Golf Swing Shirt: Best Golf Training Aids – 2020 Edition

We all want to find the best golf training aids to help produce the best golf swings (and lowest scores) we can. There are so many gadgets out there it’s hard to know which one to use if any.
Because each person’s brain translates swing instruction a little differently, we decided to review a few different golf training aids and see how their use affects our games.

We started with The Golf Swing Shirt. The Golf Swing Shirt has been around for years, but Golfsquatch has just been introduced to it and has tried it out.

This blog is a review of my effort to improve my swing and the results it has achieved so far.

Tony Lael

I think you’ll find my review interesting

Keep in mind, I’m a 12 handicap, but I just shot a 77 (one shot off my personal best as of the publishing of this blog) after 4 practice sessions with the Golf Swing Shirt training aid.

Bottom Line: 

  • The Golf Swing Shirt is designed to “keep you connected” during the swing and it largely delivers on its promise.

What I didn’t like was even with the trunk tucked into the shirt, after hitting 5 to 10 balls the trunk would start to back itself out and I would have to pull it back in. It never affected my vision, but you just know it was happening. The other and most annoying thing was raking a new ball over to hit. I think that is why I most hit at max about 10 to 15 balls at a time and dreaded hitting tee shots.

I don’t want to end on a negative note. I feel this product has merit to those who believe in what it is trying to accomplish and want to take the time and effort to get the most out of it.  I will leave it like this: Did it feel strange at first? Yes. Am I still getting used to the feel? Yes. Do I feel connected? Yes. Am I hitting better and more consistent shots with better body tempo? Yes.

Early Results at the Range

Top picks for our Range Finder

After 4 practice range sessions, I’m seeing a few interesting results.

  • Much tighter shot dispersion – see results below (orange = 8 iron without shirt on. yellow = shots with The Golf Swing Shirt training aid)
  • More consistent ball striking
  • If my swing was too quick, without fail, I’d hit hosel rockets

How The Golf Swing Shirt Looks in Use

Watch this video of basics for using The Golf Swing Shirt – arms in, arms out.


The Golf Swing Shirt retails for $59.95 or $69.95, depending on the size.

Final Thoughts about golf training aids

I should have purchased these golf training aids years before I did. It would have helped me develop a better swing to strike the ball more consistently, which is a confidence builder. And confidence in your swing builds better golf.

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