Men’s Golf Apparel

Golf has become a popular sport among men of all ages so men’s golf apparel has had to adjust to all the different styles out there today. With this growth, men are continuously looking for the best golf clothes wear on the course.

Men's Golf Apparel

Style is important, especially when you’re comfortable in the golf apparel, since it boosts your confidence, and in turn, you’re likely to improve your performance. 

Before indulging in the best men’s golf apparel, it’s worth highlighting some of the golf styles that you could observe.

Golf Clothes Styles to Observe

  • Keep it simple. Even if bright colors are your thing, you should ensure that you have a combination that isn’t too annoying to the people in the course. Blue and navy tones work well. If you want to add splashy colors such as orange, yellow, red or green, you could consider black or navy base trousers.
  • Block with classic colors. Having white with grey, black, tan or navy looks good on the golfer. Avoid a combination of primary colors with neons or pastels, it can be very annoying.
  • You may consider following the leaderboard. If you are not quite sure of what to wear in a golf course, you may look out for the style of the guy who is doing the best in the course. Moreover, the golf cloth you have chosen to wear should be something that you could be comfortable to wear when on a weekend out with your friends.
  • Invest in weatherproof clothing. You don’t have to play golf only when it’s sunny, you may consider buying weatherproof golf clothes, that is, they can either be waterproof, rainproof, windproof or both. This way, the change in weather is not likely to affect your performance.

Best Men’s Golf Apparel 

  • Under Armour Men’s Tech

This men’s golf shirt is made using the Under Armour Tech fabric that feels natural on the skin and dries up quickly. The anti-odor technology allows the sweat to evaporate easily ensuring that you are fresh throughout the course.  The shirt is completely made from 100% Polyester. This makes it lightweight and soft on the skin. It has a ¼ zip closure to give the right fit for you. The breathability and comfort this shirt ensure that you’re focused throughout the game.

  • Under Armour Men’s playoff polo

This is a slim fitting, less loose and highly functional shirt. It’s preferred more by the men who don’t prefer the old school polo shirt. This shirt can be worn casually when not in the golf course. Having being made from 88% Polyester and 12% Elastane, this shirt is lightweight and feels soft on the skin. You get the freedom of movement when on it due to the 4-way stretch fabric construction. The moisture utilizes moisture-wicking technology to ensure that you’re cool and dry throughout the course. Odor-causing microbes can’t form on this shirt due to its anti-odor technology. The skin is well protected from the harmful sun rays due to the flexible UPF material. 

  • Nike Men’s Dry Victory Stripe Polo

Nike is well known for the production of a variety of sporting items. Their high-quality products are what have led to an increase in popularity. This golf shirt from Nike is completely made from Polyester making it lightweight and soft. It utilizes Dri-Fit technology that ensures that you’re dry and comfortable throughout the golf course. You can easily adjust to your perfect fit due to the 3-button placket. Its comfort is maintained more by the fact that it’s available in a standard fit that keeps you relaxed.

  • Nike Golf Closeout Men’s Victory Long-sleeved Polo

This golf shirt is a new addition from the collection made in 2016. It’s usually lightweight to provide the comfort that is needed in the course. As it is in many Nike products, this shirt has Dri-Fit technology to provide a cool environment even in hot weather. The 3-button placket ensures that you have a perfect fit for you. Due to its long-sleeved design, the arms are well protected. 

  • Under Armour Men’s Storm Softshell jacket

This jacket is both waterproof and windproof. The Under Armor technology ensures that breathability is well maintained even as every drop of water is being repelled. It’s made from 100% Polyester and utilizes infrared technology that absorbs and retains your body heat to keep you warm even in cold weather. The fact that its weatherproof, it can be comfortably worn during any weather conditions. It’s bonded with a three-layer softer shell material to give you a comfortable stretch when making your swing. Moreover, it has secure-zip pockets that can be used to store your small golf accessories for easy access. It also has a chest media pocket for more reliability. 

  • Nike Men’s Tech Essential Web Belt

This belt is made from 100% cotton and is multifunctional. Since it’s made of fabric, it’s easier to wash when it gets any dirt. Moreover, the belt’s buckle can be used as a bottle opener, which could be efficient when you need to take a cold drink in the hot weather. The closure is adjustable to ensure that you get your secure and comfortable fit. One size of the belt mostly fits up to size 42.

  • Adidas Golf Men’s Ultimate Regular Fit Pants

These pants are made from a combination of Polyester and Elastane. This ensures that the golfer is comfortable throughout the golf course. The waistband is stretchy to give you a secure fit and enhance your mobility. It has the moisture-wicking technique to keep you cool and dry as you play and provides more comfort. It has a silicone Adidas printed gripper tape that keeps the shirt in place, thus eliminates any distraction. Its finish is water-resistant to provide you with more comfort. 

  • Under Armour Men’s Performance

This shirt is made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. To enhance unrestricted motion, the shirt has a four-way stretch construction. It also has the moisture-wicking technique to dry the sweat on the shirt easily and keep you cool throughout. It has a windproof construction that ensures comfort even in the strong wind. Its durability is also an aspect that could convince you to consider this shirt. Under Armor utilizes an Anti-odor technology keeping you safe from microbes that form as a result of this odor. Furthermore, your skin is protected from the harmful sun rays due to the UPF 30.

  • Callaway Men’s Long Sleeve Full-Zip Wind Jacket

This men’s golf jacket is made from 100% Polyester. This ensures that it’s soft to the skin and light in weight. It has two front pockets that you can use to securely store your small golf accessories as well as any small valuable that you carried to the golf course. Its fabric has an Opti-repel fabric that provides a barrier between the moisture on the outside and the interior of the jacket. Interestingly, this jacket is multifunctional such that you can wear it casually during the cold weather. There is also a Velcro closure on the cuff of the sleeve, it’s adjustable to give you a secure fit. On the right sleeve, there is a reflective Callaway logo heat seal that can increase your visibility during cloudy days. 

  • Nike Men’s Flat Front Golf Pants

These golf shorts are made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. To enable you to move freely, Nike provides these pants in a standard fit to keep you relaxed. It uses the Dri-Fit technology for more comfort by providing a cool and dry environment on the inside. The pant has a notched hem that easily fits over the shoes. The fly is zippered and has a button closure to give a perfect and secure fit. Moreover, it has front and back pockets that can securely store your small accessories. Interestingly, you can easily make your movements when on these pants as its fabric is soft and stretchy. 

There are a variety of Men’s golf apparel brands that you can choose from, this ensures that you have chosen one that really captures your interests and needs. It can be difficult to make a choice, but with the guidelines provided for selecting the best style and a highlight of the best men’s golf clothing, then you can easily make your selection. Always ensure that the golf attire that you have chosen will provide you with the comfort and confidence needed in the course.

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