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Best Golf Shoes, A Review for Beginners

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Golf Shoes Reviewed

Best golf shoes reviewed 


Picking out the best golf shoes can be a frustrating task. With so many brands to choose from it can be tedious and expensive before you settle on one.

Having to blow through pairs can be tiresome, and that is why we are here. We have picked the best shoes for you to decide which one suits your needs.

Types of Golf Shoes to Choose From

There are several types of golf shoes to choose from. You can wear different golf shoes for every season.

We have chosen a few golf shoes to review for you. Keep in mind there are a lot of shoe brands to wear. Other than your golf clubs, your golf shoes might be the most important piece of golf gear and accessories you will purchase.

We plan to cover other shoes in future posts.

Aspects of Golf Shoes to Think About Before You Buy

There are several aspects of golf shoes to consider. Make certain you take several swings while wearing the shoes you plan to purchase and think about the type of weather you will be playing in when wearing your new shoes.

  • Waterproof vs. Not Waterproof
  • Arch Support
  • Toe Room
  • Sole Construction
  • Interior Lining
  • Materials – leather, synthetic
  • Spikes vs. Spikeless
  • Traditional Laces vs Mechanical

FootJoy Tour-S BOA 

FootJoy Men's Tour-s Boa-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

Golfers looking for the perfect golf shoes that offer both stability and comfort, then this is the ideal pair. The FootJoy Tour-S BOA is a shoe that doesn’t have conventional laces. Also, the FootJoy uses unique BOA technology in construction spiked golf shoes. The BOA technology consists of a circular crank placed strategically in the back a golf shoe.

Many golfers have been ignoring golf shoes with BOA technology because of how they conform to the golfer`s shoe. Plus, some other users felt that technology tampered with shoe comfort. Let us take a more in-depth look at how the BOA technology is not as bad as people think.

BOA Technology 

As we mentioned before, the technology consists of a crank that is placed at the back of a golf shoe. Additionally, the circular crank crisscrosses to the top of the shoe through a wiring system. This wiring design replaces the need for traditional shoelaces. To tighten the metal laces on the top part of the shoe, turn the wheel at the back of the shoe clockwise.

Tightening the metal laces provides a snug fit to your foot. And, to set the fit at the desired level of tightness you turn the wheel towards your heel. Moreover, taking off this golf shoe is easy you are required to pull the dial back to unlock the laces. After opening the laces the boot comes off easily by sliding your foot out of it.

The BOA technology is not rocket science, and it uses a simple mechanism that is user-friendly. This technological system starts at the back of the heel to the forefoot. The BOA system makes your golf shoes wrap around the foot. As you break in the shoes, it fits comfortably as it takes the shape of your foot.


If you were wondering if the BOA dial has any effect on the wearer, the answer is yes. Some people questioned whether it was wise to do away with the old fashion shoelaces, but the gamble paid off. The technology works extremely well it would be a crime not to try them out. Additionally, as we mentioned, the BOA dial lets you set the tension and fit to where you feel comfortable.

Unlike the old fashioned lacing system, the BOA dial removes the need of retying your laces every time. Your golf shoes will remain as you set them until the game is done. Plus, the dial also reduces the risk of disrupting blood flow as the old fashioned laces tend too. In addition, the BOA dial gives you a chance to distribute tension around your foot. You save time also when taking the golf shoe off and when putting them on.


The FootJoy is a very stylish golf shoe. If you are looking to go out on the golf course with a fashionable outfit, then these are the latest golf shoes for you. These are high-tech shoes that don’t look gimmicky at all. They also have a simple but trendy vibe with them, and people will surely notice you in these golf shoes.

Additionally, they’ll still keep you looking sporty on the golf course without looking like you are from the future. Plus, you can wear these shoes with any golfing outfit and be fashionable. The boots come in different colors so you can choose a favorite color. Sadly, the color variations are not wide, so you have to settle for the few that are available. Furthermore, you can also order from the different sizes it comes in to get one that suits you. 


Thanks to the PowerPlate outsole of the FootJoy, these golf shoes offer excellent durability. The outsole is also lightweight and provides a stable platform to the underfoot. Additionally, the PowerPlate outsole consists of an integrated carbon weave fiberglass midfoot plate. And, there are nine additional Launchpods that provide stability. 

The LaunchPods and the PowerPlate provide more considerable ground coverage leading to an ultra-stable golf shoe. The BOA technology combined with the PowerPlate makes this golf shoe unbeatable. Combining style with excellent stability, this shoe offer makes this your number one golfing shoe.

Additional Features

We have covered some of the excellent features the FootJoy Tour-S has, but there`s still more. The FootJoy Tour-S golf shoe has PowerStrap proprietary technology integrated into the upper part of the shoe. PowerStrap technology allows the FootJoy Tour-S to lock-down lateral and medial support. The PowerStrap technology prevents your feet from moving around inside the shoe.

The FootJoy Tour-S also has ComfortTongue and SecureCollar technology. This type of technology allows these golf shoes to conform around your feet. The technology also helps in adding comfort and provide an excellent fit. These shoes are also waterproof thanks to the premium leather upper.

In Closing

The quality of these golf shoes has improved thanks to the BOA technology. They will serve you well, and your feet won’t feel irritated, having to spend your days in the shoes. Furthermore, they are super comfy and waterproof, so your feet will remain dry. The underfoot of the FootJoy Tour-S is fitted with a PU fit-bed for maximum comfort.

Under Armour Spieth2 Golf Shoe

Under Armour Men's Tour Tips Knit Spikeless Golf Shoe

Under Armour Company is well known for making excellent sports apparel spiked shoes for athletes. But, despite their success they were relatively unknown in the golf sporting world. Their big break came with the Under Armour Spieth2. Thanks to the first Spieth footwear, Under Armour, broke into the golf apparel business with ease.

The Under Armour Spieth2 features a sleek design and is a much-improved golf shoe compared to the first Spieth. The Spieth2 is filled with technology and built to give you a comfortable experience. Furthermore, this golf shoe is waterproof and will enable you to use it in humid or wet climates. They also provide excellent stability to the wearer and will allow you to have a great day on the course.


Under Armour made great strides with the Spieth1 and have outdone themselves with this new version. The Spieth2 has a sleek design and will be a hit to golfers who love looking stylish on the golf course. Apart from being stylist, they are very comfortable and stable. Additionally, the Spieth2 comes in different colors giving you a chance to match your outfit.

Furthermore, they are highly functional and not too flashy. These shoes have a simple and classic look, plus they are 100% waterproof. The waterproof construction allows you to play in humid and wet climate conditions. The Under Armour Spieth2 features a GORE-TEX membrane that gives it its waterproof capability.

Golf is not an easy sport, and playing in the wrong shoes makes it harder. The Under Armour Spieth2 provides an excellent grip to keep you firmly on the ground. They won’t allow you to slip as you are trying to get a perfect shot. The upper of the Spieth2 is woven from lightweight TPU fibers that are incredibly strong.

The upper also consists of softer Clarino microfiber leather that keeps your feet locked in. These shoes ensure mobility thanks to the spikes that offer traction. Under Armour has used its unique Rotational Resistant spikes. Most golf shoe manufacturers are going for golf shoes that don’t have spikes but not Under Armour.

In Closing 

These shoes have really impressed us with how they perform. They are a perfect combination of effectiveness and efficiency, all wrapped in a functional golf shoe. The cushioning is excellent, and the waterproof feature is a welcome bonus. You can’t go wrong with the Spieth2 on your side.

Puma Ignite Pwrsport

Puma Men's Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe

Puma has been in the footwear manufacturing business for a long time, producing quality products. The Puma Ignite Pwrsport ranks highly among the top golf shoes the brand ever manufactured.

Additionally, the Puma Ignite Pwrsport is highly functional, useful and waterproof. These golf shoes are also durable and comfortable.


Like most of the Puma products, these golf shoes are fashionable. The Puma Ignite Pwrsport is a high-top golf shoe with a fluorescent color scheme. This golf shoe is perfect for people with different style partialities. Also, these shoes have a sense of flair thanks to the leather accents along with the mesh body.

You can get the Puma Ignite Pwrsport in different colors thanks to the wide variation available. As you are choosing your outfit, you can go with a style that matches the shoes. The Puma Ignite Pwrsport has excellent flexibility, and it is a lightweight golf shoe. Furthermore, it feels and looks good as you wear them around the golf course.

The outsole of the Puma Ignite Pwrsport is a spikeless shoe, hence helping with the lightweight factor. The spikeless factor means it does not have the mud-laiden traditional golf spikes. This shoe also features Puma`s PWRFRAME technology. The PWRFRAME technology keeps you firmly on the ground for added stability.

Furthermore, as we stated earlier this shoe has waterproof capabilities. These shoes will keep you dry on rainy days. Your feet won’t get soaked, and you will be dry and comfortable as you enjoy your round. Most lightweight shoes tend to let water inside the shoe but not the Puma Ignite Pwrsport. The upper of these shoes consist of non-stretch waterproof mesh.

The technology used on these shoes keeps water out of athletic shoe while still being flexible and maintaining its feel. You won’t find any other lightweight shoe that performs like the Puma Ignite Pwrsport.

In Closing

These are the perfect shoes for you to play golf in if you are looking for performance. Also, you will get playability and style on the golf course as you play your round. This product is also durable and will serve you well with proper care. Use these trendy boots appearance to boost your game and look good.

New Balance 574 LX

New balance is a titan in the footwear manufacturing business. They have always catered to athlete’s needs by producing fantastic gear.

This product is one of the many excellent products New Balance has out on the market. These shoes are waterproof to protect your feet on those rainy days.


New Balance has made this product durable and comfortable, like most of their product. They are designed to make you feel closer to the ground. And, they will help you have more feel when you swing and help you get a stable ground for gravity. The outsole is stiff and hard to help you improve on balance.

Additionally, they have a classic look and come in different colors. The company added more colors as the market demanded the need for options. They are also comfortable to let you focus on the game. Additionally, the shoes have spikes for traction on slippery terrain.

In Closing

These shoes are perfect for golfers who need a simple but effective shoe. Furthermore, they are highly functional and will provide excellent service. You can have fun without losing the style effectiveness and functionality of this product. 

Get a Good Pair of Golf Shoes Today!

Having skills without the right gear will not give you the best results. We know how important footwear is and we picked the very best golf shoe in the market to help you achieve your targets. With these golf shoes, your performance will improve remarkably. And, you will be comfortable and at the same time productive.

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