf customer base. Golf’s overall reach is estimated at 106 million.

How to Break 80 | A Great Approach on Golfers for the First Time



played short-game or long-game golf (on-course or off-course), followed golf on television or online, read about the game, or listened to a golf-related podcast in 2021.


In 2021 golf played was both on-course and off-course. This incorporates 25.1 million individuals who played on a golf course with a great score and another 12.4 million who took the best position solely in off-course golf exercises at places like driving ranges, indoor golf test systems, or golf excitement scenes like Topgolf and Drive Shack.

Young adults aged 18-34 years old are among the biggest customer age segment, with 6.1 Million on-course participants and another 4.8 Million off-course participants.

3.1 Million juniors played golf on a course in 2021, a 24% increase in 2020 after remaining steady was the largest since 1997 before their senior year. It is more diverse than the overall golf community. 36% of today’s juniors are girls compared to 15% in 2000.

Approximately 6.2 Million females stay focused on-course golfers ages 6+ in 2021 with the best score. The count of female golfers under the adults and junior categories has surpassed 6 million in the past 2 years for the first time.

17.8 Million players who didn’t play golf in 2021 are interested in playing golf on a golf course. Over the past five years, an almost 20% increase in this pool of potential golfers is part of the growth and popularity of off-course golf. Half of this latent demand is comprised of “lapsed golfers” who played on a course previously.

How Many Golfers Break 80?

As it were around 2 percent of all golfers ever have break 80 in golf, which for the most part is considered the Heavenly Vessel of scoring for novice golfers with a good round. To authentically break 80 in golf — no progressed lies; no 3-foot gimmes; no free drop from out of bounds — is to breathe the thin discussion of a great golf strategy, in the event that not extraordinary golf. 

It was tall on my bucket list, but practically out of reach given my restricted play go-to shot, decreasing hand-eye coordination double bogeys, and common clumsiness, as proven by an expanding penchant to capture elbows and knees on entryway outlines and table legs for short game skills.

Certainly, most golfers who battle to break 100 — it has been evaluated that less than 25 percent of all golfers ever make it without a bad shot — hold small sensitivity for the break-90 golfers aims who whimpers almost shooting 81.

So also, those who shoot within the 80s are awed by lower handicaps, fair as scratch golfers are astounded at how masters make breaking standards seem so simple. “I broke 70 at age 11, which was a huge bargain. I keep in mind that,” said Justin Rose, who won with a smart shot, to begin with, the major championship in June at the U.S. Open.


Making the decision to shoot in the ’70s (breaking 80) isn’t a bad shot regularly is a very important step shot ahead. You have to make this decision for yourself, then you have to make it a priority in your life ( a life with a golf ball ). For some, this can become all-consuming. It doesn’t have to be, but it still needs to be one of the priorities in your life – just like anything else you want to get better at (your marriage, your work, the relationship with and practice your errant shots.

Golf Course

Address Your Fears Around Scoring Low

Like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars walking into that cave only to discover his manifested fear was facing Darth Vadar … or becoming just like his father – you must face the golf fears with bunker shots or double bogeys that are keeping you from breaking 80 and scoring in the 70s more consistently. My biggest fear was that my wife and son would not support me in spending enough time to hit balls (away from them) in order to achieve my goal of consistently breaking 80 in golf. And further, I would have to give up golf altogether. 

Until I shared my tee shot with both my wife and son how much this game meant to me and why I played so much I wasn’t able to release that fear. And it kept me in a box. I used to say to myself, “well this is as good as I’m going to be – mid-’80s is fine.” But it wasn’t fine with me. Yes, this first meant figuring out why I played golf and why I loved it so much. For me and for other golfers, the answers to those questions weren’t simple. 

And I had to be able to explain them to my family. So maybe you could say love is part of golf – love for the game and love from people who support you, even when it means spending time away from them. At any rate, fears that keep us in boxes are real.   


  • Notice how we didn’t say to take inventory of the practice shots and course strategy you can hit at the range.  
  • Take inventory of the shots you can hit on the golf course while you’re keeping score. 
  • There is a huge difference between studying the fairway woods and correct tees from just focusing on one hole.
  • This is not about criticizing yourself or comparing yourself to anyone. 
  • This is a non-emotional assessment of where with a consistent basis for short putts
  • If you want to know how to break 80 in golf, the best thing you can do is improve your great shots, a double bogey, and your triple bogeys.

“check out some top drivers”


Bomb the driver

Choose up a few additional removes on your drives by propelling the ball higher, and with less turn, by attempting to hit more upward on the ball.

Most novices have as well much of a descending point of assault with the driver that ransacks them of carrying separate, which makes as well much turn to hang and anything but the perfect dispatch conditions to hit long and straight tee shots. By instep making a point of assault that’s closer to level or indeed upward at effect, you will fair begin taking note those tall and long bombs you hitting from the tee are coming about in one less club into the greens and more looks at birdie.

tee time


Ball Striking

The golf swing is unendingly complicated. No article seems to analyze what’s as of now holding your swing back from creating more reliable comes about.

Here are two enormous thoughts I think all golfers ought to be centered on in the event that they need to be more reliable off the tee, and hit more greens.

Impact Location

I accept all golfers ought to know what their inclinations to good swing are with their affected area. Being able to strike the ball closer to the sweet spot on every single club is a greatly imperative aptitude.

There could be a bore from Adam Youthful that’s a portion of our Viable Golf Insider library. On the off chance that you need to make strides in your ball striking, I exceedingly prescribe this one.

Difference between a scratch golfer and a pro golfer

A scratch golfer is basically a golfer who is good enough to get zero handicap strokes with good swings on any course strategy, from any set of tees in a net competition they mainly are around par or close to the course rating if it is slightly higher or lower than par.

On the other hand, a pro golfer will have their best rounds shooting 4 – 6 better on average compared to a scratch golfer.

Balance and tempo

Another essential that I accept any golfer who needs to break 80 ought to work on is the adjustment and rhythm of their swing. Whereas I would never tell you to duplicate a proficient golfer’s swing precisely, you’ll take note that nearly every single golfer on the visit has immaculate adjust and rehashes their swing beat nearly precisely each time.

In another article, we examined taking the 30-day challenge with the Orange Whip. This is often a preparing aid that nearly any golfer can utilize within the consolation of their possess domestic, and utilizing it for fair 5-10 minutes a day over the course of the month will assist you to feel what that adjust and rhythm ought to be in your swing.

Acing this parcel of your golf swing will advance your consistency on the course, which is what it takes on how to break 80.

Bend it both ways

Learning to shape the golf ball from right to cleared out AND cleared out to right can significantly offer assistance to your cause to reliably shoot within the 70s.

Since most golf courses have inconvenience on both sides of the fairway and green, being able to recognize which shot shape is required based on the inconvenience, and after that executing the shot called for, will go a long way to dispensing with those tall numbers on your card. Not sure how to hit both draws and fades on command? Here’s a good place to start.


1. Hit the green

Sounds self-evident, for beyond any doubt. But hitting more greens in control is the primary steps on how to break 80 since the stats demonstrate this component of the diversion may be a noteworthy key to shooting lower scores.

The normal 10 handicappers, for illustration, will hit as if they were three to six greens in direction per circular. Typically compared to the normal visit player who, indeed on the hardest of golf courses, oversees to hit someplace around 12 GIR per circular.

Suffice it to say, by just paying consideration to your green-hitting ability you’ll be more adjusted to advancement in this range and make more pars. Particularly as you begin executing the thought as clarified underneath in Step 2.

Golf Shot

2. Don’t go flag hunting!

This one is simple in hypothesis but frequently troublesome in hone: When choosing your target line, don’t basically point at the hail each time!

In case you need to require a number of additional intruders (and pairs) off of your scorecard each circular, at that point select the savvy target line that permits for a more liberal landing region on the green and puts the putter in your hands. Keep in mind, two-putting from 40 feet is MUCH simpler at that point than a short-sided chip or bunker shot from 20 feet.


Your capacity to score 100 yards and in together with your wedges and putter is additionally attending to be another vital step on how to break 80. I accept all players can see emotion come about on the off chance that they commit more of their hone time to this portion of the diversion. This crucial move in your home regimen can effortlessly result in a couple of strokes coming off your scores rapidly.

3. Short game, short game, short game

Your shots around the green and capacity to spare standard are straightforwardly associated with your mental diversion. The brief amusement is what you would like to induce to another level. He simply got it up and down and moved on.

At the professional level, it might not be the No. 1 indicator for victory, but it is the motor of force. Sparing standard can give energy, or that ill-timed three-putt can smash it. The brief amusement may not win a competition for you, but not having it’ll lose for you. 

Practicing the short game is not sexy, I get it, but have you ever heard a player say “I work too much on my short game!”

Use only one ball to practice chipping

This can be more troublesome and not as practical as it was putting with one ball, but the premise is the same. In the event that you’re reaching to win a competition, at that point you’ll have to get it up and down beneath the weight.

We as it were have one ball on the genuine course! We have to execute our full schedule and our center while chipping. Rather than continuously chipping with an expansive number of balls and blocked hone, create the propensity of chipping with as it were one ball. Execute this technique the closer you get to competitions and get up-and-down with as if it were one ball.

Play Games

Most golfers don’t appreciate practicing with their wedges and putter, and when they do they resort to tedious schedules that truly don’t recreate what a genuine circular of golf is like. This is precisely why execution diversions can make your home sessions more fun, but more imperatively instruct you aptitudes that you just can transfer over to the course. There could be a hone diversion called Standard 18. It’s very basic, and it’ll get your competitive juices streaming.

  • At a practice chipping green, pick 9 spots to chip from – each of these are your holes
  • Each hole is a part 2 – a chip and made putt is par
  • Keep track of your score and be sure to play with a golfing buddy 

Get the Basic Shots Down

Numerous golfers don’t have any kind of direction on the procedure they ought to be utilized with diverse shots around the green. Here are a few recordings from our short-game ace Brandon Stooksbury, who was as of late named one of Golf Digest’s best teachers over the age of 40.

  • Where is your ball striking currently? How many greens a round are you consistently hitting?
  • Do you have time to work on your swing, and drastically improve that number?

Then think about your short game…

  • How often do you save par when you miss greens? Are you three putting in a lot?

On the off chance that you are near to the pine for single-digit cripple but battle with posting enough rounds within the 70s to induce there, there are likely many vital ranges – aside from your golf swing – that can assist you at long last break the barrier. Yes, there are numerous ways to urge around the golf course. But most beginners don’t get how to put together an effective arrangement to spare those extra shots that regularly turn a strong 76 into an 80 or worse. So, let’s conversation almost five key tips you’ll utilize that will fair get you shooting within the 70s reliably as you’ve continuously known you can.  

“here are some golf practicing tips”


  • Stop putting “through” the hole

As well numerous times I’ve seen beginners run a putt two or three feet by the gap and after that miss the putt coming back. The gap is as it were 4.25 inches wide, however when a ball is rolling speedier than the hole’s perfect “capture speed,” the compelling estimate of the gap recoils, meaning your ball has less of a chance to go in. So turn those lip-outs into holed putts by making that gap as wide as conceivable and attempt to pass on your putts into the gap rather than stick them in there. Not as it were will you kill those three-putts, but you’ll too include more one-putts to your card as well.

  • 1. Make 100 3-footers in a row

Golfers that come visit me for mental solidness planning are treated to this start with a challenge: Make 100 3-footers in a thrust. That is correct. And I’m talking about in different spots, not one spot — grooving the stroke and wearing out the green. 

It reproduces weight, getting to 90, 91, and 92 making in a push increments stretch. But, it gets to be less and less around the real stroke than it does uncover our devils. Do we get down on ourselves, make pardons, or do we stop? Do we get to be tight? When we are ready to overcome this penetrate, at that point our mental amusement gets superior! On the off chance that we do it adequately when we see each 3- to 5-footer, our contemplations go straight back to certainty and think, “I’ve made this 100 times already.” 

Scott Stallings once talked approximately the thought of not letting fear direct your hone. In the event that arrangement is fear-based, at that point it’s feeling like you’ve Got TO hone OR ELSE. (i.e., “On the off chance that I do not work on my putting, at that point I won’t putt well.”) He exchanged to being driven by certainty and conviction instep. The demeanor being, “I work on these things since I know I’m a great player, and this makes a difference to me.” They’re two completely diverse drivers toward preparation.  The same attitude applies to these drills and methodologies. These are all little alterations, but they must be drawn nearer with certainty and not based on fear. 

  • Use 1 Ball to Putt

I reminded Check Wilson this past season how a long time back when we met, his one-ball putting hone made such an effect. He as it were putts with one ball since that’s all we get on the genuine course! Insane, right?! Ugh, it draws my anger when individuals hone their putting by dropping 3 balls (or more) and going at it. It serves completely NO reason, other than appearing simply can alter from one putt to another. 

  • Bonus Content: Be sure to check out my complete guide to Putting.

Here are a few key ideas to work on in your short game. This will pretty much guarantee on how to break 80 most of the time. You’re probably thinking to yourself at this point, “yea, easier said than done!” And you’re completely adjusted. Accomplishing that objective is much harder than it sounds since in arrange to make strides in your ball striking you would like to progress your golf swing. That can be a greatly time-consuming process. That is why I accept the brief diversion cannot be overlooked by the ordinary golfer who has time imperatives on how frequently they can hone and play.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Every single golfer on this planet has the capacity to rapidly move forward their execution interior 100 yards with their wedges and putter. Be that as it may, not each golfer has the capacity to definitely make strides in their ball striking. If you can identify the part of your game that is extremely deficient, I believe you should put your focus there.

It’ll much likely be less demanding to form bigger bounced in that zone instead of attempting to get minimal changes in a part of the amusement simply are as of now capable in. For illustration, let’s say that as of now you’re hitting 7 greens per circular on normal. On the off chance that you’re being fair with yourself, you accept that attempting to make strides in your swing at this minute isn’t inside your reach since you basically don’t have the time.

Moreover, let’s say you’ve got recognized that you simply are three putting on normal 4 times a circular, and you’re as it was getting up and down for standard 15 percent of the time. I acknowledge that within the occasion simply centered on advancing your wedge play and working on your speed control on the greens, only can move forward those numbers without a colossal time commitment.

Each golfer’s diversion is special, and I can’t tell you, particularly what portion of your amusement you wish to settle on how to break 80 to get to be a reality for you. That’s why I accept it makes sense to require a difficult see at your game, analyze your stats, and make an arrangement on where you’re planning to improve. Let’s conversation approximately what I think you’ll sensibly do to make strides in your ball striking and your brief diversion.


Once players are on the green, they attempt to putt the ball inside the hole. Putting is like any ordinary swing. The only difference is; it’s not as hard. What’s more, putting doesn’t focus on driving the ball up in the air. After each player has to putt their ball in the hole, they move to the subsequent hole.  

“here are some solid putters to check out”

Straight Stroke vs Arcing Stroke


The mental game of golf does not always mean sitting in a chair visualizing making the winning putt at the Masters. Without any doubt, centered breathing and visualization are effective and ignored abilities, but the significant portion of the mental diversion is what and how you plan and hone. As well regularly, players cherish the sum of time or number of balls that they hit amid their hone.

In any case, time is fair a pattern toward arrangement, and the disappointing portion is that it does not continuously compare to more reliable scores.   What’s more critical than the time went through is how it was contributed. All it takes is an extraordinary sum of teaching and center to plan the correct way and you’ll get to be the most excellent at getting BETTER!  

More competition

Competition builds mental toughness! We got to be put in upsetting, weight circumstances where there’s something “on the line.” Where your intellect goes during these competitions is the same type of considerations and sentiments merely will have during real rounds attempting to post a moo score.  When we get it the feeling that we’ll feel, at that point ready to plan our intellect way better and be prepared for the same sort of weight. Keep in mind, “weight is something you’re feeling after you do not know what the hell you’re doing.”  

Ditch the music while you  practice

I Cherish music. Music could be a help and makes honing and work more agreeable. But, is the objective to induce way better or make beyond any doubt you appreciate it more? Music does not upgrade your execution and tragically, as well frequently players continuously hone in with earphones on. Perhaps it’s because they do not need to be bothered. I do not know.  But, tuning in to music while you hone does not work on your center or your mental amusement of golf. Keep the music on in your car or constrain it to the gym. 

Avoid hitting the same shot in a row

“Practice puts brains into your muscles.” – Sam Snead 

Golfers frequently converse almost playing way better on the run than on the course. There’s no push or results on the extent, but there’s no inconstancy either. We groove the swing on the run, but we are going never we hit 10 drivers in a thrust when we play.  This introduction is all approximately engine learning and how we learn best. Think about quality preparation and envision doing the same correct workout every single time!

We do not get superior having the extend rake-over mindset and hitting ball after ball as it was working on the swing. We got to maintain a strategic distance from getting within the groove on the extent and instep randomize our shots and hone. We adjust and move forward by continually constraining ourselves to go through our full schedule and hit distinctive shots.

The simple rule is don’t hit the same shot at the same target twice in a row. 

Play with different shots

Seve Ballesteros worked on his bunker diversion with a 3-iron. It took a strange point to create this work and he did it for his whole career. In case he might do it with a 3-iron, he may certainly do it with a sand wedge!  He made the stinger an incredibly solid golf shot.   He seems to hit the fairway each time with this shot.

Play around with different shots and work on your creativity. This is often a diversion and it’s assumed to be fun, so work on your diversion by attempting out distinctive sorts of shots: tremendous cuts, bump-and-runs, tall draws, punch-outs, and thump-down shots. 

Set a goal for every practice

This is often a diversion and it’s assumed to be fun, so work on your diversion by attempting out distinctive sorts of shots: tremendous cuts, bump-and-runs, tall draws, punch-outs, and thump-down shots. It’s simple: What do you want to achieve for this practice? 

It’s vital to not Trust you got way better but KNOW you made strides after hone. On the off chance that you set a troublesome to reach the objective, at that point you’re preparing your mental durability. Too, once you hit your objective, be beyond any doubt to move on to something diverse. Are you planning to keep hitting 6-irons until you begin to hit it offline? 

Don’t allow the second guy on the course

I’m not talking nearly sharpen rounds where we are endeavoring to memorize around the course and how to prepare. I’m alluding to the moment fellow that nearly continuously appears up amid a circular after you hit a destitute shot. You drop another ball, and the moment fellow at that point hits an incredible shot! Once more, this serves a small purpose. 

We work on our mental game of golf by moving on from bad shots and re-focusing. After you hit a poor shot is the opportunity to address this mental skill. You’ll hit terrible shots amid a circular, so do not permit your certainty to be influenced by an awful shot. Instep, work on your mental game!  Hitting extra shots can effectively be gotten to be the standard, and it’s an unpleasant propensity. It gets to be as well simple after a destitute drive to fair tee up another. The run after playing is the time to hone, but the course is planned to play. 

Hit Fairways

  • A golfer places the ball on a tee, usually hitting the ball with the driver into the fairway.

Hit Greens

  • Iron
  • Wedges


The mental game of golf does not always mean sitting in a chair visualizing making the winning putt at the Masters.



Final thoughts here. What if YOU were the type of golfer how to break 80 and scores in the 70s on a more regular basis? 

Here’s what it feels like to me when it’s going well. My Great 8. 

  • Playing good golf feels boring until I’m walking off 18 and I’ve shot in the 70s 
  • I can put the ball in the fairway when I need to. If I miss, I miss in the right spot 
  • I don’t think about swing when I play, it’s about the one shot I have in front of me
  • Middle of the green is good on any course
  • Pitching and chipping are exciting: it means I’m close to putting the ball in the hole
  • I can 2 putts it anywhere on any green 
  • I practice because I’m a GOOD golfer, not because I’m a bad golfer 
  • Golf is a game I choose to play

Bridge the GAP

Use the acronym GAP—grip, aim, posture—to help dial in your swing.

  1. Grip: Hold the club in your fingers, not your palms.
  2. Aim: Keep your feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to the target.
  3. Posture: Keep your upper body balanced and slightly bent at the waist, arms hanging loose.

By the way, I have these on a laminated card I pull out when I look at my scorecard.  Remember, you can make it easier on yourself or harder – you get to choose. 

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