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As 2023 draws near, golfers around the country and globe are on a mission to find the ultimate gear to improve their game. Among the plethora of options, the often underestimated golf tee can make a significant difference in performance. Identifying the Best Golf Tees in 2024 may seem like a daunting task, but our comprehensive guide is here to simplify the process.

We have meticulously researched and analyzed the market to bring you the top-rated brands of golf tees, supported by expert reviews and insights. In this essential guide, we will delve into the critical price and factors to consider when selecting the perfect brand of golf tee to complement your style and skill level. So, buckle up and embrace the journey to discover and purchase the ideal brand of golf tee that will propel your game to new heights in 2024.

I recently purchased one of the golf tees and couldn’t be happier with the results. My ball striking has become more consistent, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my overall game. The durability and design of these tees have truly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them to any golfer looking to enhance their performance on the course. -“Tony L.”

Types Of Golf Tees

Golf tees come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, designed to address the diverse needs of golfers worldwide.

Wooden Tees: Traditional and most common, wooden tees are known for their simplicity and biodegradability. They are available in various sizes to cater to different club diameters and swing styles.

Plastic Tees: Made of durable plastic, these tees last longer than their wooden counterparts. Some even come with prongs to reduce friction.

Brush Tees: These modern tees replace the traditional cup design with a brush. This change allows the golfer to hit the ball with reduced friction, maximizing both distance and accuracy.

Magnetic Tees: These tees, as the name suggests, include a magnetic top ensuring that the ball stays put even in windy conditions.

Anti-Slice Tees: These tees are designed to correct a common problem in golf — the slice. They have a forward-leaning angle that encourages a straightforward hit.

Frisbee or Disc Golf Tees: Used exclusively in disc golf, a variant of traditional golf, these are flat areas, usually concrete, from where the disc is thrown.

Step-down Tees: These tees have a step-down design that ensures consistent tee height every time, allowing for more consistent drives.

Castle Tees: Castle tees get their name from the “castle” or tiered design which also allows golfers to consistently set the same tee height.

Zero Friction Tees: Usually made from plastic, these tees are designed with three prongs at the top instead of a cup, reducing the contact area between the tee and the ball.

Environmentally Friendly Tees: They are designed using non-toxic, fully biodegradable materials, as a response to the growing environmental concerns in the world of golf.

THIODOON Golf Tees Professional Natural Wood Golf Tee Packs of 100

Best Golf Tees 1

Thiodoon’s Best Golf Tees For Beginners

THIODOON Golf Tees Professional Natural Wood Golf Tees, crafted from 100% Natural Hardwood to provide consistent performance on the course. These light, durable, precision-milled tees are environmentally non-toxic, ensuring a healthier experience for you and your family. Made from stronger wood, these tees protect your favorite golf course and equipment, keeping them in tip-top shape.

The high (long) tee design encourages a low, shallow approach, maximizing the launch angle for greater distance and accuracy. The low, shallow cup reduces surface and contact area, making these tees ideal for irons, hybrids, and low profile woods. Truly a necessary addition to your golfing arsenal.

Available in three sizes—3-1/4 inch, 2-3/4 inch, and 2-1/8 inch—these tees conform to USA regular sizes, perfect for all-day practice and full play and suitable for most 3, 4, and 5 woods and low to moderate power and volume drivers. The head measures 0.. xl.44 inches in diameter, ensuring a secure fit for your golf ball.

Green Keepers 4 Yards More Golf Tee

Best Golf Tees 2

Green Keeper’s Best Golf Tees For Beginners

Experience a game-changing innovation with the Green Keepers 4 Yards More Golf Tee, the first and only tee proven to improve distance in both “Robotic” and “Field” tests. The flexible 6-prong tip is designed to make friction and reduce resistance, allowing better contact between the club and the ball. This unique design leads to reduced ball spin, ultimately increasing control and precision in your hit.

Enjoy the benefits of less resistance off the tee, as it translates to more distance down the fairway, giving you that extra edge over your competition. Built with durability in mind, the Green Keepers 4 Yards More Golf Tee is designed to last over 100 drives, making it a reliable, durable and valuable addition to your golfing equipment. Elevate your game and gain those extra yards with this innovative golf tee.

Pride Professional Tee System

Best Golf Tees 3

Pride’s Best Golf Tees For Beginners

The Pride Professional Tee System is recognized as the #1 Tee on the PGA Tour, providing golfers with exceptional quality and performance. Made from 100% Natural Hardwood, these tees are both durable and environmentally friendly. The innovative color bar system simplifies the selection process by indicating the tee length, allowing for optimal customization based on your club preference.

Proudly painted, printed, and packaged in the U.S.A, pride say the price of purchase the Pride Professional Tee System supports pride in local craftsmanship. Specifically designed for drivers over 360cc, pride say these tees are perfect for those seeking to enhance their game and drive the ball farther down the fairway.

Wedge Guys PGA Approved Professional Bamboo Golf Tees 2-3/4 Inch

Best Golf Tees 4

Wedge Guy’s Best Golf Tees For Beginners

Seeking golf tees that offer superior strength and longevity? Look no further than the Wedge Guys PGA Approved Professional Bamboo Golf Tees. These 2-3/4 inch tees are engineered from a specific species of bamboo, providing friction golf tees with unparalleled strength and durability, enhancing your game with vast majority swing. Being up to 7x stronger than traditional wood tees, our professional-grade bamboo golf tees ensure less breakage as you drive your ball down the fairway.

With over 5 billion plastic golf tees contributing to environmental pollution in landfills every year, and more than 70,000 trees cut down annually to supply wood tees in the USA, it’s time to make a more sustainable choice. Bamboo golf tees not only offer exceptional strength but are also eco-friendly. Harvested from bamboo shoots, they regrow in a mere 2-4 weeks, making them a completely sustainable alternative to plastic and wood tees. Choose Wedge Guys Bamboo Golf Tees and make a positive impact on both your game and the environment.

Callaway Par-Tee Plastic Golf Tees

Best Golf Tees 5

Callaway’s Best Golf Tees For Beginners

Elevate your golf game with the Callaway Par-Tee Plastic Golf Tees, featuring a quality construction that combines a white plastic base with a black rubberized cup/top for a durable co-molded design. Engineered with a rubberized cupped top, these golf tees promote low-spin launches and low back, adding extra distance to your shots.

Designed for versatility, the Callaway Par-Tee is perfect for both the course and driving range. Each tee comes with a stiff, sharpened tip for effortless insertion, doubling up as a handy groove cleaner and divot repair tool. The 4-piece set includes four 3 1/4-inch driving golf tees, ensuring you’re always prepared for the perfect launch. Choose Callaway Par-Tee Plastic Golf Tees for a superior golfing experience.

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How To Choose The Best Golf Tees

Selecting the best golf tees is essential to optimizing your performance on the course. To make the right choice, consider factors such as material, length, and design. Materials range from traditional wood and bamboo to plastic and composite options. While wooden tees are popular and affordable, they tend to break more easily. Bamboo tees, on the other hand, offer greater durability and sustainability, while plastic and composite tees provide increased longevity.


The material of your golf tee plays a significant role in its durability, price and performance. Common materials include wood, bamboo, plastic, and composite. Wooden tees are often the most affordable but can break more easily. Bamboo tees offer enhanced durability and are eco-friendly, while plastic and composite tees provide increased longevity and often come with additional design features.


Tee length and tee height is crucial as it affects the launch angle and trajectory of your golf ball. Depending on your club selection and swing style, choose a length that complements your game. Typically, longer tees work well with larger drivers, while shorter step tees are suitable for fairway woods and irons. Having a variety of lengths at your disposal allows you to adapt to different situations on the course.

Design Features

Certain design features can help improve your performance, save up on the course and save up. For example, anti-spin tops or rubber cupped tops can reduce side spin, increase stability, save up and enhance the overall performance of your shots to save up. Additionally to save up, some tees come with markings for consistent tee height or sharpened tips that double as groove cleaners and divot repair tools to save up.

Environmental Impact

In today’s environmentally conscious world, it’s essential to consider the ecological footprint of your golf tees. Traditional wooden tees contribute to deforestation, while plastic tees can take years to decompose. Opting for sustainable materials like bamboo or biodegradable options can help minimize your environmental impact while still benefiting your game.

What Golf Tees Do Pros Use

So now, let’s dive deeper into the world of professional golf and explore the tees that the pros and what tees do PGA players use. One of the most common tees preferred by professionals is the wooden tee. These tees are known for their durability and stability, making them a reliable choice for consistent shots. The wooden tees are designed to provide minimal resistance upon impact, allowing for maximum distance and control.

Another popular option among pros is the plastic tee, which offers similar benefits to the wooden tee but has the added reusable advantage. Plastic tees are also less likely to break or splinter, making them a cost-effective choice for professional golfers who use countless tees during practice and tournaments.

Many pros opt for longer tees with adjustable prongs, allowing them to customize the tee height according to their club choice and shot preference. These small details make all the difference in a professional golfer’s game, and choosing the right tee is just another way to gain that competitive edge on the course.

Best Rated Golf Tees

Now, let’s focus on the best-rated golf tees and the top golf tee brands in the market. Many golfers rely on customer reviews and ratings when finding the perfect tee. One brand that consistently receives high praise is Pride Professional Tee System (PTS).

Known for their durability and performance, PTS tees come in various sizes and colors to suit player preferences. Another highly-rated brand is Zero Friction, famous for its unique 3-prong design that reduces friction and increases accuracy. For those seeking eco-friendly options, Bamboo Golf tees have gained popularity for their sustainability and strength.

Castle Tee is also a notable brand that offers premium quality wooden tees. It’s important to remember that everyone has their preferences regarding tees, so it’s worth trying out different brands and designs to find the one that suits your playing style best.

Most Asked Questions

Do golf tees really make a difference?

Golf tees indeed the ability to make a difference in a golfer’s performance on the course. The right tee can optimize the launch angle and trajectory, leading to improved accuracy and distance. Additionally, certain design features, such as anti-spin tops, can enhance shot stability maximum distance and control. Therefore, investing in the appropriate golf tees tailored to your playing style can significantly impact your overall game.

What golf tees should I use?

To determine which golf tees suit you best, take into account your skill level, club preferences, and swing style. Opt for tees with the appropriate length, material, price, and number of design features that complement your game. Experiment with different materials like wood, bamboo, or plastic, and consider your shipping and environmentally friendly shipping options. Ultimately, the best golf tees for you will maximize performance, improve shot consistency, save, and money and boost confidence on the course.

Why don’t pro golfers use plastic tees?

While some professional golfers do use plastic tees, many prefer traditional wooden or bamboo tees due to their distinct feel and feedback during impact. Wooden tees tend to break more easily than plastic ones, providing a clear and accurate indication of the quality and power of the golfer’s strike. Pro golfers may opt for wooden tees for their familiarity, as they have been the standard choice throughout golf’s history, breaking and thus ensuring a consistent playing experience.

Is plastic or wood tee better?

The choice between plastic and wooden tees ultimately depends on personal preference and priorities. Wooden tees, being biodegradable and offering a classic feel during impact, are popular among traditionalists and environmentally-conscious golfers. Conversely, plastic tees, known for their durability and variety of color options ( pink, blue, orange, yellow, and mat ) and designs, cater to golfers seeking long-lasting options or specific performance enhancements. Experimenting with both types can help you determine which suits your individual playing style and preferences best.

Final Thought

Finding the best golf tees for your game involves considering a number of factors such as skill level, personal preferences, material, price and low environmental impact. Whether you opt for traditional wooden tees or explore the variety of designs and longer lifespan offered by plastic options, the key is to experiment and easy identification to all the tees around that complement your swing and enhance your overall performance. Remember, the right golf tee can instill confidence in the course and contribute to a more enjoyable playing experience.

What I can say is that I tried the recommended golf tees and have been extremely satisfied with their performance. They provided great stability for my ball, and the durability has been impressive. The design of these tees has truly enhanced my overall golfing experience, and I can confidently say they’ve become a staple in my golf bag. Highly recommended for golfers of all skill levels! – Tony L.