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Golf Apparel

Evaluate Golf Apparel Brands for Women and Men

The golf apparel products you search for, and choose and how you feel about what you are wearing can have an impact on your confidence and the game you play. Top brands know the high-quality products golfers want when they shop.

Golf Clothing

Choosing golf clothing for better performance, comfort, and style is something players new to golf don’t really think about. Confidence goes a long way to playing a better game as a new golfer.


What Are the Best Golf Apparel to Wear as A Beginner?

As a beginner, to avoid any embarrassment at a golf course and to be a successful golf player, this guide will assist you to select the top brands and products. Like your very own customer service for top brands or a menu while you search for new brands.

They include the following;

Slacks or shorts

You may choose the two depending on what you prefer the most. Nevertheless, the two should have belt loops. The shorts shouldn’t be drawstring. You should also be keen on the colors of the shorts or slacks.

There is nothing in the rules of golf etiquette saying you have to wear shorts OR slacks while playing golf. Just don’t wear jeans. Lol!

Golf Shorts

Polo shirt with a collar

Depending on your preference, you may choose either long-sleeved or a short-sleeved polo shirt. Be keen on the type of climate as you choose the material of the shirt as it will affect how comfortable you will be on the golf course. In more humid and warm areas, cotton can be appropriate while synthetic would be appropriate in hot areas. Avoid jerseys and T-shirts, there should not be foul language or any form of advertising in massive letters at the front or back.

Have a pair of socks and golf belt

As indicated above the shorts or slacks that you select should have belt loops, you will, therefore, need a belt. It should, however, be less formal and a bit stretchy. Select white socks that when worn, they will get up to your ankles.

Golf Shoes – Golf Apparel

There are three kinds of golf shoes.

  • Steel spikes– these type of golf shoes are worn by the golf pros, and most standard courses don’t allow amateurs to wear them. In fact, professional golfers don’t wear them any longer.
  • Soft spikes– This is the most popular type of golf shoes; the steel spikes are replaced with rubber and plastic ones.
  • Spikeless- this type is preferred by the golf players who get stud pressure when they are on spiked golf shoes. There are a lot of small rubber studs at the sole of the shoes

A review of best golf shoes for beginners.

It’s ok to not skimp on price for golf shoes product because when you take care of your feet, you’ll be more refreshed.

A Cap

You can select a hat or a cap, depending on your preference of products when you shop. This will prevent you from getting burnt when it gets too hot. There are different types of hats that you can choose from, they include;

  • Visors- they’re preferred by those who don’t want to get ‘hat hair’. This is however not so popular in golf courses and isn’t preferable for people with bald heads.
  • Baseball caps- this is the most popular type of caps in golf courses.
  • Cowboy hats- this can also be won but it’s also less common.

It’s advisable to avoid backward caps and remove the caps while in the bar or clubhouse.

More on Golf Hats

Golf Gloves – Golf Apparel

Golf gloves are not a must but they may become necessary as you play along. They should, however, be of the right size for best performance and brand in the game. It’s very important to have in mind that left-handed golfers wear gloves on the right hand and those who use the right-hand golfers wear them on the left.

A lot of beginners don’t realize this, but wearing gloves on both hands is a common mistake. As someone who’s been through this, I’d recommend you don’t do this to avoid any embarrassment. When it comes to golf apparel for men, specifically gloves, you can actually find a pair that’s both affordable and durable.

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing golf gloves, but just focus on these two points for now. As you become more familiar with golf playing, you’ll gradually learn more about the various aspects of golf apparel for men and make the best choices to suit your needs.

Tips for Buying Golf Apparel


As you shop, you may select functional golf clothing product but miss out on sense, which can affect your overall appearance. Having stylish golf apparel can affect your self-esteem which directly affects your performance. Therefore, as you consider comfort pay close attention to performance.

Sweat management

This is a very important aspect to observe. Sweat is inevitable as you play along, therefore a golf cloth that can manage the sweat is very crucial for a comfortable environment throughout the course. Your body should be dry for good performance in the golf course, you may consider gear with the ‘wicking’ property.


Polyester, nylon, spandex, mercerized cotton, lycra or a combination of these fabrics can work well for your golf gear. This is because the fabrics have a comfortable stretch, making it easy to swing in the right position.

UV protection

It becomes irritating when the sun is too hot and can easily penetrate through the skin, especially when you have won the wrong apparel. it’s, therefore, crucial to have a garment that can protect you from UV rays.


For maximum comfort ensure that your product has adequate airflow. This may come at a price, but this will allow air on the inside and keep off too much heat that can be uncomfortable hence affect your performance.


This should be observed by individuals playing in areas experiencing frequent rains which can affect their performance. Due to different climates experienced in different regions, it’s important to choose the best rain gear product that suits the weather of your region.

Golf Apparel Categories

Golf Shirts – Golf Apparel

Suitable golfer shirts should be one that is a combination of regular fit, a performance fit, and standard fit – at the best price. These shirts are relaxed to give the body a smooth swing. They have lower and larger armholes; they are more prolonged than slim fit shirts and the sleeves are baggy. Moreover, the body of the shirt is a bit wider to the waist.

Nevertheless, some prefer slim and tailored fit shirts. These shirts have smaller armholes, the waist width is slimmer and the sleeves are tighter than the regular fit shirts. Common materials for shirts are cotton, polyester or a combination of the two

Golf Pants – Golf Apparel

When you shop, you will learn the most common thing that is well known about golf pants is the presence of belt loops which every golf pant should have. They should, however, be stitched in to place around the waistline. Some golf pants have band made of silicone to ensure the shirt is tucked into place throughout. Other golf pants have 6 pockets to assist in holding the scorecard and tee’s gloves. Golf pants are also available in slim fit; regular and slim fit options.

The regular and slim fit have a wider crotch and a wide leg. Moreover, the cuffs are also bigger compared to the slim fit type.  On the other hand, slim fit trousers have slimmer crotch, a narrow cuff, and a narrow leg.

Men’s Golf Pants

Golf Vest – Golf Apparel

When I look for golf vests as part of my golf apparel & equipment, I prefer those made from polyester, cotton, or a blend of the two. What I find essential is the inclusion of moisture-wicking and management technology. This tech lets moisture evaporate from the fabric surface, making it a key feature in my book.

Another aspect I value in my golf vests is breathability. It’s crucial that the vest can allow moist vapor to pass through its pores. From my personal experience, this ensures comfort when I’m engaging in all the golf-related activities. After all, comfort is vital when you’re out on the green.

Golf Jackets – Golf Apparel

In my experience, a golf jacket is an essential piece of golf apparel for men for any golf course. The ideal jacket, in my opinion, is comfortable, stylish, and designed to accommodate easy swinging motions.

I can’t stress enough the importance of a lightweight golf jacket. Moreover, it’s crucial that it is windproof, waterproof, and rainproof. I also find other features like pockets, cuffs, inside lining, and adjustable hoods incredibly practical. After all, what’s better than a jacket tailored to your comfort while you enjoy the beautiful game of golf?

Golf Shorts – Golf Apparel

Let me tell you, nothing beats a good pair of golf shorts in your golf apparel & equipment collection, especially when you’re out on a warm day. They greatly minimize the heat your body absorbs. What I find really practical in golf shorts are pockets. They’re perfect for stashing small golf essentials like tees, scorecards, and golf balls. Just ensure these pockets are deep enough to hold these items securely.

For me, movement is key in the game of golf, so the shorts you wear should provide easy motion for ample swings. Based on my experience, a pair of shorts that don’t allow stretch movement can be a hindrance, even potentially affecting your overall performance. Hence, make sure your choice in golf shorts gives you the freedom you need on the course.

Golf Hats – Golf Apparel

In my golfing experience, golf hats have always been a vital part of my golf apparel for men. They not only shield against the sun, but they also add a dash of style, complementing my overall look. Some of the hats I’ve worn come with moisture-wicking fabric, which I’ve found exceedingly helpful for keeping sweat at bay, resulting in greater comfort.

Some of the designs are a one-size-fits-all deal, but others come with adjustable straps, offering a more personalized fit. For me, having the right golf hat is just as meaningful as having the perfect swing in a game of golf.

Golf Rain Gear – Golf Apparel

Based on my experience, having practical golf apparel & equipment designed for rainy conditions is non-negotiable. The pieces of attire you choose should specifically be waterproof, windproof, and rainproof.

Why so? Well, a waterproof garment ensures no water or moisture seeps in and dampens your clothing underneath. This allows you to maintain comfort even under heavy rainfall. The windproof aspect shields you from the harsh, cold breeze that often accompanies rainy weather, maintaining your body’s warmth. Remember, the chill can affect your swing and overall performance.

  • Waterproof

A waterproof gear ensures that even during heavy rainfall, you’re completely dry underneath. Most waterproof gears are made of Goretex material that is very effective for this purpose. The gear has a porous membrane that eliminates water, but large to allow air to circulate. Buying a waterproof gear should provide you with a three- year waterproof guarantee.

  • Windproof

A windproof gear protects you from wind. They use a technology that prevents wind but still breathable. It’s appropriate in windy areas and are rarely waterproof. Nevertheless, some are treated with Teflon to make them a bit water-resistant.

  • Rainproof

This gear takes the qualities of a waterproof gear but are usually more lightweight and less expensive than waterproof ones. It’s appropriate in short showers but less effective in longer showers. For better rain proof gear you will pay a higher price, but that’s ok, it’ll be worth it to stay dry.

Golf Apparel for Men

Having the above in mind, to be stylish and appropriately dressed in the golf course you could consider the following best-golfing clothes for men

Golf Apparel for Men

Golf Apparel for Women

To be stylish and appropriately dressed in the golf course you could consider the following best-golfing apparel for women including golf tops, golf shirts.

Women’s Golf Apparel

You can make the most out of your money once you keep the above guidelines in mind. You will avoid disappointments and purchase what’s best or preferred in a golf course.

Once you have selected the style of your golf apparel, you can get your golf clubs.

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