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Golfsquatch is a website to help you learn everything you want to know about the game: the swing, rules, clubs, balls, ideal clothes to wear while playing, equipment, playing on a budget, essential tips to remember, reviews – we try to cover it all.

If you’re like us, you love the game of golf. Learn more about Golfsquatch and why we do this.

Golfsquatch is a great site for amateurs who want to learn the game, get better and score lower.


We’ll show you how to select the best sizes suited for various spots on the course. Why is this important? Because golf clubs are expensive and using them the wrong way causes unnecessary damage that your warranty won’t cover.

Passionate players have these clubs in their golf bags

Golf Balls 

Did you know that a speeding golf ball can move as fast as 160 miles per hour? 

Why is this fact important? Because speed plays a critical role during practice sessions and actual games. In our posts, we teach you the best criteria for selecting golf balls so that your swing produces desired results. 

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Can I wear jeans to a tournament? No you can’t because it’s overly casual. The golf apparel page is dedicated to teaching and updating you on the right dress codes. Plus, we’ll also help you get trendy in any kind of weather. 

Since the clothes you wear on the course can impact performance, here’s what you should know

  • Dress Codes
  • Men’s Apparel
  • Women’s Apparel


Thanks to advances in nanotechnology, your watch can turn into a virtual guide on the course. You can track your performance with better accuracy thanks to the latest laser rangefinders and upload data online. We’ll keep you updated on the best golf technology for both budding and advanced players. 

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Tips for Playing

Information is power and that’s why we want you to master your skills in the shortest time possible.

The good news is that we offer golf tips for free so you can stay updated anytime anyplace. Plus, this information comes from actual professional players.

Stick around and you’ll learn a lot about


Whether you are going to a course within driving distance or doing some traveling, its great because practicing on different courses makes you a better player.

To help find variety in the courses you play, we’ve listed all the top-notch courses nationwide (in the US) equipped with the best facilities. 

We plan to start adding more courses in the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, South Africa, Japan and South Korea. the game of golf is worldwide.

This way, you can pick conference facilities or vacation spots around ideal courses.


What do you do when stuck in traffic or waiting for your meal at a restaurant? You can spend those five minutes checking out the latest accessories reviews, tips on storing your equipment and so much more on the Golfsquatch blog. Our blog gets updated with content that’s relevant and original for aspiring and seasoned players.

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Course FAQ

When you’re acquiring a new skill, you need someone who has the knowledge and experience you need to succeed. Our team is made up of experienced players who are ready to help you learn the game of golf. 

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Nice Golf Shot!

The Basics

This is for you who’s learning how to play this prestigious game. We’ve come up with simple content to help you learn the rules. You can also post questions because we’re always ready to help you learn how to play this great game.

Do you need in the following areas.

  • Keeping Score
  • Prepping Before Your Round
  • Reading a Score Card 
  • Handicap

Golf Score Card

Events & Tournaments (NEW)

We are trying something new this year and going to be listing off some tournaments and events we are participating in or running. We hope to make connections of amateur golfers around the world and will list their information here for free.


Right now we host two tournaments a year.

Here are other tournaments of friends and associates. If you’d like to add your tournament, you can make a request on Instagram (golf_squatch) or Twitter (@thegolfsquatch).


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