Golf Push Carts

Golf Push Carts Review of Best Rated Products for A Buying Guide

Never have golf push carts been such a golf equipment commodity as they have with the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown (note that as of this publish date, there is still a shortage in golf push carts and many may not be available until later this year.

Golf Push Carts Review by Golfsquatch

Gone are the days when a push cart (or pull cart) was just a piece of metal with two wheels and a strap to hold your bag. Walking a course gives you the additional benefit of adding four to six miles (the equivalent of burning around 1000 calories). But using a push cart doesn’t add the fatigue that carrying your bag adds to your shoulders and back.

The biggest downside of using a push cart is most likely having to leave your purse behind with most of the models reviewed. And not being able to load up a golf cart with extra layers if the weather is a variable. But many manufacturers offer accessories for storage.

Push golf carts are sometimes called pull carts, not to be confused with golf carts that you ride in. Some people prefer push carts – golf is meant to be walked. This post only covers a few products on the market that we have experience with.

Features to Look for in a Push Cart

  • Wheels: two, three and four-wheel push carts are available. The size of the wheels may vary as well). Most models have wheels that don’t need air added to them.
  • Adjustability: some push carts have an adjustable handle to raise, or lower, making it easier to push depending on your height.
  • Maneuverability: Depending on the brand, you can choose models that have a tires that swivel, making it easier to turn. Some models have a parking brake, making it more difficult for your cart to roll or run away.
  • Accessories: you can really “trick out” your push carts, depending on the brand – with beverage holders, umbrella holders (allows you to keep yourself and your clubs dry), seats, coolers, phone/GPS holders, rain covers, and even sand bottles.
  • Foldability: the more on your push cart, the more difficult it may be to fold compact and transport.

Other Aspects of Features to Think About

This game of golf requires a lot of walking and having a push cart for golf to use with either a hand brake or foot brake is essential. The type of golf bag that fits on your push cart can be a stand bag or cart bag. There are a variety of products with the price you can afford with different features. The push cart you want to use includes a folding mechanism so you can store your cart in your car trunk. You also want to make sure its easy to push and can hold at least a sleeve of golf balls.

Top Brands of a Golf Push Cart for Golfers to Explore:

What is the best golf push cart for the top price with all the features I need to use?

Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Cart

The Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Golf Cart is your basic push cart. It folds down easily and is really lightweight. It has a scorecard holder with pencil holder (but doesn’t fit large scorecards), with spot for a couple of golf balls. No beverage holder (but you can add one from another cart manufacturer). With only two wheels, it is not as stable and tends to tip over – and is not the easiest to turn and maneuver.

The handle is comfortable, but not adjustable. In addition, to secure your bag, the bag needs to be sideways, making it difficult to get into your pockets on your bag (and this cart doesn’t have any additional storage other than your bag). It folds down but does take up some room to transport. This is pretty much is a cart to strap your clubs on, nothing more, no cup holder.


If storage is important, a CaddyTek push cart that come in three- and four-wheel versions are a great choice. They come pre-equipped with an umbrella holder, beverage holder AND beverage cooler (this is also pretty roomy), mesh bag for stuff (not much stuff, mind you), a bigger scorecard holder, and cell phone/GPS holder.

These carts used for golf are easy to push, are durable and the handle is adjustable (and comfortable). They also fold down nice and compact for transport. For about $50 price tag, you can add a seat to these push carts (but not sure how important adding a seat to a push cart is).

Tangkula Golf Pushcart Swivel 3 Wheel Push Cart with Seat

If maneuverability is key, the Tangukla cart may be what you want, over storage. It has foot operated brakes, you can pull and push and change directions both left and right with its ergonomic handle. This is a lesser known brand on the golf course, but still a part of a great set of products for the right price.

The handle height is also adjustable. This push cart also comes equipped with an umbrella holder, storage console, bottle holder, and a seat in case you need to rest (even though a seat doesn’t seem to be a necessary accessory unless you’re playing behind or with a really slow group). This cart isn’t as compact when it folds down as other carts.


Clicgear carts fold down easily into a small compact size and are available in two-, three- and four-wheel versions. For some, the price to features ratio is just right.

Their carts come standard with a beverage holder and umbrella holder, small storage console, but not much else. The handle is adjustable and comfortable, and the “bag holder” fits the bag higher to the ground, keeping your bag cleaner. There are lots of accessories for storage and holders, including seats, coolers, for additional costs (the cost for accessories adds up quickly).

Your golf bag will fit just right and some have cup holder for your early morning coffee.

Sun Mountain

Sun Mountain is known for its golf bags and rain gear. They also make push carts. At the higher end of the price range, their Pathfinder 3 and 4 (three vs. four wheels) carts come equipped with a console to hold your cell phone, scorecard, extra balls and tees and a standard size drink holder.

There are also additional mesh and velour storage bags. Not that it really matters, their carts come in 8-9 colors. Sun Mountain has a lot of accessories you can add, including coolers, seats, rain cover, sand bottles. Sun Mountain’s push cart also will fold down while still attached to your bag.

Bottomline: if you can find a golf push cart with the features you like and the right price and want storage compartment, and fully equipped model that folds up compactly, the CaddyTek model is the cart I use and is the best golf push cart products. Another cart brand to look at is Bag Boy. Bag boy has a variety of carts too. We just have not played with that cart yet.

Here is a video to watch for more details. These guys do a good job of outlining the basics too.