Best Callaway Driver Review: 2023 Edition

If you’re a golfer who values practical performance and wants to take your game to the next level, Callaway Driver 2023 edition is definitely worth a look! After putting it through its paces (and indulging in some friendly 9-hole competitions along the way), we can confidently say that Callaway driver has outdone itself with this one – so let us share why. Special features abound, from improved forgiveness technology to enhanced adjustability, resulting in an unbeatable combination of distance and control for players of all abilities.

So grab your tees and get ready to see just how far you can fly with the Callaway Driver 2023 edition! Technology and machine learning give golfers the best experience as they enjoy a round of golf. Read Golfsquatch’s review of this club. 

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We want to show you why the Callaway Driver might be right for your golf game as you take on opponents.

Callaway Great Big Bertha 23 Iron Set

Callaway Driver

Callaway Great Big Bertha 23 Iron Set

Callaway’s Great Big Bertha 23 Iron Set is the ultimate power play. Driving and ironing made easy, Callaway has managed to combine the ease and long distance of titanium with the precision of tungsten in one powerful set.

Forget sprinting on the golf course; with Callaway’s Great Big Bertha, you can cruise right to the green. Get ready to take your game greenside in no time with Callaway’s powerful multi-piece iron set.


Callaway’s Great Big Bertha 23 iron set is revolutionizing the golf course! Callaway has made sure to provide their customers with the best of both worlds; Commercial grade Titanium body to give you more flex at impact, combined with industry-leading A.I. technologies for optimum performance.

To top off this amazing set, Callaway has included a Tungsten Speed Cartridge featuring up to 145g of high-density tungsten and a forged titanium face that increases speed and improves spin consistency. Don’t forget about Callaway’s patented urethane microspheres which deliver a softer feel without sacrificing swing speed! Callaway is changing the game – quite literally – with their Great Big Bertha 23 Iron Set!

Callaway Golf 2023 Paradym X Iron Set

Callaway Driver

Callaway Golf 2023 Paradym X Iron Set

Callaway has revolutionized iron-design with their Forged 455 Face Cup and Hollow Body construction. Callaway boosts that these features combined in its Paradym model will give golfers increased ball speeds and by creating the highest launch and spin consistency ever! Step onto the course with confidence knowing Callaway’s powerful A.I. design is on your side! Get ready to unleash maximum performance from your Callaway Paradym irons.


Callaway’s Paradym feature is sure to take your golf game to the next level! Its A.I. designed Forged 455 Face provides an exceptional feel; and with patented urethane microspheres, improved launch dual tungsten weighting, and fast ball speeds from Callaway’s Hollow Body Speed Frame Construction.

It’s no wonder Callaway products are so popular amongst golfers everywhere! So if you’re looking for a reliable product that will up your game; Callaway has you covered.

Callaway Epic Driver

Callaway Driver

Callaway Epic


Callaway Golf Company has been making fantastic drivers since the 1990s.

These drivers can be used by amateurs, beginners, low handicappers, and professional golfers.

We believe that improving the efficiency of your own golf swing is the best way to increase swing speed. Although their are features of the Epic Driver that enables improved swing speed. 

Additionally, the Epic Driver is designed to reduce side spin for golfers who do not yet have a swing that produces a consistently straight drive. 


The design used by the Callaway Driver is unique to any other driver ever made.

The jailbreak technology applied in making this driver uses two titanium rods to connect the crown of the club to the sole behind the face.

Callaway claims that this design stiffens the head of the iron, producing faster ball speeds. Additionally, the face can flex, resulting in faster ball speeds too.

Callaway Driver Face Technology

The Triaxial carbon crown of the Callaway driver is 30% thinner and 64% lighter than the crown on the Callaway XR 16 driver.

Furthermore, 52% of the body is made of a Triaxial carbon exoskeleton. And, the carbon is bonded from the inside as a single piece.

This design reduces weight by 37 grams which is supposed to produce faster swing speeds.

Since the face is thinner than the XR 16 by 20%, the head speed is effectively converted into ball speed.

The Epic driver gives the advantage of having a 2mph gain. This gain can also be translated into 8yards thanks to higher launch and less spin.

Callaway Epic Driver Technology

The Callaway driver is very stylish and has a sleek look. Furthermore, you can adjust it to get the desired ball flight and trajectory. Sadly, the length of the driver can be a bit long for some players.

At 45.5 inches some golfers got a few problems adjusting the driver to their desired position.


With such a great design, this driver also has impressive features that are very useful. The driver offers excellent adjustability to the user, and it is user-friendly. The jailbreak technology comprises of two titanium rod positioned apart that connects the crown to the sole. The positioning of the 3-gram titanium rods set at 30.5 millimeters a part offers excellent stability.

Epic Driver Models by Callaway

The rods also make the face of the driver 20 percent thinner compared to Callaway`s Company’s previous driver versions. Moreover, the thinning of the face provides excellent flexibility of the face.

The positioning of the rods also offers more power of impact into the golf ball. In addition, with this driver there is less wasted energy, and most importantly there is forgiveness head to toe.

This Callaway driver is not as heavy as other drivers from different brands. To make the drivers easy to carry, Callaway Company used carbon fiber as one of the primary materials. Similarly, the crown and sole of the driver consist of carbon fiber material. Carbon fiber is one of the lightest materials available, and it is very durable.

The increased distance and forgiveness allow this driver to be user-friendly across different levels of golfers. As we mentioned earlier the Epic is suitable for professional and even amateur and beginner golfers. Also, it is available to golfers looking for high clubhead speeds. Plus, this driver has an adjustable 17-gram sliding weight in the rear.

The weight allows you to shape your shot to your liking. Moreover, the driver has different modes you can set. You can choose either extreme fade to neutral or extreme draw and anywhere in between.

And, the this driver also features an Optifit adjustability feature. With the Optifit adjustability, you can loft or tweak lie to get a desired outcome of the shot.


If you have been looking for a driver that will give you a few extra yards, then this is it. The Callaway driver provides a golfer with consistent results when the ball is struck high or low.

Whether the ball is toward the heel or toe, this driver provides excellent distance. Also, this driver has a great feel and sound making it fun to listen when a ball is stuck well or ehhhh.

The Epic driver has excellent performance and feedback on off-center or solid strikes. Moreover, the off-center strikes fly farther and straight unlike other drives from different companies. It ranks among the best drivers because it doesn’t have any deficiencies really.

Callaway Company has really outdone themselves with this product in terms of effectiveness and functionality.

One other reason this driver would be one of your first choices is the sound it makes when striking the ball. And, you can achieve the low spin and high launch consistently on the golf course.

There is a Subzero version of this Callaway driver for golfers who are high ball spin generators. It has a taller and smaller profile than the Epic version. This is one way the Subzero helps golfers the ball in the air. 

To have a lower flight shot with the Subzero, just add the 12g and 2g screw fit.

The heavier weight is placed on the front for a lower flight and vice versa for a high flight shot. Keep in mind that it might take some time to get the lower spins right. Also, getting the consistency required will take some time to master.

Golfers are usually trying to compete on how far they can hit the golf ball.

With that being said, manufacturers tried to find the perfect balance that would cater to that need. This driver does this entirely without breaking the USGA rules. The USGA brought in regulations that would control how thin the face of a driver should be.

The USGA introduced the COR rule that minimized what professionals call the trampoline effect. Callaway driver has passed the requirements and standards set by the USGA.

You can play it with the knowledge that it is legal to use despite being so high-tech. This driver is easy to play with thanks to the research and development put into the product.

Additionally, the Epic transfers energy from the ball to the clubface efficiently. As we mentioned earlier, you also get to generate enough ball speed with this driver. The fact that this driver does so much without breaking the rules makes the jailbreak technology name a fantastic idea.

Best Shafts to Use

This best in class driver can be played with a variety of shafts other than the stock shaft. Here are a few.

  • Project X HZRDUS Black Smoke 60
  • Project X EvenFlow Green 45
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 60
  • Project X EvenFlow Green 55
  • Project X HZRDUS Black Smoke 70

The project x hzrdus shaft is our preferred shaft for a 105 – 112 mph swing speed.

On a side note, you might find several different lofts available – 9.0, 10.5, 12.5, and 13.5 – are the most commonly used. Loft is also adjustable as well as adjustable perimeter weighting.


This driver is probably the best piece of golf club technology amateur golfers can get in the market right now. The Callaway driver trade in value is typically around $150 to $175, but the features it holds are worth every penny. 

Newer versions of this driver, depending on where you purchase it, can be around $350 to $500+.

Before purchasing this golf club, it is import to consider whether it will suit your gaming needs. However, this driver fits into any golfing plan you may have thanks to its versatility.

For you lefties out there, here is a good deal on the Callaway Driver on Amazon.

We know how tricky it is to openly trust a new product in the market. But after carefully reviewing this wonderful product, we can assure you that it is worth investing in. With this driver, your golfing experience will never be the same again. Also, it consists of the best materials to provide efficiency to your game.

One other significant factor is the minimum weight you’ll be carrying around the golf course. The rods of the Epic have carbon fiber materials meaning they won’t weigh you down. You can quickly move around and still have the energy to take your shots well.  Furthermore, you will not be susceptible to muscle injuries from having too much weight.

Also, when put to the test against other high-tech drivers, the Callaway driver performed exceptionally well. However, we always recommend trying out the product before you purchase it. You might get the desired result or minimal improvement in your game. But all things considered, this is a product that won’t disappoint you.


The Callaway Driver gives

  • An average of 1.7mph of extra ball speed.
  • Extra ball speed results in the additional distance.
  • When we compared the Callaway driver to the Callaway Subzero driver, the design looked similar, but there were some differences. The Epic had better adjustability to that of the Subzero. Additionally, the Subzero offered a better center of gravity than it’s counterpart by four and a half millimeters. The subzero is not suitable for beginners or amateurs, unlike the Callaway Driver.
  • The Epic driver beats the Subzero on off-center hits, and it offers more stability.
  • Subzero’s interchangeable weights have a minimal effect

Keep in mind that the weights are there to help you with your swing. You don’t have to switch clubs to get perfect weight. Switch their positions and use them at a spot where you feel comfortable. The weights could be the game-changer you need.

Final Thoughts on Callaway Driver

If you already have a low spin rate on your drives, then go for the Callaway driver –

This driver will help you with your shots if they are anything but straight. The epic`s sliding perimeter weight effectively reduces the spin. Moreover, it keeps your shots on a straight path and well on their way. We also realized that the Callaway’s forgiveness comes from the exo-cage body structure. The body structure is combined with the carbon crown. 

This type of driver is an excellent club, but be sure to confirm its limits. Some players have found issues with the adjustability, but it is a minor problem. The distance and speed this driver offers is a must-have for any golf lover. Throughout the testing period, the Callaway driver exceeded our expectations.

The gap between the Callaway Company and its competitors always remains minimal due to high competition. Always coming up with innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition, they have a new driver in the market. The Callaway Company still produces some of the best drivers, and this driver is among them. 

It is essential to care for the drivers as instructed by the manufacturers. Read the instructions that come with the product for further assistance and better understanding of how it works. To get to know this product better and take full advantage of the features you can research more on the internet.  

Advice on Buying the Callaway Driver!

Nothing should stop you from getting your hands on this beauty. This golf club is that nudge you need to take your game to the next level. Plus, the features that the Epic will make you a better golfer with the proper swing. By using this product, you will get to enjoy your game time even more while also improving on your point’s total.