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Golf bags

Golf bags are a vital piece of equipment for golfers.

Whether you are carrying your own bag or have had the pleasure of having a golf caddie carry your bag (highly recommended) your golf bag holds everything you need during your round From minimalist golf bags to beginner golf bags we listed all the best options for you.

The Strata golf bags are great for first-timers.

Types of Golf Bags: A Summary

There are a few different types of golf bags to use. For the purpose of this review, we are focused on stand and cart golf bags only.

  • Staff Golf Bags – used by the pros
  • Cart Golf Bags – designed to be carrying in golf carts
  • Stand Golf Bags – multipurpose bags that can be carried or put into pushcarts, they have two retractable legs that keep the bag ‘standing’ when you put it on the ground
  • Carry Golf Bags (or Day Bags, or Sunday Bags) – these are smaller and designed to carry only a few clubs and be laid on the ground, no legs
  • Travel Golf Bags – designed to cover your clubs during travel, great for shipping your clubs

What Goes Into Your Golf Bags?

We have selected the best and most convenient types of golf bags for you to choose from on our list. 

One of the distinct essential functions of a golf bag is making work easier for you on the golf course. 

What Kind of Golf Bag Should I Get?

Choosing the best golf bags can significantly improve your on-course experience by providing proper organization, easy carry, and protection of your equipment. Before selecting a golf bag, consider the following factors: the number of clubs you carry, storage requirements for balls, gloves, towels, and accessories; the mode of transportation, whether you primarily walk, use a pushcart, or ride in a cart; and budget constraints.

There are different types of golf bags, including carry bags, stand bags, cart bags, and staff bags, each of which serves specific needs. In general, carry bags are ideal for walking golfers, stand bags offer better stability and protection for equipment, cart bags provide extra storage and easier access, and staff bags are designed for professionals but can also be used for recreational purposes. By assessing your requirements and evaluating the different types of golf bags, you can select the right bag that meets your needs correctly.

TaylorMade’s Best Golf Bag for Beginners 5.0 Golf Bag

TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

TaylorMade is known for producing all types of quality golf equipment designed for golfers ever since they stepped onto the scene.

The TaylorMade 5.0 golf bags’ give you a chance to carry everything you will need on the golf course. With this product, you won’t have frustrating days out on the course due to forgotten essentials. If you are looking for a small bag with excellent storage, then you have come to the right product.

This product is well segmented to enable you to keep your equipment organized and well distributed. Additionally, the top is also well segmented by a four-way design to keep your clubs organized and easy to pull. This well thought out design makes it easy to have easy access to your golf clubs when it’s your turn to take a shot. Also, this is the perfect golf bag to keep your valuables safe and on you at all times.

Design & Features

The TaylorMade 5.0 gives golfers plenty of storage room at a very convenient size. It is not bulky, and this golf bag has six pockets for golfs balls and tees. Furthermore, you can also take your rain gear with you to the golf course. TaylorMade 5.0 has a unique garment pocket that can carry an umbrella so you won’t get wet on the course.

A velour-lined pocket is also available on this golf bag. Golfers who carry electronics as they play will appreciate this feature. This pocket is soft and will keep your electronics scratch-free at all times. Moreover, you can have your golf GPS wristwatch with you or carry your golf swing analyzer to the court. Furthermore, it is also suitable for carrying mobile phones and other small gadgets.

TaylorMade included an anti-split stand system on this golf bag. The legs on the 5.0 will not stick or get tangled whenever you want to put it to use. In addition, this golf bag consists of a dual-strap shoulder system that makes it easy to move around. You can play 18 holes and still feel refreshed because this bag is not uncomfortable and won’t weigh you down.

Final Thoughts

If you are on the hunt for a durable and functional golf bag, then this is it. A rain hood and the umbrella sleeve will be a welcome inclusion in your gear. This golf bag is simple, with few features added to it. If you are looking for a ton of features on a golf bag, then this is not suitable for you. The TaylorMade 5.0 is reasonably priced and offers excellent shoulder comfort to the user.

Founders’s Best Golf Bag for Beginners Club Premium Cart Golf Bags

Founders Club Premium Cart Bags

The Founders Club Premium cart bag is precisely what you need to keep your irons in place. Apart from the anti-rattle technology, this golf bag has excellent features that you will find useful.

Additionally, it is sturdy and durable for all seasons and will be a great companion every time you go golfing.

Design & Features 

Golfers who don’t like that annoying clanging sound from golf clubs can finally relax. Whether you are walking or driving through the golf course, a silent ride is what you’ll have. Moreover, new golf clubs will not be damaged as they are securely held and won’t bang against each other. Also, the Founders Club Cart bag has plenty of room, so you want to make decisions about what to carry and what to leave behind.

The pockets are lined to keep your electronics from scratch damage, and they are secure. You can store your wallets, phone, and jewelry safely in the pockets. In addition, the cooler pockets will keep your beverages cold and refreshing as you enjoy your round. Moving the bag is also more comfortable, thanks to the multiple handles available.

 You can lift the bag from any position that makes you comfortable without being burdened. Additionally, with the extra space, you can carry extra clothing, an umbrella, or additional accessories. The bag might be dull for those looking for a stylish or fashionable option. But, it is functional with all the amenities golfers need in a golf bag.

Final Thoughts

Finally, a golfing bag that will keep things silent. This bag is one of the best golf bags that you can use to keep your golf clubs in good condition. The anti-rattle technology is a game-changer, and the Founders Company thought ahead on this one. Additionally, the high-quality pockets will keep more than your valuables safe as you can use them to carry cold refreshments.

Eagole’s Best Golf Bag for Beginners Cart Golf Bags 

Eagole Cart Bags 

Looking for a great golf bag with excellent features at a budget price? Then try the Eagole Cart bag and get everything you need in a golf bag.

With this golf bag, getting ready to head out to the golf course will be easy. You can pack everything you need without worrying you’ll run out of water bottle or space.

Design & Features

Eagole Company made this bag to be effective and efficient with little emphasis on the stylish factor. The Eagle Cart provides excellent protection to your valuables while also keeping them safe. Additionally, the Eagle Cart offers exceptional storage space, as we mentioned earlier, allowing you to pack your vital accessories. However, this golf bag features a low-quality exterior material, but it may serve you for a couple of years.

What the Eagle Cart lacks in stylish points, it makes up for it in storage space. This golf bag features nine pockets that are well placed. Furthermore, the pockets have an insulating cooler that will keep your snacks cool. Additionally, the pockets let you carry all your accessories and can even fit an extra pair of shoes.

Also, this company has installed its e-trolley and trolley lip system in this bag’s design. The trolley lip system allows older golfers to lift the bag and secure it in a cart. Moreover, it will hold the keep in place in the cart without twisting. This golf bag offers functionality, and it performs well in that sector.

Final Thoughts

This brand has the perfect bag for a minimalist golfer. It does not have too much going on, but it does its work perfectly. You can carry everything with you at all times, thanks to the extra storage space available. Additionally, it is perfect for old golfers, and it comes at a reasonable price. Some golfers have complained of the exterior material quality, but with proper care, this golf bag will last.

Izzo’s Best Golf Bag for Beginners Versa Stand Golf Bags 

Izzo Golf Versa

This product is perfect for golfers who don’t use a cart around the golf course. Izzo Golf has several golf products. 

Additionally, it is not the ideal starter golf bag for beginner golfers, but it offers excellent functionality. Also, this golf bag has proper construction with a tough exterior made from durable nylon.

Design & Features

The Izzo Versa golf bag has a soft divider than prevents your golf clubs from damaging each other. The divider keeps the clubs from hitting each other while also making it easy to take them out of the bag. Additionally, it is lighter and also features magnetic pockets that help secure your valuables.

However, the Izzo Versa golf bag has a strangle strap for carrying the bag around. It makes movement a bit difficult, but overall this is still an excellent golf bag. Additionally, the pockets are water-resistant with a velour-lined material. But, the best feature of the Izzo Versa bag is the power pocket.

The power pocket allows you to charge your devices as you take your round. The battery is powerful enough to charge your mobile phone, GPS gadgets, and even a tablet. Among the useful features this bag has are a towel loop and a built-in bottle opener. Furthermore, a deep insulated cooler pocket is the best option available for that cold refreshing drink.

Final Thoughts

This golf bag is the perfect golf bag for a tech-savvy golfer. The power pocket will allow you to keep your devices charged at all times. The battery is powerful enough to keep you connected to the world. Additionally, the 11-way divider top keeps your golf clubs in good condition free of dents. And, the water-resistant pockets ensure that your valuables don’t get damaged by water.

Callaway’s Best Golf Bag for Beginners Hyper-lite Zero Stand Golf Bags

Callaway Hyper-lite Zero Stand Bags

Callaway is always making excellent golfing gear for its consumers. The Callaway Hyper-lite Zero allows the user to have everything they might need out on the course.

Additionally, it is the perfect golf bag for high-handicappers, plus it is lightweight and easy to move around with on the course. This golf bag won’t burden you with extra weight as you walk around the course.

Design & Features

Callaway has made this golf bag to have excellent functionality for the user. It is not as stylish as other Callaway products, but it is well constructed. Additionally, it can separate your golf clubs from each other but not exceptionally well. The four-way divider top works moderately well to keep your irons from damage.

This Callaway product is one of the lightweight golf bags available in the market. In addition, it weighs just 2.5 pounds, and the carbon fiber legs help to keep the weight down. Also, the carbon fiber legs help to keep the golf stand bag more sturdy. The Callaway Zero stand bag is constructed from durable nylon fabric to serve you longer.

The pockets are zippered to offer extra protection to your valuables. And, a unique dedicated mobile phone sleeve is present to make it easy to access your cell phone. This product is a soundly structured golf bag that is worth your money. Additionally, it is sound on your back and shoulders, making it perfect for those nine holes.

Final Thoughts

This bag is an excellent lightweight bag for any golfer. However, with the reduced weight, the manufacturers at Callaway Company sacrificed storage on this product. But, you still have room to carry extra golf balls and maybe a jacket for the cold. This bag locks golf balls in place and allows you to move freely in the middle of the fairway and the range.

TaylorMade’s Best Golf Bag for Beginners Cart Lite Golf Bags 

TaylorMade Cart Lite Golf Bags 

This golf bag is another excellent option from TaylorMade for golfers looking for the best option for a lightweight bag. Beginners can use this style of bag as they get to learn the ropes of the game while they travel light.

Additionally, this bag is also a great companion for high handicappers. Plus, it is a durable golf bag that will serve you well.

Design & Features

The structure and construction of the TaylorMade Lite Cart are exceptional. Additionally, the construction helps to make this full golf cart and bag crush-proof to protect your valuables. The TaylorMade Lite also features ten pockets that provide maximum storage. Furthermore, your golf clubs are kept safe by the 14-way divider top with a full-length extension for maximum protection.

Also, this golf bag straps and locks onto the cart with cart strap tunnels, which are reinforced to prevent tearing and rubbing. In addition, the TaylorMade Lite Cart features a single strap that makes it comfortable and easy to hold and move around.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best golf bags for beginners can enhance their golfing experience and help them stay organized on the course. When selecting a golf bag, it’s important to consider factors like storage capacity, weight, design, and durability, to make sure it fits their needs and budget. From lightweight options to budget-friendly picks, these types of golf bags in 2020 have been reviewed, so golf enthusiasts can make an informed decision and enjoy their game to the fullest. So, go ahead and select your perfect golf bag for beginners and make your game count!

Which Type of Golf Bags Do You Like?

It doesn’t matter what level of a golfer you are, but what remains constant is that you need your gear with you. A golf bag allows you to carry essential gear with you so that you enjoy your game knowing you have everything you need right with you. 

What is typically found in a golfer’s bag?

A golfer’s bag generally contains a variety of clubs, like a set of irons, a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, wedges, and a putter. Beyond clubs, a golfer often carries golf balls, tees, a golf glove, markers, and a rules book.

How many clubs are permitted in a golfer’s bag during a round?

According to The Rules of Golf, a golfer is allowed to carry up to 14 clubs in their bag during a round.

What kind of clubs should a beginner carry in their golf bag?

A beginner should carry in their bag some necessary clubs like a driver, a putter, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and irons from 6-9. They can add more clubs as they progress and get more comfortable with the game.

Should I carry specialty wedges in my golf bag?

The answer depends on your playing ability and strategy. Speciality wedges like lob wedges can prove beneficial for certain types of shots, particularly around the green, but they also require a degree of skill to use effectively.

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