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Having the right golf apparel plays an important role in improving your performance – this includes golf hats. As compared to some other golf clothing, there are no official rules that restrict the type of golf hat to use on the golf course. 

Golf Hats

A golf hat is an important golf accessory when it’s both sunny and cloudy. When it’s sunny, your eyes are shielded from direct sunlight, hence you can focus on the game with less difficulty.

Moreover, your face is protected from the heat and sweat is kept out of your eyes. When it’s cloudy, the hat protects your skin from being burnt. 

Let’s first focus on the different types of golf hats.

Types of Golf Hats


These golf hats have a similarity with ball caps but have one difference. The difference is the exposed scalp. They have an adjustable band that can either be Velcro or elastic band. Visors have a brim to protect your eyes from the direct sunlight. The exposed part provides ventilation all day.

The only downside of visors is that since the top part is open, your scalp gets exposed to the sun. 

Ball caps

These are the most popularly known types of golf hats. They may not be the most stylish type, but they have several advantages that you could consider. To begin with, they are relatively lightweight hence won’t be a burden to you. Moreover, they are quite inexpensive and since the top part is available unlike in Visors, they provide adequate protection for the head and the eyes. Ventilation may also not be an issue since you may choose a ball cap with a mesh backing for that purpose.

Bucket Hats

These golf hats are usually made from canvas or denim; thus, the fabric is heavy-duty. The brim of these hats is downward and sloping. Their popularity has grown incredibly due to more comfort and shade.  There is more shade since it’s all-round protection, which is a 360- degree coverage. If in need of more ventilation, you may consider bucket golf hats that a mesh for that purpose.

Wide-brim hats

These golf hats give a classic look especially when you have chosen one of high quality. Like the bucket hats, wide-brim golf hats provide 360-degree sun protection. Moreover, they are amazingly lightweight for more comfort and when you choose from the best golf hats, you will end up with a wide brim hat that provides a special cooling effect when enjoying your golf course in the outdoors during sunny days. 

Now that you’re aware of the different types of golf hats, we can now shift our focus to the considerations you should make when purchasing a golf hat.

Golf Hats Buying Guide


From the different types of golf hats that we have provided above, you can choose styles for different events . Your appearance actually has a positive effect on the course that’s why wearing your favorite colors matters.

Type of closure

Having a golf hat with a closure is great as you can adjust the hat until you get your perfect fit. There are different types of closure available in golf hats, they include; brass buckles, plastic snaps, Velcro straps, and slide buckles. Choose one that will be easier for you to use. 


This requires you to measure the size of your head using a tape measure, and it should go around the middle of your forehead for the most appropriate results. You can also use a hat that you already own and use it to guide you when buying a new one.


It’s crucial to determine the material of a golf hat since it determines the durability and overall quality of the hat. Ensure that you’ve learned more about the material your preferable golf hat is made from for more satisfaction.


For more comfort, you should ensure that the golf hat you have chosen is breathable. It might be a distraction to keep on wiping off your sweat while in the golf course.

Adidas Adizero

Adidas Adizero

Adidas’ Best Golf Hats

These golf hats are made from a mixture of polyester and spandex. The ventilation of Adidas Adizero is ensured by mesh panels. The sweatband is well-placed to ensure that sweat if any, doesn’t get into your face.

They protect your head and eyes pretty well, and it feels lightweight and soft. All this is aimed at providing more comfort. 


Whether you’re an athlete on the field or an adventurer out exploring, you need gear that’s built to perform. Introducing the Adidas Adizero, your go-to comfort and protection piece that takes performance seriously.

With Climacool mesh for superior breathability and UPF 50 sun protection, this lightweight 6-panel cap has everything needed to keep you safe and secure along the way. And not to mention – with its reflective accents for visibility, it won’t be hard to spot in a crowd (so get ready for a splash of style!). Make sure to call dibs on the Adizero today – because adventure awaits!

Henschel 5310 Golf Hat

Henschel 5310 Golf Hat

Henschel’s Best Golf Hats

This golf hat has a cotton mesh to provide more ventilation. The adjustable cord ensures that you get a perfect fit and prevents it from blowing off. They are available in seven different colors. Interestingly, it can be crushed to fit it well into your golf bag.


The Henschel Aussie Breezer Hat is the ultimate hat to own if you’re a big fan of the outdoors. Whether you’re an avid camper, hiker, or fisher, this light polycotton hat provides UPF 50+ protection from the sun and a mesh crown for breathability in the heat. And lastly, and most importantly when doing anything remotely active outside – it has a chin cord for security on those windy days. But that’s not all!

On top of being practical, this hat is also easily stowed away as its crushable design and 1- inch self-band helps keep it together while traveling through any environment – plus for your peace of mind, the hat is 100% Cotton with the same quality no matter if it’s Designed in USA or China. So don’t wait any longer – upgrade your outdoor look and get yourself an Aussie Breezer Hat today!

Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat

Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat

Coolibar’s Best Golf Hats

Get your game on with the Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat! With a 4-inch brim, ample sun protection, and fast-drying performance, you’ll be seamlessly transitioning from one hole to the next. Whether you’re a lady or gent on the links, this hat will keep you comfortable, cool, and collected so you can stay focused and play your best.

Don’t forget to get outfitted in matching Coolibar active apparel for an extra layer of sun protection; nothing says “golfer chic” like practical and performance-ready gear!


Coolibar strives to create the most reliable outdoor products, which is why they use a rigorous process to assure their UPF 50+ matchplay hats really do keep you from overexposure to the sun. Industry standards and testing ensure the fabric defends against harmful UV rays and holds strong even after laundering.

To make sure the hat isn’t just comfortable but looks good too, Coolibar puts their designs through the wringer with pattern drafting that takes into account fit and movement for any activity. But that’s not all real-life use by Coolibar’s team of users and super-users further confirm each product does what it promises. Put your trust in Coolibar’s hats and explore worry-free!

Nike Golf Bucket Hat

Nike Golf Bucket Hat

Nike’s Best Golf Hats

Keep your head in the game with the utmost in comfortable coverage with a Nike Sportswear Bucket Hat. This hat is here to provide you with the ultimate protection from all the elements- regardless of your location or activity. Made out of cotton twill fabric and featuring a six-panel design, this hat quite literally never takes a break; it even has breathable ventilation holes outfitted so that you can enjoy cooling comfort during workouts or days spent playing in the park.

Completely surrounding you with optimal coverage, make sure you always have time in the shade no matter where life takes you with this handy hat!


If you’re looking for a stylish way to keep cool on hot days, look no further than the Nike Sports Hat! Made from 100% cotton and designed with a classic fisherman’s hat look, this adorable hat offers 360-degree coverage from the sun.

With its buckle closure and machine-washable fabric, it’s the perfect addition to any wardrobe for active days spent outdoors. Whether you’re taking a walk in the park or braving miles of summer fun on your bike, stay shielded under the safety of the Nike Sports Hat!

Black Clover Premium Flex Cap

Black Clover Premium Flex Cap

Black Clover’s Best Golf Hats

Looking for the perfect hat that exudes both classic style and performance? Look no further than the Black Clover Premium Hat. It’s been designed with top-of-the-line craftsmanship, featuring wick to keep you dry and fresh, an A-Flex Headband – because everyone deserves the best fit – and of course, the iconic clover logo!

Whether you’re out on an adventure, or simply running errands, the Premium Clover is guaranteed to give you infinite comfort and effortless cool.


Looking sharp is half the battle when you take to the field, so jump into your next game wearing the Black Clover Premium Hat. Strong and stylish, this low-profile cap features 100% Players Performance Wick sweat band lining, and a premium stretch A-Flex fittin.

Colorway that makes a statement – sporting an all-classic black hat with Black Clover’s signature white Live Lucky logo. With no need to waste time switching hats between innings, come to the plate in style.

Under Amour Blitzing Ii Hat

Under Amour Blitzing Ii Hat

Under Armour’s Best Golf Hats

The Under Armour Men’s Blitzing Cap is the perfect accessory to maintain your cool this summer – and we mean both literally AND figuratively. With its HeatGear® sweatband that wicks away any unwelcome beads of perspiration, super soft breathable material, and classic fit (low profile, pre-curved visor, structured front panels) you won’t just look cool but actually be it too!

Plus with its 100% Polyester construction, embroidered logos for an extra touch of style, and stretch construction for spacious comfort – you can pack the ultimate power punch of performance and swagger into your daily look. So embrace summer in the sun with the UA Men’s Blitzing Cap!


Stay cool and look great during any activity with the Under Armour Men’s Blitzing Cap! Made from a super-soft breathable fabric and built-in elastic sweatband, this cap is designed to keep your head comfortable as well as wick away sweat for a cool, dry feeling.

The structured front panels also maintain their shape, meaning you’ll look good even after action-packed activities! And the embroidered logos provide the perfect finishing touch for your style. Sweat be gone – get your UA Mens’ Blitzing Cap today!

Frogg Toggs Boonie

Frogg Toggs Boonie

Frogg Togg’s Best Golf Hats

Introducing the FROGG TOGGS Waterproof Breathable Boonie Hat – designed to make your life easier, so you can focus on the task at hand, not how stiffly frozen your ears are! Never worry about the elements again when wearing this breathable but waterproof boonie hat.

Featuring an adjustable chin strap and a wide brim to keep water from dripping onto your face, this truly is our ultimate go-to gear for those who work outdoors. Looking as good as you feel has never been easier!


Stay protected in any puddle-filled or sunlit outdoor environment without compromising your style! The FROGG TOGGS Waterproof Breathable Boonie Hat is designed with you in mind and crafted for unbeatable performance without sacrificing an ounce of great looks. Not only is this breathable and affordable hat lightweight and packable, but it’s also made using 90% polypropylene and 10% polyester ensuring you stay guarded against rain, wind, and UV rays.

And don’t worry about bringing a cap on the go – simply crush it up and pop the Boonie Hat into any corner of your bag for easy traveling until you’re ready to hit the trail again!

You now have a piece of background information on golf hats. Select one that is suitable for your personal style, taste, and comfort for a great performance on the golf course.

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Final Thought

When it comes to buying golf hats, there is no one ‘best’ option. Sure, some hats might look great on you but not on someone else. Others might have all the features you want but be made from an uncomfortable material.

Therefore, when shopping for the perfect golf hat it’s up to you to find one that meets your individual needs and tastes: a hat that looks good and is comfortable, sure to serve you well whenever you hit the links. So don’t let anyone tell you what’s best for you – put your thinking cap on and find your perfect fit!

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