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Golf Irons

Top Golf Irons Guide to Read Before You Buy

Selecting golf irons for beginners can be difficult because there are so many choices. Golfers just starting out also don’t understand their swings yet. So, you need to learn your golf swing and is

We hope this page provides an in-depth chronicle of the best golf irons for beginners and a guide to assist you in the selection of your golf clubs. Before you start reading, take a look at the Titleist AP3 Irons – great iron set for beginners.

What are golf irons?

Other than the putter, your irons are the clubs you hit the most when on the golf course. First, you need to understand the basics of golf irons. Some golfers buy one club at a time and other by an entire set. Take a look at these TaylorMade M2 Irons to get an idea of what a review of a set looks like.

Golf irons are utilized on every hole. They cover long-range, short, and mid-range shots. A typical set of golf irons has the following clubs

  • 3 iron
  • 4 iron
  • 5 iron
  • 6 iron
  • 7 iron
  • 8 iron
  • 9 iron.
Golf Irons for Beginners

It’s not however limited to this. Golf irons also have a pitching wedge and/ or Gap wedge/ Approach wedge.

When purchasing iron sets, they are usually listed in terms of their set make-up, that is, “3-PW”, “4-PW, AW” OR “5-PW, AW”.

The shorthand indicates that the set has included all clubs in between. For instance, if you purchase 3-PW, the set will include the 3- through 9- irons plus the pitching wedge.

The shafts of the iron sets can be steel or graphite shafts. If you are not aware of the best shaft material for you, you could request a PGA professional for advice.

Basic Golf Iron Types for Beginners

There are a few basic types of irons available in the market. Every iron type is designed to suit a certain skill level. They include Cavity Back, Cavity Muscle Back and Muscle Back.

Cavity Back

These are max game improvement irons. They are referred to the cavity back because of a hollow portion or large ‘cavity’ in the clubhead’s back. Their sole and toplines are enlarged compared to other designs of iron heads.  The cavity back, larger sole and topline work together to make it easier to hit. Beginners can fully benefit from this iron type.

Game improvement irons

They are different from the cavity back. They have a smaller cavity back while the toplines and soles are thinner and more compact. They are the most popular ones as they suit a wide range of skill levels.

Player’s irons

They are Muscle Back or Cavity Muscle Back.  They are also referred to as a blade. They are suitable for high-skilled golfers and professionals. They have a flat back with no cavity, hence less forgiving. They are harder to hit but deliver a better feeling when hit properly compared to a cavity back.

You can learn more about golf irons here.

Reviews of best golf irons in 2019

Titleist 718 AP3 Golf Irons for Beginners

Titleist 718 AP3 Irons

Having been produced by a well-known brand known for producing incredible irons in the market, you shouldn’t expect anything less from the 718 AP3. Titleist AP2 iron is a better player iron while the AP1 is a game improvement iron.  The qualities of the AP1 and AP2 are found in Titleist 718 AP3.

It has a three-construction system that has an undercut cavity with the construction of hollow tungsten in three to seven irons. It provides an extra distance and a higher trajectory.  A high density of 84 grams metal is placed in the heel to toe, to boost MOI and improve stability.

With this golf iron, you don’t have to sacrifice your style and workability for great speed and higher trajectory. The irons are distance oriented and extremely forgiving with less hassle.


  • Made of Steel
  • Its design is cavity back
  • The flex is regular and stiff
  • A true temper AMT black shaft
  • Has 4,5,6,7,8,9, PW set makeup


  • Very attractive
  • Eliminates vibrations, whilst providing a smooth swing
  • Has greater forgiveness
  • Provides extra distance due to the excellent ball speed


  • Has a higher price
  • The feel isn’t a forged iron feel.
  • TaylorMade P790 golf iron

TaylorMade M6 Golf Irons for Beginners

TaylorMade M6 Iron Set

This golf iron takes a cavity back design. You get to enjoy the forgiveness and workability of this design. It has a beautiful look and provides a forged iron feel. It delivers a crisper sound and an improved feel through Speed Foam Technology.

The forged iron feel is obtained from the wrapped face construction that is forged from 4140 Carbon steel and welded into a carbon steel body. An ultrathin face is provided for the extra distance.

This high-tech iron has an elegant design and an eye-catching matte finish. They offer great playability, forgiveness, and a fabulous feel.


  • Have forged irons
  • A dynamic gold 105 Steel shaft that’s true temper
  • Has a D2 swing weight
  • Takes the cavity back design


  • Great playability
  • Has a strong swing
  • It’s one of the most forgiving irons
  • The appearance and design are eye-catching
  • Provides a great feel


It’s difficult for some players to control the ball as it lands on the greens due to the faster ball speed.

TaylorMade M4 Golf Irons for Beginners

TaylorMade M4 golf irons

This is one of the finest golf irons as it’s replacing the M2 irons. Their appearance, features, and performance are breathtaking. More ball speed is provided due to the RIBCOR frame technology that has a thunderous impact. A tungsten sole weighting has been placed to improve launch, provide better stability and lower CG.  The performance on low strikes is enhanced through the speed pocket technology.

The overall construction provides plenty of forgiveness without too much hassle. The head design is high MOI to provide more speed and extra distance. It’s replacing the M2 irons by being higher than them by 24%. The classy look, easy to adopt feature and better performance makes this iron to a wide range of golfers.


  • Utilize the cavity back design
  • Steel shafts are KBS max B5
  • Has red graphite shafts that are Fujikura Atmos
  • A stiff and regular shaft flex
  • TM dual feel grip


  • It’s easier to control due to the TM dual feel grip.
  • It’s easy to swing
  • Excellent forgiveness
  • The ball speed is super-fast hence providing more distance.
  • Offers better accuracy


The irons may create gapping issues to the inconsistent strikers

It’s not recommended for high handicappers

Cobra King F8 Golf Irons for Beginners

Cobra King F8 golf irons for beginners

These irons provide more control and consistency as they induce straighter flight. The F7 irons had four head, but the F8 irons have reduced them to three. A 20% thinner forged faceplate is produced by the PWRSHELL Face Technology to add more stability and power.

Interestingly, the grips have Arccos sensors that provide a record of every single data from your swing. These data can be easily seen from your mobile device. This makes it a special type of golf iron. Excellent performance is provided by the TECFLO progressive construction technology, in addition to an ideal trajectory. King F8 iron has a Carbon feel Technology that enhances its solid feel.


  • Has a cavity back design
  • It’s made of Steel
  • Swing weight of D1, D2, and D3 is available
  • Has a 360 connect grip that’s Lamkin REL
  • The shafts are Aldila Rogue Pro 95 and True temper XP 90


  • Provides an excellent distance with a fantastic spin control
  • It has a fantastic feel
  • It’s built with the latest technology
  • It has a premium construction


It’s less attractive compared to other Cobra golf irons

Mizuna MP 18 Golf Irons for Beginners

Mizuno MP 18

The MP-18 irons set has been manufactured using the Japanese craftsman Turbo. It takes the muscle back design and the heads are smaller, shorter and thinner compared to other top golf irons. It’s well suited for the best strikers in the game.

It provides a good forged iron feel. However, it’s not as forgiving as some of the golf irons in the market


  • Takes the muscle back design
  • Utilizes forged irons
  • It’s made of steel material
  • The shaft flex is regular, stiff and X stiff


  • Has a good playability
  • The appearance is eye-catching
  • The feel is soft but extremely solid


  • It can be difficult for beginners
  • Its forgiveness is lower than some other irons

Callaway Epic Golf Irons for Beginners

Callaway Epic

It delivers a straighter trajectory and an extra ball speed due to the advanced Exo Cage frame that has a 360- degree Face Cup Technology. The head region has a tungsten-infused metal that’s of high-density to increase the speed and forgiveness. Moreover, the CG is lowered in the long irons thus the launch angle is increased. For the short irons, the CG is higher for better spin control and accuracy.

This golf iron is a game improvement iron that provides easy loft, greater forgiveness, and straighter ball flight. The laser-welded components control vibration thus, vibrations are eliminated when hitting long shots. Callaway Epic irons also have great workability that increases its competitive advantage.


  • Has D2 weight
  • Takes the cavity back design
  • A steel shaft that is Project X LZ 95 Shaft
  • The shaft flex is light, regular and stiff
  • The graphite shaft is UST recoil ES 760/780


  • The shots can be controlled nicely
  • Features a premium technology and construction
  • Provides great forgiveness
  • Offers excellent ball speed and extra distance


  • It’s an expensive golf iron

Srixon Z565 Golf Irons for Beginners

Srixon 565

In recent times, Srixon Z565 iron is among the top game improvement irons. The performance is sensational, great forgiveness, distance control, accuracy, and playability. Faster ball speeds that provide more distance is obtained due to the sturdy carbon steel that is equipped with strong SUP 10 steel faces. A Tour VT Sloe offers a better turf interaction. Besides, the face has a double laser milled patterns that work well to provide great playability and better spin.

Its amazing construction provides extra distance and greater forgiveness. The feel of this iron is irresistible and the sound is well controlled. This gives the golfer an awesome experience in addition to its attractive nature.


  • Has a Chrome finish
  • Takes the Blade design
  • The dynamic gold shaft is True temper
  • Made of steel
  • The shaft is Nippon NS Pro
  • Has a tour velvet grip


  • The ball speeds are extra fast
  • It’s highly forgiving
  • Very attractive
  • The impact point and turf interaction are improved
  • Provides an amazing feel and sound


  • It’s slightly expensive

Ping G400 Golf Irons for Beginners

Ping G400

A COR-Eye technology is utilized to increase the face flex and provide better distance. The friction at the impact is reduced to 40% by the hydro pearl finish.

The feel and sound of this golf iron are awesome due to the multi-material cavity design. Great forgiveness is provided and delivers higher shots.


  • Utilize the cavity back design
  • Has ping AWT 2.0 shaft and Ping Alta CB shaft
  • Provides a tour velvet grip
  • The swing height is DO


  • The sound and feel are amazing
  • They are easy to hit
  • Provides great forgiveness
  • Offers a spin control
  • Higher launch is delivered
  • Provides super accuracy
  • Has great playability


It can be expensive to purchase for some golfers

Callaway Rogue Golf Irons for Beginners

Callaway Rogue

These rogue irons have power pack technologies to give a great performance. It has an ideal CG provided by a tungsten weighting and multi-material construction. It utilizes a 360- Degree Face Cup Technology are combined with VFT for great performance. An advanced sound and feel are delivered through the internal urethane microsphere.

These rogue irons also provide greater distance and forgiveness to give the golfer an awesome experience. Exceptional ball speed is achieved in addition to the low spin.


  • Has a Chrome finish
  • A swing weight if D3
  • Utilize a cavity back design
  • The grip is Lamkin Z5
  • The shaft is Aldila Synergy 60
  • The stepless shaft is true temper XP 95


  • The grip is friendly
  • The feel and sound are exceptional
  • It’s very easy to use
  • The control and consistency
  • are awesome
  • Delivers great forgiveness


  • It can be expensive to purchase

Cleveland launcher CBX Golf Irons for Beginners

Cleveland CBX

The workability and feel of this golf iron make it suitable for average golfers. The sole in the wedges is V-shaped to deliver great forgiveness and better turf interaction. The golfer experiences a nice and soft feel since the center of gravity is shifted towards the middle using the feel balancing technology.

Incredible consistency and spin control are also provided. Moreover, the CBX irons yield a forged blade feel that most golfers desire. It’s also attractive and utilizes a simple design.


  • Takes the cavity back design
  • The shaft flex is light, ladies and regular
  • Has a Cleveland Lamkin grip
  • The swing weight is D1 and D2
  • The Steel shaft is the Dynamic Gold DST 96


  • Provide amazing distance and forgiveness
  • The turf control and stability are improved
  • Have an incredible feel
  • They’re ideal for mid to high handicappers


  • They’re fit for low handicapped players.

You’re now equipped with information about golf irons and the best that you could find in the market. Go through the features of each golf iron keenly to ensure that you have selected one that will satisfy your needs fully. Always have in mind your strength, the weight of the iron and its head size when picking the right golf iron.

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