Awesome 6 Golf Swing Analyzers – Top Reviews, 2020 Edition

Golf swing analyzers 

Golf swing analysis and shot-tracking have made some of the most significant steps in golf technology in recent years, specifically with golf swing analyzers.




Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

FlightScope Mevo

GAME GOLF Live Tracking System

Voice Caddie SC 200

Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Simulator and Swing Analyzer

Due to their high prices, other companies have ventured into the business to try and offer lower-cost options for golfers.

It used to be that golfers had to study the swing and information put out by greats like Ben Hogan, but they couldn’t see their own swing.

Today it’s still a good idea to review information from famous golfers, but golf swing analyzers help you optimize your own swing and golf game. You also may want to get instruction from a PGA Professional Golf Instructor.

We have taken a look at some of the analyzers on offer in the market to help you get one that suits you.


FlightScope Mevo 

The FlightSope Mevo has become a popular option for people who can’t afford the high-end analyzers. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its small size. Furthermore, it is easy to carry, and it has excellent features that are on expensive golf swing analyzers. Besides, the FlightScope Mevo has performed incredibly well when put up against high-end analyzers.

The FlightScope Mevo comes in a small compact size but has vast capabilities. Moreover, it will accurately help you learn more about your swing and flight. You can use it outdoors on the driving range or indoors by hitting into a net. The manufacturers’ carefully crafted it to work correctly in either setting.


A lot of people were excited over how many things you can measure with the FlightScope Mevo. You can use this analyzer to measure clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, carry distance, vertical launch angle, spin rate, flight time, and apex height. Furthermore, there is an app that records data for each session plus swing video analysis.

To measure ball flight, the FlightScope Mevo uses radar technology. By using radar technology, the Mevo needs space to record while the ball travels. Sadly, not everyone has large indoor spaces to get accurate readings from the Mevo FlightScope. However, you need to keep in mind that it will need some time getting used to the Mevo`s settings.

Additionally, the manufacturers recommend using a metallic sticker on your ball for accurate spin rate measures. This technique is perfect for indoor usage as it allows you to use the same golf ball. Camera technology using launch monitors works excellently for indoors use as they measure the ball on impact. Additionally, the Mevo is accurate when measuring carry distance.

Indoor and Outdoor

The FlightScope Mevo is very sensitive when it comes to placement and app configuration, whether indoors or outdoors. When configuring the app, you have to select the Mevo indoors option. Moreover, you have to set how far the gadget is behind the ball and the club at hand on the particular shot. Without entering the right configurations, the FlightScope Mevo will miss your shot.

Outdoors the Mevo performs well and is more receptive to picking up shots. It gives pretty good data that is within a reasonable range. Additionally, it did well when compared to other golf swing analyzers.

Final Thoughts

You can save a lot of money choosing the FlightScope Mevo if you have a tight budget. The readings are accurate enough, but remember to set the configurations correctly. Furthermore, this is the perfect gadget for tech-savvy golfers.


Game Golf Live

The Game Golf Live provides the user with small sensors to attach at the end of your grip. The sensors are small and will not affect your swing or grasp of the club at all. Moreover, it is an excellent tool for any golfer to have, plus it is budget-friendly. Furthermore, it also gives accurate readings, and its small size won’t get in your way.

Ease of Use

Before making a stroke, you attach a small cube to your belt and tap the sensor to the cube to activate. With this analyzer, you have to tell it each time you want to take a stroke. After syncing the cube and sensor, the device will vibrate and beep to notify you that it has registered the stroke. Furthermore, it allows you about one minute to hit your shot so that it registers on the app.

The vibrations alert the user by letting him know the shot is registered. The best part of using the Game Golf Live is that it never misses a stroke. However, the setup of the Game Golf Live makes it easy to forget when to press the sensor. You have to put it in your pre-shot routine so that you don’t forget.

Final Thoughts

These golf swing analyzers are handy and gives incredible feedback. It will help you know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Additionally, the information it provides you with will make it easy for you to understand which areas to improve. By practicing on your weaknesses and playing to your strengths, you will be a better golfer. Also, you can use the Game Golf Live as a GPS on the golf course to get yardages.


Voice Caddie SC200

This is the best budget buy that a starting golfer can look to. The Voice Caddie SC200 is the perfect go-to gadget that will help improve your game. It is a simple, compact machine that is user-friendly and effective. Additionally, any first time user will be able to set it up and use it with minimal difficulties.


This device is about the size of a smartphone, and it is quick and easy to set up.  A small cradle is also available to help you set it up correctly on the driving range. Furthermore, the Voice Caddie has a remote control that is also user-friendly. This company`s goal is to give its customers an easy time with their gadgets.

The remote should be handled with care and stored safely since they are not easy to replace. Additionally, the Voice Caddie Sc200 is used to measure swing speed, ball speed, carry distance, and smash factor. It gives accurate readings, but it’s limited in some ways, like not providing launch angles. Additionally, you will have to reset this device often because it tends to freeze up a lot.


The Voice Caddie SC200 is a great gadget that is perfect for beginners and handicappers. It comes at a reasonable price, but sadly it has some issues that you will have to workaround. Apart from freezing up, it may also count your practice swings as actual swings. However, it has a voice programmed in it to call out your carry distance, making it a fun gadget.


Zepp Golf 2 3D

A tech-savvy golfer will highly appreciate the Zepp Golf 2 for its stylish look and advanced features. Furthermore, it has impressive visuals, and it is very modern. Additionally, the Zepp Golf 2 gives real-time feedback, but it can function while offline and the data downloaded later.

Data Recording

This gadget uses an intelligent sensor design that clips to your glove. Also, it is lightweight and won’t interrupt your swing. Plus, these golf swing analyzers display the data in a 360-degree visual display environment. Moreover, the Zepp can synchronize into your smartphone for real-time feedback.

If you don’t own a smartphone, you can connect it with specific gadgets and download the information later. Because the sensor is hooked to your glove, the clubhead speeds will be data estimates based on club length. To avoid incorrect information, you have to input the measures of your club manually. Moreover, you will have to enter the measurements of each club you are using on the driving range.

The visuals of the Zepp Golf 2 are out of this world. The data appears futuristic, with swing paths and planes also looking fantastic. The full visual view will show you exactly where your swing starts to go off track. Additionally, the Zepp offers suggestions to correct where the problem occurs. You can improve your tempo and plane by following the instructions.


The Zepp Golf 2 is a game-changer in terms of how information should be relayed to the user. The Zepp Company put a lot of effort into the visual display of this gadget, and it has paid off well. Despite being great golf swing analyzers, there are a few aspects of the device that they should have improved. Sadly, Zepp Golf 2 is more style than substance and compared to other analyzers, and the swing speed was off by 20%.


Rapsodo R-Motion 

The Rapsodo R-motion golf swing analyzer is meant for indoor use mostly. It requires a room with a high ceiling for you to get the desired results. Furthermore, you will need an impact absorber, which is sold separately to catch the balls after you hit them. Also, a hitting mat is required for you to have a complete setup of this product.


The installation of the Rapsodo R-motion requires different parts that include a hitting mat and catching net. Additionally, the perfect installation would involve a projector hooked to your computer so that you may get to watch your shots. Moreover, if you have the space to hold up the setup, this simulator is unbeatable.

After setting up the gadget, you will be able to access 15 courses that are pre-loaded into the machine. Also, you can pay for additional courses. The company will grant you more than two hundred courses to practice on. A smartphone or tablet can be integrated into the Rapsodo to run a decent driving range, but you can run it on a computer to turn it into a simulator.


The Rapsodo R-motion is suitable for golfers who live in unpredictable climates. When setting up indoors, you won’t feel the need to step out on a golf course. It is cost effective because you won’t have to pay to use it in establishments that have the setup. Also, you won’t have to battle the weather elements on a bad weather day to play golf.

You can track your launch angle, smash factor, and swing speed with this device. Also, you don’t need a monitor to run the simulator, just run it on your pc or smartphone. Plus, the sensors are designed to not interfere with your swing. The golf course simulation is perfect, and you’ll feel like you are on a real golf course. Keep in mind that the readings can be inaccurate because of inconsistency issues.


Arccos Caddie

The Arccos Caddie is the perfect gadget that gives a beginning golfer the stats needed to improve on the course. Also, the Arccos 360 tracking system is almost flawless by providing the right information in every session. Furthermore, it has 14 tiny trackers that screw into the end of each club. The data recorded is reported to your phone via Bluetooth.

Additionally, this golf analyzer records the shots via a GPS overview of the golf course you are using. The Arccos Caddie golf swing analyzer also doubles up as a course management coach. Also, you need to work on your iron play if you hit 18 greens but are 100 feet from the hole each time. With this gadget, you will accurately know which segment of the game you thrive or suffer on during an active round.

Powerful Sensors

When you have all the 14 sensors screwed incorrectly, open up the application on your phone and pair them one-by-one. And, when you step on the golf course, it will automatically know which course you are on and download the map. Your mobile phone must be with you at all times so that it may record all your shots.

The sensors can detect whether you are taking a practice swing or taking a shot. It will not record two-strokes made on the same spot. If the gadget failed to record a shot, you could quickly retake it later. This issue happens mostly when tapping in a short putt or if a putt was granted to you.

Final Thoughts

Sadly, when you are using a putter with a counterweight screwing the sensor becomes difficult with these golf swing analyzers. And, without the sensor, the app won’t know when you have moved to a different hole. It is annoying trying to add the putts in every hole. Additionally, the batteries of this device will last for 1-2 years, and you can’t change them.


Many golf swing analyzers to choose from – choose one!

Instead of going out to hire a golf trainer for insane amounts, get yourself one of these golf swing analyzers. It is the perfect investment, and whenever you have free time, you take it out and use it. Consider the interface of the gadget you desire before buying one. You will also get to improve your game faster by pinpointing exactly where the problem is.

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