Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

Learn About Best Used Golf Clubs by Beginners, Seniors, and Ladies

Golf clubs are the single most important piece of equipment (besides the ball) on golf course each player at any stage tournament play should spend time researching. Look for the best price to fit your budget and search the menu of options each seller site has to offer.

If you are just starting out, read about the best golf clubs for beginners.

While you might be interested in learning about your club’s history and past performance for golf, Golfsquatch also has information about the basics of every type and shape of club.

Each club comprises a shaft that features a club head and a grip. A typical set of clubs has 14 pieces.

It’s worth noting that there are ordinary blends of the golf course and clubs that are sold as matched sets. Still, golfers can use any mixture of 14 or more courses or even fewer clubs.

What Are the Best Beginner Golf Clubs?

How badly do you want to play the game?

Now you are wondering which golf clubs are the best for your game.

You first need to understand you’re requirements for the best beginner golf clubs for you and what you’re searching for. The following tips should help you select the appropriate golf clubs and get great customer service from your local golf store.

Understand Your Golf Skill Level

Experienced golfers will feel the urge to upgrade their golf equipment as their swing advances.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, you should first select a driver that’s compatible with your swing. Customer service at your local golf fitting store.

Further, the club you choose should come in handy to correct swing quirks while you learn to maintain a good swing plane and appropriate swing speed.

Always purchase your beginner golf clubs from experienced fitters. They will typically give you the best price for performance

They can easily evaluate your swing and suggest the best components to meet your needs. You may also seek the guidance of friends, family or your golf instructor, or better still, you can opt to rent instead of buy. This enables you to experiment with different clubs until you can tell which works for you and which one doesn’t.

Club Head Size

Did you know that the biggest USGA-approved head weighs 460cc – what does that mean?

First, you may want to know that club heads are measured in terms of volume.

The smallest clubs weigh between 420cc to 440cc. 46o0cc clubs come with bigger faces with the weight meant for gravity to fall at the lower back part of the club called the head. Experts say that this design increases strength to increase the speed of the ball as it flies through the air.

Generally, the bigger the club heads are the bigger the sweet spot they have compared to small clubs.

Bigger sweet spots are needed by less skilled golfers and beginners.

Smaller club heads come with minimal weight around the perimeter. This comes in handy for launching the ball more steadily. Skilled golfers are more comfortable using the smaller club heads. This is because they boost flexibility.

Club Head Shape

Drivers feature both round club and square club heads.

To enhance your performance, you want to select a driver that you’re most comfortable using as you swing.

If you’re a beginner, around the driver is recommended. This is because round clubs tend not to feel as clunky. What’s more, they aren’t likely to stick on the ground before impact.

Talk to customer service at your local golf store to determine which is the best club head for your swing. However, one type of club head may “feel” better to you over another. This can

Round Shaped Clubs

A round golf club head will enhance your swing speed and make certain your swing stays on the plane. The more you progress in the game of golf, the more your swing speed increases.

Your ball speed will also get better enabling you to cover more distance. Ball speed is said to be considered the starting velocity of the golf when hitting the ball while leaving the clubface. According to experts, golfers should aim to get a ball speed of 1 and a half times their swing speed.

Square Shaped Clubs

Square club heads aren’t as popular as their round-shaped counterparts.

This is because many amateur golfers don’t admire their poor aesthetic design quality and prefer the dull sound that the club produces on impact.

Square clubs, however, come with larger clubfaces than the round-shaped ones and this is a major advantage seeing that it reduces errors.

What Are the Top Golf Club Brands?

There are several top brands to think about when you are buying a single golf club (like a Driver) to a set of clubs. Here are a few

top brands of beginner golf clubs to consider as you shop around for your picks. Most places require you to pay for shipping – this site isn’t free.

The brand of golf club you hit better will influence which clubs you purchase.

How Many Golf Clubs in a Set?

A full set of golf clubs typically consists of three woods (driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood), at least 1 hybrid (3H) seven irons (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and Pitching Wedge), and a Putter. This gives you access to a total of twelve clubs to play with.

According to golf rules, players shouldn’t have more than 14 clubs in their golf equipment bags. Of the golf course though, this doesn’t limit you from carrying fewer clubs. To select the best beginner golf clubs, you’ll need to

Which Golf Clubs Do I Use For Each Type of Shot?

Once you get on the golf course, you should know that the golf club you use can have an impact on your overall performance. Let’s find out what experts say about the choice of golf clubs.



Many times, the driver is the first club you will use for when your tee shots when you’re on the golf course.

Golf drivers are designed to offer you distance outside the tee. They’re the longest clubs with the lowest loft angle you have inside your golf bag. Here are the different types of golf drivers you should know.

Some Driver Brands

Fairway Woods

What is a Fairway Wood? Fairway woods are an all-round club. You can use this golf club both in the rough or the fairway.

Some golfers use this club off tee especially if they struggle with a driver. The brand and type of shaft you choose could have an impact on how well you swing these clubs. We recommend you shop around for the best price and performance for this club – it’s typically the hardest club to hit in the bag.

Hybrid Beginner Golf Clubs

Hybrids are a combination of iron and fairway wood. They resemble wood and are typically easier to swing than an iron because they are a little bigger club.

In your search for the right hybrid you’ll find it comes with a lofted appearance which allows them to achieve closer distances as compared to woods. Many golfers replace their long irons with hybrids to enhance ease of play. While hybrids have long been in use for some courses for a long time, it wasn’t until the 21st century that they became popular.

Hybrids are numbered just like irons with the number corresponding with the iron they replace. A hybrid golf club comes with a head that’s similar to a fairway wood. That is hollow titanium or steel whose face is convex and shallow. A hybrid head is often shallower and features a lie angle similar to iron. A hybrid sole is also flatter compared to that of the fair wood.



Golf irons are used to direct the golf ball to the hole. We suggest you shop for the a good set for you to buy at the bet price.

Golf irons come with shorter smaller club heads and shorter shafts compared to woods. Their head is made of steel or solid iron. Men and women typically play clubs built for their game, you may want to look at the best golf clubs for women.

The primary feature of the head is flat, large, and an angled face which often is scored with grooves. Many golfers use irons in various situations which range from teeing ground on short holes from the rough or fairway when the player approaches the green. They also come in handy to have players protect the ball from hazards such as shallow water and bunkers.

Some Iron Sets to Look At

When Are Irons Commonly Used?

Golf irons are the most commonly used golf clubs with a basic set of 14 clubs containing around 7 to 11 irons. These include wedges. Numbers often differentiate golf irons and these indicate the loft angle on the clubface. Of golf course often, the set of irons don’t come with the same club head shaft length and size which means that the loft often becomes the lie angle.

Take a look at a review of the best golf irons for beginners to get the best price.

The irons whose loft is higher than numbered irons are known as wedges. These are marked using a black letter which displays their name and is used for various utility courses and shots which need high launch angles at short distances



A wedge in the game of golf is a subdivision of the iron part of the best beginner golf clubs. They are designed for use in various conditions. Wedges feature the shortest shafts, the highest lofts, and massive club heads.

These features come in handy to assist the player when it comes to difficult to achieving short distance accurate lob shots to direct the ball away from a hazard or on the green.

Further, wedges feature modified soles which makes certain a player direct the club head across soft or firm lies such as thick grass, mud, and sand. They also help free a buried or an embedded ball. Wedged are available in different configurations and are divided into four classifications which are called: sand and grass, wedges, pitching wedges, lob wedges, and approach or gas wedges.

If you are looking for the best price for wedges, make sure you test a few at the range first. These are the best clubs for golf.


A putter is a club that’s used to roll the golf ball inside the hole using low speed and short strokes. Often, these are executed from a short distance. When you shop for a putter to get the best price, make certain to try out a few to find one that fits your style.

golf putters

One notable difference that sets this club apart from the rest is the fact that they come with a low profile black, flat, compact and low loft striking clubface.

Further, some exclusive features are only allowed on putters such as positional guides, noncircular grips, and bent shafts.

There are multiple types of putters; learn how to choose the best putter for your stroke.

Often, putters are used on the putting green from distances that are closest to the cup. This is, despite the fact that some golf courses come with roughs and fringes near the green which are necessary factors for putting. The putter is a specially designed tool clear cut for a specific activity. Every golfer must have a putter.

Where Can I Buy New or Used Golf Clubs?

While some people purchase brand new golf clubs, some opt to purchase second-hand clubs, also known as used golf clubs.

Buy New Clubs at Local Stores

When you shop for and purchase golf clubs you can rest assured that you are buying the latest golf technology in the shape and club design. You can certainly buy new clubs on line. However, if you are spending a lot of money on new golf clubs, you should swing them and test out different club heads with various shafts and brands.

Some local golf stores in the United States that also provide great service.

  • Pro Golf Discount
  • Puetz Golf 
  • PGA Superstore
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods 
  • Golf Galaxy
  • Edwin Watt’s Golf
  • Golfsmith

Some local stores in the UK and mainland Europe. Good value for the price.

  • Golf Centre 
  • American Golf 
  • Callaway Golf

Some golf stores in Australia.

  • Golf World
  • Drummond Golf 

It is highly likely that free shipping will be included or required by any store if you have them order your equipment.

The best way to approach getting the right price is to list your favorite sets low to high or price high to low. This way you can view your picks by value and cost.

Buy Used Clubs

The advantages of best used golf clubs are the fact that they have reasonable price with a full design and full menu of options.

Often, best used golf clubs will be replaced and in perfect condition which means they’re not different from the new ones.

If you’re just venturing in the golf industry or have minimal golf playing skills, you may want to purchase used golf clubs designed for use before you can finally master the art of playing the game.

Make sure the online location you buy from has a track record of good shipping performance and the price they sell their equipment for is sensible.

Some Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the ideal golf club or set of clubs, hopefully, this guide page has provided you with valuable information so you and your family and friends can make an informed choice whether you’re a beginner, seasoned player, amateur, senior, or a lady golfer.

Local golf stores are great for buying new golf sets because they have a large menu of heads, shafts, grips, and other equipment. They are also likely to give you good deals (like free shipping) if you frequent their stores and ask about prices.

Buying a golf club one at a time can get very expensive. You might look for golf clubs on sale online because many golfers sell their used clubs, but make sure you do your research to get a good price.