Tips for Buying Golf Balls

Tips for Buying Golf Balls: Learn the Basics

What should you look out for when choosing the ideal golf ball for your skill level?

Here are tips for buying gold balls to help you out.


If you struggle with shot control, plastic golf balls with ionomer covers are ideal. These balls are designed to draw in a great deal of power from your swing. This means that minimal spin will penetrate through the ball which will enhance your ball control. Multilayered balls are also a good choice because their design limits the ball’s spin.


Do you have difficulties with achieving sufficient distance? If you do, then you’ll need a urethane covered ball to give the ball an extra bounce. This will allow the ball to bounce from the golf club better which will eventually result in more distance. Controlling urethane covered balls is however harder.

If you’re a novice golfer, these balls won’t be ideal for you. To improve distance, you may want to consider three-piece balls because they have a better energy transfer. What this means is that they boost your swing results. They roll better and this enhances your distance in the air and on the ground.


Price may not be as essential as quality. Still, the price is an important factor especially if you’re working on a budget. If you’re a beginner, for instance, consider buying cheaper golf balls until you’ve mastered the game and enhance your skills. While golf balls made of recycled materials may be great, they are not the best quality and this can hurt your performance.

You may want to refrain from such balls. Intermediate golfers can go for slightly expensive balls because they’re unlikely to lose them and they’ll enhance the quality of their game.

Experienced golfers, on the other hand, can buy better quality balls which are usually more expensive. Seek to buy the best golf balls that enhance your performance

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Tips for Buying Golf Balls: Playing Factors

What factors can affect your play? These factors should be considered when buying golf balls to play.


Some golf ball manufacturers in the market today have produced specially designed balls that increase the length on a golfer’s drives. This comes in handy to reduce feel on the green.

Tips for buying golf balls for power

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Golf balls that have more power will offer less feel on the green. This is why many of the golf balls available in the market today come with more power and reduced feel.

Tips for buying golf balls with feel



How much golf ball control are you looking for? You need to understand that the spin rate is critical when it comes to establishing the ball control you have on the green.

Further, it’s worth noting that golf balls come with different spin rates. If you’re looking for the ultimate golfing experience, you need to test different balls until you’re satisfied with the feel.

The following 5 factors in the image below will also determine how much spin you put on the ball. Thanks to Wingate Park Country Club for the great visuals.

Tips for buying golf balls

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5 Common FAQs: Tips for Buying Golf Balls

1. Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

The dimples form a thin and rough barrier layer of air which attaches to the surface of the ball. This enables the smooth flow of air to pursue the surface of the ball more on the ball’s backside and this reduces the wake size.

2. What Role does Soft Balls Play?

Softballs just as the name suggests come with a soft feel. While they’ve no designated role, many professional golfers opt to use them simply because they’re soft. Further, they fly through the air with ease, which is why they’re commonly used by seasoned golfers.

3. Which is the most visible Golf Ball Color?

Today, manufacturers are producing more colorful golf balls. However, nothing beats the visibility of bright yellow golf balls. If yellow isn’t your favorite color, you can opt for green or pink balls.

4. What’s the Difference between the high Visibility Ball and a White Ball?

The only difference lies in the ball’s color.

5. Do high Visibility Golf Balls Improve Score?

No. there are many factors which result in improved golf scores and ball visibility isn’t one of them.