What are Heathland Golf Courses?

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Heathland Golf Course

Heathland golf courses are a unique breed of golf venues influenced by the natural, sandy terrain of heaths. They are typically defined by their sandy soil, gorse, and heather, exuding a distinct aesthetic appeal. These courses offer a special golfing experience, challenging both amateur and professional golfers with their characteristic terrain. Dive into the world of heathland golf courses for a game set amidst captivating natural beauty.

Difference From Heathland Golf Courses?

A heathland golf course is a distinctive type within the spectrum of golf courses. It’s uniquely defined by its sandy soil, rugged terrain, and the presence of vegetation such as gorse and heather. This contrasts strongly with other types of courses, such as a parkland course, which are typically flat, feature manicured lawns, and are abundant in trees.

Unlike links courses situated near the sea and characterized by sandy dunes and omnipresent winds, heathland courses, typically located inland, present a distinctive golfing ambiance with their naturally rustic charm. Players often find heathland courses to provide a challenging mix of golfing elements; consequently, they offer a different playing experience to other course types, greatly enriching the diversity and appeal of the sport.

Type of Terrain

A heathland course is characterized by its unique terrain, complementing the often undulating landscape found across these inland venues. Naturally influenced by the native heath, the soil composition is predominantly sandy in nature, allowing for exceptional drainage and a firm playing surface good for golf vacation.

The fairways are interwoven with patches of gorse bushes, along with heather and other low-growing shrubs, which add both charm and challenge to the course. The natural, rolling landscape, interspersed with these distinct vegetation features, provides golfers with a distinctive playing experience, demanding strategic shot-planning and precise club selection for optimal performance.

Famous Heathland Courses

These are the famous Heathland golf courses in the United States:

Bandon Crossings Golf Course, Oregon

Presents a top-tier heathland-style golfing experience to its patrons. Designed by celebrated architect Jeffrey D. Brauer, the public course is outfitted with undulating fairways and fescue-covered mounds over its sprawling 190-acre landscape. Skilled and novice players alike enjoy the course’s challenging 6800-yard, par 72 layouts. With positive reviews and accolades under its belt, The Heathlands continues to affirm its stature among the premier heathland-style courses in the United States.

We’ve curated a list of the best heathland golf courses for your convenience. Fortunately, the scarcity of heathland courses adds an element of charm and novelty to your golfing experience. So pack your gear and head off to your closest heathland golf course to enjoy this unique golf setting.

Legends Golf & Resort’s Heathland Course, South Carolina ( Myrtle Beach )

Renowned for its captivating heathland-style golf experience. Designed by famed architect Tom Doak, the course is known for its wide fairways, large greens, and distinct bunkers that challenge golfers of all skill levels. Stretching over 6,800 yards, the par 71 Heathland Course offers an engaging layout that pays homage to traditional British Isles links courses. Visitors cherish the distinctive golfing experience and top-notch amenities at Legends Golf & Resort.

Royal County Down G.C., Northern Ireland

Consistently ranks among the world’s best golfing destinations. Masterfully sculpted among captivating dunes and natural terrain, this course features a challenging layout that tests golfers of all abilities. With its combination of meticulously crafted holes and awe-inspiring coastal landscape, Royal County Down G.C. sets a gold standard for exceptional heathland courses across the globe.

Sunningdale Old, England

An exceptional heathland golf course that provides golfers with a classic and enduring golfing experience. With designs by renowned architects Willie Park Jr. and Harry Colt, the course masterfully weaves through mature trees and lush heathland, creating striking visuals and an engaging layout. Known for its firm and fast playing conditions, Sunningdale Old offers a challenging and enjoyable round for golfers of all skill levels. This gem of a course exemplifies the characteristics that have made heathland golf courses globally sought-after.

The Hotchkin Course at Woodhall Spa, England

Widely regarded as one of the best heathland golf courses in the world. Designed by the celebrated architect Harry Vardon, and later enhanced by Harry Colt, it stands as a testament to classic golf course architecture. Its layout, characterized by deep, sprawling bunkers and intricate hole designs, provides a stern yet enjoyable challenge for all golfers. Amid the towering trees and vibrant gorse, The Hotchkin Course promises a truly captivating golfing experience emblematic of heathland golf.

Type of Golf Players Who Liked to Play in These Courses

Heathland golf courses appeal to a broad range of golfers seeking a diverse and unique golfing experience. These courses provide a perfect alternative for players who want to venture outside the typical resort courses and enjoy the distinct characteristics of heathland golf. Combining the best elements of inland golf settings and the challenging yet fair features of links-style courses, these venues offer an idyllic balance for golf enthusiasts.

Heatland Golfers

Beginner or intermediate golfers, often drawn to inland courses, can benefit from the variety of challenges presented by heathland layouts without the fear of navigating treacherous, wind-swept terrain. Experienced golfers seeking to elevate their game can also find pleasure within these courses, as they require expert precision, control, and mental fortitude to master.

The allure of heathland golf courses lies in their unique ability to cater to a wide scope of golfing preferences. Set among picturesque landscapes, these courses offer an opportunity to be embraced by nature while enjoying a round of golf. Whether craving the thrill of conquering a links-style course or the serenity of inland golf, heathland courses provide the quintessential environment for golfers of every level to enjoy and hone their skills.

Best Equipment To Bring In This Type of Course

Titleist T200 Irons

When playing on heathland golf courses, one of the most reliable and strategic choices for irons is the Titleist T200. Crafted for the optimum balance of power and precision, these irons excel in control – a vital attribute for the subtle slopes and undulations of heathland terrains. Particularly effective for mid to low-handicap players, the T200s offer refined forgiveness that helps with off-center strikes. With their Max Impact technology, these irons promote high launch and distance, while maintaining a tour-level look and feel. These irons are particularly excellent for heathland courses where strategic shot-making is a necessity and the golfer needs to manipulate ball flight and distance with precision and consistency.

Callaway Golf Stripe Mesh Hat

Callaway Golf Stripe Mesh Hat

A superior option for headwear while playing heathland golf courses is the Callaway Golf Stripe Mesh Hat. This modern, stylish hat offers excellent ventilation through its mesh construction, ensuring comfort and breathability—a valuable asset for golfers spending long hours on the course. The hat’s design includes moisture-wicking properties that help manage perspiration, keeping the golfer’s head cool and dry.

Playing on heathland courses often exposes golfers to unpredictable and shifting wind conditions. The Callaway Golf Stripe Mesh Hat’s adjustable Velcro closure ensures a secure, custom fit, which helps keep the hat in place during windy rounds. Lastly, the hat safeguards against sun exposure with its pre-curved visor, shielding the face and eyes from harmful UV rays.

Callaway “15th Club” Golf Ball Retriever

When playing on heathland golf courses, it’s not uncommon for balls to land in hard-to-reach areas like thick gorse or deep pot bunkers. To retrieve golf balls from these tricky spots, a reliable accessory like the Callaway “15th Club” Golf Ball Retriever can be invaluable. Extendable to 15 feet and featuring an ergonomic sure-grip handle, it provides ample reach and excellent control to secure balls from awkward positions without disturbing the natural course setting.

Pride Professional Tee System – Evolution Tees

A crucial accessory when you play golf on heathland courses, which often feature varied and undulating terrain, is a reliable, high-quality tee. The Pride Professional Tee System – Evolution Tees rank among the best options for this particular course type.

Specifically designed to provide optimal stability and durability, these tees ensure that golfers can achieve consistent ball placement and height from the tee box – a critical aspect in navigating the strategically positioned holes common in heathland courses. The Evolution Tees feature a low-resistance tip that reduces friction and side spin for optimum accuracy and distance, which can be a game changer when playing from an elevated tee box or aiming for a tight fairway.

GustBuster Pro Series Gold 62-Inch Golf Umbrella

When tackling a heathland course, which often merges characteristics of pine trees from parkland courses and breezy, open landscapes, a robust and reliable umbrella is crucial. The GustBuster Pro Series Gold 62-Inch Golf Umbrella is an excellent choice for this environment.

Its ample 62-inch canopy provides extensive coverage, protecting golfers and their equipment from sudden showers. The GustBuster’s patented wind-release system allows wind to pass through the canopy, preventing it from inverting in strong gusts – a common occurrence on heathland courses where wind can hurdle unabated across the open terrain.

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