Review of Top Golf Shirts for Men – 2020 Edition

If you are looking for a review of top golf shirts for men, you’ve come to the right place. This post is a review of 10 golf shirts for men that could be a good fit for you throughout various seasons – take a look! 

Before you get started here you may want to take a peak at Everything You Need to Know About Men’s Golf Shirts. This can serve as a buying guide for you before you make a purchase. There is a lot to consider.

A lot of golf shirt companies have ventured into the business, and we know how hectic it can be settling on a brand and fit. We have selected the best brands to review to make it easier for you.

Three Sixty-Six Golf Shirts for Men

Looking for a golf shirt that offers excellent mobility? Then the three sixty-six golf shirt is everything you need. You can move in any direction, and you can also use it for different sports.

The manufacturers are confident in this product that they offer full refunds if you are not satisfied.

Design and fabric 

The technology used in making this golf shirt is exquisite. These golf shirts have a loose performance fit, thanks to the 4-way stretch fabric.

Furthermore, you can use this product for casual wear thanks to its stylish outlook. Moisture-wicking fabric technology allows the Three-sixty to move sweat away from your body. The sweat runs to the dry areas of the shirt, leaving you dry and comfortable.


Also, the fabric absorbs and evaporates the sweat faster to ensure that you are fresh and dry. The fabric of this shirt feels soft to the skin, and it is highly breathable.

This product also has Anti-odor technology to keep bacteria from forming. Moreover, it keeps body odor under control as you enjoy your day on the golf course. With this golf shirt, you get to look good and feel good as you golf all day.

Fashionable individuals will enjoy what this product has to offer. It will make you look good while also allowing you to smell good on hot sunny days.

There are a lot of colors to choose from, and you can also play tennis with this golf shirt. The moisture-wicking technology and anti-odor technology work well to keep you comfortable all day.


Fresca Dry Fit Long Sleeve UPF 50+ Golf Shirts for Men

If you want a golf shirt that will cover your arms, then we have the Dry-Fit long sleeve for you. While most people prefer short sleeves for sunny days, this is a great option. Despite it being a full covering shirt, it is lightweight and comes in a variety of colors.

Fit and fabric

This golf shirt consists of a mid-weight tech fabric. Furthermore, the material is a 4-way stretch fabric that can stretch in different directions.

You can move without any restrictions on the golf course while also being comfortable. Additionally, the material is quick-drying and highly breathable with excellent moisture wicking abilities.

The UPF 50+ technology keeps you protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. And, the double layer collar is firm and won’t lose shape after washing. Also, the plackets have hidden buttons, and the cuffs are stretchy for a comfortable fit.


The hems can be lifted during sporting activities thanks to their stretchy nature. Individuals who want a loose-fitting athletic golf shirt can settle on this product.

The loose-fitting aspect of this golf shirt means you have to be careful with the sizing. Read the sizing chart before you make an order or try the golf shirt on before purchasing. If you have sensitive skin, you can protect yourself with the UPF 50 technology. Use this golf shirt to stay cool and dry on the golf course.


Craft Zipped Dry Fit Golf Shirts for Men

This product is not your ordinary golf shirt. The design is tweaked to be unique from other brands and to make you stand out when you put one on. Keep calm in the heat as you enjoy a round of golf. Craft has been making functional wear for centuries, and with every product, they make perfect sportswear.

Design and features

The neck of this polo shirt features a zip, as indicated in the name. It is a bold modern style that breaks away from traditional polo designs. Also, it is versatile and can work on most occasions with its classic sporty look. Quick Dry Technology is infused with 100% polyester to absorb and dry moisture.

Plus, they are lightweight, airy, and cool to allow you to stay fresh on the course. The sleeve has the Craft logo embroidered on. And, with the excellent moisture control feature, you don’t have to worry about sweat stains.


This golf shirt gives you a chance to be different. It is unique to regular polo shirts, and the moisture features will save you from embarrassing sweaty moments.

The different colors and sizes will give excellent wardrobe choices. Take advantage of the low price and innovative solutions put into this product.


CC Perfect Slim Fit Golf Shirts for Men

Beginners looking for a budget-friendly well-constructed golf shirt can start with this brand. The design is slim-fitting, plus there are a lot of color variations to choose. Comfortably Collard Company prides itself on producing products that provide maximum comfort. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and clean.

Wrinkle resistance and fit 

The fabric CC Perfect Slim consists of doesn’t require ironing to remove wrinkles. Just grab the golf shirt and put it on as you leave the house.

Well-built individuals will look great in this slim-fitting polo, and it features a natural V shape around the neck. The form removes extra fabric around the waist to make it suitable for tucking in.

Moreover, the fabric blend has excellent stretch, durability, and softness for comfort. Furthermore, the fabric retains its shape hence maintaining its slim fit feature.

Comfortably Collard Company has custom formulated spandex with cotton polyester to get that perfect slim fit polo shirt. Moreover, the cotton and spandex formulae also provide the excellent moisture wicking capability of this golf shirt.


Tired of your golf shirts losing shape after washing them a few times? The CC Perfect slim fit does not loose shape and also does not shrink.

You get a very functional product in this polo shirt. The anti-wrinkle fabric even won’t embarrass you whenever you sit down. This shirt is a smart choice for individuals who are always on the go.


Under Armour Performance Golf Shirts for Men

Under Armour is a name that every golf player knows by heart. They always come up with quality products, just like the Performance golf shirt.

Like most of their products, this golf shirt ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the golfer’s needs.

Material quality and design

This product consists of anti-pick and anti-pill fabric, which is sturdy and durable. The fabric composition is 95% polyester and 5% elastane, which gives this golf shirt its longevity. You can enjoy long hours on the golf course with this shirt, thanks to the snag-free finish.

Also, Under Armour have used their signature Anti-odor technology on this product preventing the growth of odor-causing microbes. Bacteria won’t be a problem on this golf shirt, and you don’t have to worry about sweat. The performance polo shirt won’t have any odor even after a long day in the sun.

With the high-quality material put into this golf shirt, it is worth every penny. The snag-free finish ensures a better fabric, plus it is very stylish.


Under Armor provides a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from.

Furthermore, thanks to UPF 30+, this polo shirt will protect you from harmful UV rays.


Nike Victory Golf Shirts for Men

You can never go astray with Nike products. They put in so much research and quality material into their brand, making it worth the investment.

Material and fit

This golf shirt fits true to size, but we still recommend testing the product before purchase. Also, it features Nike’s Dri-fit technology that allows the shirt to dry quickly on hot days. The material is also a soft knit fabric that offers comfort.

Besides, the waist and arm areas are not tight to add to this golf shirt’s comfortability. Also, the collar area of this shirt is ribbed, preventing it from curling. Plus, the placket has three buttons to allow you to adjust it. Polyester is the primary material of this shirt, assuring you of durability and breathability.


Nike will always be among the first name on people’s mouths when it comes to quality. Match your pants with a variety of colors available and stay comfortable on the course.

The Dri-fit technology has been one of Nike’s most excellent success story. You won’t be walking around with damp clothes all afternoon thanks to its moisture-wicking abilities.


Augusta Sportswear Premier Golf Shirts for Men

Sometimes all we need is functionality over style, but this shirt offers both. It is fashionable but not too flashy. And, it consists of durable material, meaning it will last for a long time.

Comfort and fabric

The 4-stretch material this shirt contains offers incredible support because it doesn’t restrict mobility. And, the material composition is polyester mixed with spandex mesh which has a lot of benefits.

The fabric blends allow a lengthwise and crosswise stretch. With this golf shirt, you can easily make your swings with ease.

A set-in sleeve provides this polo shirt with a tailored and clean look. Furthermore, this product has a professional look, so it may not be suitable for casual occasions.

Additionally, the Augusta Sportswear is user-oriented, and it has a smooth box-stitched placket and cross-stitched buttons.

Minimalist athletes will love the simplicity this golf shirt offers. It’s breathable and has moisture-wicking capabilities that will keep you dry throughout the day.

If you are looking for a functional shirt at a reasonable price, then Augusta Company has you covered.


Under Armour Tech Golf Shirts for Men

Under Armour has again come with a product that will leave their competitors behind. Like most of their products, this shirt is comfortable and durable.

You can easily take it off after a round of golf. And, compared to other golf shirts of this category, the Tech lasts longer.

Material and features

This shirt consists of 100% polyester material, and it has excellent build. Polyester is a comfortable fabric, and Under Armour uses it in most of their activewear.

Also, the fabric of the Tech is textured but still offers excellent breathability. If you sweat a lot during the day, the moisture-wicking feature of the Tech will come in handy.

Also, the Tech is lightweight and soft to the skin, making it comfortable.

One of the most significant features Under Armour Tech has is Anti-odor technology. Odor-causing microbes don’t have a chance on this golf shirt.

Under Armour Company has never disappointed when it comes to activewear.  You can check the size chart if the store has one or try one on when you are the store.

Enjoy the breathability and lack of odor the Tech provides as you enjoy your game.


Hanes Cool DRI Performance Golf Shirts for Men

This golf shirt is the perfect shirt for a minimalist athlete. It cuts across the board thanks to its minimalistic design. Also, you can use it for different occasions thanks to its versatility.

The materials the manufacturers have put into this shirt are sturdy and durable.

Design and fabric

Like we mentioned before, this golf shirt features a simple design. It comes in a variety of colors so you can match it with your accessories. You can machine wash this shirt without any fear of damaging it. The material used in this shirt is 100% polyester.


You can protect your sensitive skin with this golf shirt, thanks to the presence of UPF 50+. Harmful UV rays won’t get to you with this product.

And, there’s a cool DRI technology feature to keep you cool and dry on your days on the course.

This product is durable and can easily be machine washed.

The Hanes Cool DRI performance doesn’t lose shape after washing, and it doesn’t shrink. Individuals who sweat profusely can take advantage of cool DRI technology. The three-button placket allows you to adjust the shirt to a comfortable level.


Under Armour Release Golf Shirts for Men

You might be wondering why we have featured numerous Under Armour products on our list. UA has always been at the forefront of quality golf wear available in the market.

The Under Armour Release is no exception. It is a well-built shirt that consists of durable and sturdy materials.

Design and stretch

This shirt contains four-way stretch construction to give you smooth movement around the course. Also, you can take swings easily, and it also features a quality collar design. Furthermore, the material used in the construction of this shirt is anti-pick.

Having a snag-free plan also improves the quality of this shirt.

The finish of this golf shirt is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. And, the material is also quality designed to be anti-pill.

Comfort is guaranteed, and it is possible by the moisture-wicking feature of this polo. Additionally, the anti-odor tech eliminates bacteria.

Be careful when ordering this golf shirt since it may come looser than expected. Handle this product with care because it may tear easily.

Professional golfers should opt for this brand due to its quick-drying capability. This shirt also comes in a variety of colors. Furthermore, this product is suitable for individuals looking for all-day comfort.


EAGEGOF Tech Performance Golf Shirts for Men

This polo shirt is EAGEGOF’s most advanced golf shirt. It’s fashioned to be customer-oriented, and it features modern technology.

This product is for golfers looking for a golf shirt that offers high quality and Performance.

Design and fit

This product comes in a variety of colors. However, not all the colors contain 100% polyester fabric. Some colors like the pink version, light blue, and the one with blue stripes have a combination of polyester and spandex fabric. Depending on your preference and use, you might want to check the fabric content.

The cuff and collar of this shirt are anti-cult and loose-fitting to enhance breathability and free movement. This feature allows you to endure the heat no matter what level it is.

The EAGEGOF polo shirt also can protect the wearer from harmful UV rays. The 35+ UPF, this polo shirt features, is responsible for blocking the harmful sun rays.

 What makes the EAGEGOF shirt unique to all golf shirts is the Coolpass technology feature. It allows 360 ventilation leading to maximum cooling during hot days.


Moreover, the fabric is quick-drying and will wick away every drop of sweat from your body. This shirt is versatile and can work as a casual shirt for the days you don’t feel like golfing.

You don’t have to worry about bacteria due to the anti-odor technology feature on this shirt. Also, you won’t experience body odor.

Moreover, there’s also a smooth anti-pilling fabric that comes with tagless labels, a cleaner, and a snag-free finish for maximizing comfort. This shirt has a loose fit to allow you to maximize on stretch and swing comfortably.

There is so much technology put into this golf shirt that it should be your number one option.

The manufacturers have put a lot of thought into this golf shirt to make sure all your needs are fully covered. Putting your money on this shirt will help improve your overall game.


Final Thoughts If You Are Looking for New Golf Shirts

There are a lot of options in the market that are stylish and functional. They are mostly like our everyday golf accessories, and they help us concentrate on our game.

Additionally, they keep you cool and dry, avoiding embarrassing situations like having sweat stains in public. Having the anti-odor feature on your golf shirt is also a great tool to have on your side.

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