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TaylorMade M3 Driver Review – 2020 Edition

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TaylorMade M3 Driver Review

TaylorMade, the best makers of golf drivers, have released another new driver in 2018: the TaylorMade M3 Driver Review. This equipment is TaylorMade’s most adjustable driver that replaced the M1 launched yesteryear. The driver encompasses a brand new Twist Face technology that the best golfers can use to improve their game.

Every time TaylorMade launches a new superb driver, it attracted a lot of attention to the golfing fraternity and M3 is not an exception.

The amateur-friendly Twist Face is the biggest addition that many attest is giving the driver a more corrective face curvature. The technology is specifically enabling golfers to produce straighter and longer hits. Hence, there is a lot to gain from the TaylorMade M3 Driver Review.

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Twist Face

Taylormade M3 Driver Review

Since the release of the M3, the biggest catchphrase has been “Twist Face.” This design allows a golfer to generate shots that are long and straight.

Before coming up with this driver, TaylorMade carried out a research and found out that the high-toe or low-heel shots are the most prominent miss-hits. The previous drivers were unable to use the bulge-and-roll concept to rectify these short-comings effectively. That is why TaylorMade decided to reduce the loft in the low-heel and add more loft in the high-toe when designing the curvature of the new TaylorMade M3 Driver Review.

When you look keenly at most drivers in the market, you will notice that there is a consistent curve from the crown to sole, referred to as the roll and heel to toe, known as the bulge. After TaylorMade engineers understood that the most common mishits could not be addressed with the bulge, they developed the Twist Face.

With the new design, the Twist Face curves open at the top towards the toe as it also curves closed at the bottom toward the heel. As a result, the forgiveness that is created increases and corrects the face angles where there are the biggest misses.

What is the Twist Face is designed to accomplish and does it work? The Twist Face is designed to assist golfers who miss the sweet spot when often using a relatively square face. When playing, know that a hook or slice face-to-path will actually still generate a hook or slice; therefore, it doesn’t imply that a good shot will automatically come when you hit those problematic regions. What the design does is to counteract the action in the head and the resultant effect.

The Twist-Face brings about game-changing innovations as the hit varies from 14 yards to 3 yards in the low heel to high toe. The golfer needs to be a bit more open as the shot usually finishes left on target.

Those people who designed M3 twisted the club’s toe back to add some loft so that a shot can head less left.  As a player try to ensure that the shot is a bit more open as most of the shots usually go left of the target. They also delofted the low heel to minimize some spin so as to twist and close a bit the face for a shot go less right to counteract the shots golfers make.

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Hammerhead slot

At the club’s underside, you will find a slot on the M3’s “Hammerhead” design. The face becomes more flexible and lighter as a result of the visible Hammerhead slot.

The Hammerhead slot is designed to work in conjunction with Inverted Cone technology and Twist Face to produce maximum ball speed across a larger face area. In actual terms, the overall length increased by 22%.

Additionally, it allowed for the creation of a larger flexible centre zone, designed to increase ball speed on low face impacts and drop unwanted backspin.

In addition to dealing with the backspin and face impacts, its design allows it to create a larger flexible centre zone. Engineers have ensured there is a more flexible face through decreasing the weight and thickness using new ribs at either slot’s end.

Apart from creating the ball speed, a speed pocket or slot design aids to drop the spin thereby resulting in a low spin and high launch. This, Product Design department VP, Brian Bazzel, attest that is amongst the competitive advantages that TaylorMade drivers possess.

Using the centre section like a speed pocket and lengthening the slot is what makes the Hammerhead different. The difference is that the face is now 20% thinner, and lighter while the heel and toe are more stable. Effectively, more flexibility is realized with a high toe, high heel, as the sweet spot expands.

Y-Track adjustability

This adjustability system is only applicable to TaylorMade M3 Driver Review 440cc and 460cc drivers. It enables the two 11g weights to be beneficial for the front to back CG adjustment and shot bias control.

The CG adjustability is more precise due to the Y-Track compared to other drivers and 83% MOI increase over the M1. This enables it to produce over 1,000 unique set-up positions, which doubles what M1 offered.

The first front-to-back track that allowed to move 2.2mm of CG came with original M1. However, the new M3 enables you to move a mass that is three times.

Y-Track has enabled the tour players to have nice experiences when golfing. Owing to the high inertia, the best World players appreciate this driver in game-improvement.

There is high inertia created on both high to low and heel to toe when placing all weights way back and split them. The previous drivers were unable to achieve that forgiveness that this adjustable product produces.

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Composite crown

The TaylorMade M3 driver entails a composite crown that is the strongest, lightest and thinnest ever seen amongst the drivers. This crown is made from five layers of carbon fibre which is in contrast to the M1 which has seven of them. The layers are essential as they free up inefficient weight and improve sound thereby absorbing vibration.

In order to differentiate the products, TaylorMade put a new silver colour in their new TaylorMade M3 Driver Review to replace the white one that was seen on the M1 and M2 drivers of 2016 and 2017.

The crown has an aerodynamics and carbon fibre with 12 position loft sleeve. This contrast that occurs between the crown and the face usually affects the performance of the club.

It is still a workable driver despite having little less side spin on off centre shots.


Taylormade M3 Driver

If you look at the shape of TaylorMade M3 driver, it significantly resembles its predecessor, M1. The outstanding changes in the colour scheme are that the white topline and neon colors are gone, but the black carbon crown still remains. The M3 driver has a 460cc footprint that has a bit higher and funky address.

Sound & Feel

Although the sound seems very solid, it appears to be a bit louder compared to M1. Many people are actually surprised that it has a slightly metallic touch sound. There are also a couple of times when a well-struck shot entails a bit of electricity.


After the implementation of the new Y-Track, major changes came in the adjustment of the weights for M3. While previously the weights were adjusted in a straight line and closer to the face, now weights travel diagonally on the track and mounted towards the club’s rear. In essence, instead of the weights moving far towards the rear position like before, it now moves slightly closer to the club’s face.

The Hammerhead slot is another performance feature. It is implemented behind the face to increase forgiveness.

What is outstanding about TaylorMade M3 Driver Review?

Dispersion is tightened up to 11 yards due to Twist Face tech. The outer part of the club’s face is more flexible and lighter due to the reinforcement from the Hammerhead slot that is in the sole. Likewise, the Y-Track on the driver increase forgiveness, lower or increase spin and influences shot shape bias.

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What is remarkable?

Two carbon-fibre sole sections and carbon crown makes the M3 to outperform the original M1. Repositioning the sole weights gives an enormous impact on backspin, carry distance and ball speed. Therefore, when playing using this driver, it is crucial to find the right set-up. Tests using this driver showed that it produces the longest single shot and longest average carry of about 274 yards. Without even positioning the sole weights for max forgiveness, M3 produces a 12mm high on the face and 8mm from the toe. This is proof that even with a slightly smaller footprint that M3 has compared to M4, it is still efficient and stable.

In summary, the important questions that can help you in deciding whether to acquire this driver include the following:

1)    Does the driver have a better upgrade compared to the last year’s model?

2)    Will your performance improve when you use this driver?

When it comes to TaylorMade M3 driver, the answer to both questions is “Yes”. So, it’s up to you to make a prudent decision. 


The changes that were implemented on TaylorMade M3 Driver Review seem to have paid off. If a player is looking for a suitable flight and feel, the new Y-Track adjustability finely tunes the M3 to what you want.  However, the new Twist Face is a notable different feature in M3 even though it might not benefit those who hit screws every time. The Twist Face might not be a total, but it provides near perfect strikes.

If you are the golfer that has constantly been seeking for a new driver with good adjustability, forgiveness and strong performance, you ought to try out the TaylorMade M3 Driver Review.

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