What are Links Golf Courses?

With a rich history and unique characteristics, links courses remain a captivating aspect of the sport. Traditionally located along coastal dunes, a links golf course offers a distinct playing experience that challenges even the most seasoned golfers.

These challenging links courses are renowned for their undulating terrain, firm ground, and natural obstacles such as deep bunkers and tall grass. As you explore the beauty and distinctiveness of links courses, you’ll quickly understand why they hold a special place in the hearts of golf enthusiasts worldwide. Embrace the charm of links courses and elevate your golfing experience!

Difference between a Links Course from other Courses?

The striking difference between a links course and other golfing layouts lies at the very heart of golf’s history. Known as the earliest style of golf course, true links golf courses present an authentic and traditional golfing experience. These golf links were established on the sandy, windswept coastal dunes, known as ‘linksland,’ giving them their unique name.

The rolling terrain, absence of trees, and thick roughs of links courses contrast with other styles, which usually feature tree-lined fairways and green, manicured landscapes. The ability to play the ball along the ground is a primary factor in the strategy of playing golf links, providing a challenging yet rewarding experience. Witness a slice of golf history and tradition by stepping onto true-link courses.

Links Golf Course

Type of Terrain

A links course is typically defined by its rugged and natural terrain. The sandy soil tends to be undulating and wind-sculpted, with fairways gently moving between dunes. Exposed to the elements, these courses sit along the shoreline, where the sea and the wind play significant roles in the game.

The ground on links courses is often hard and fast, which adds a distinct level of strategy to your play as the ball rolls further compared to other golf courses. Deep bunkers and tall, wild grasses are commonly found on links courses, adding intriguing obstacles and challenges for golfers to navigate.

Famous Link Golf Courses

Our golf course architects have curated a list of renowned courses in the world, and we understand your curiosity about the most famous links-style course. Let’s explore their top picks.

Pebble Beach Golf Links, California

What are Links Golf Courses? 1

Known worldwide, Pebble Beach Golf Links is undeniably one of the most beautiful and renowned links courses. Located in California, it offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, demanding greens, and iconic holes that will challenge and thrill every golfer.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Oregon

In Oregon, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort embodies the true soul of links golf. It offers multiple courses, each providing an authentic links experience. With spectacular coastal views, natural dunes, and a classic layout, Bandon Dunes captures players’ hearts with its pure golf experience.

St Andrews Old Course, Fife, Scotland

Located in Fife, Scotland, the St Andrews Old Course holds a prestigious spot on the list of famed links courses. Known as ‘the home of golf’, St Andrews offers golf aficionados an unforgettable experience with its exceptional layouts and unrivaled history.

Royal County Down Golf Club (Championship), Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Royal County Down Golf Club is set in the beautiful Irish seaside resort of Newcastle. Known for its picturesque and challenging layout, the championship course is widely accepted as one of the finest classic links courses in the world.

Type Golfers Who Love True Links Golf Course

Link Golfers

True links courses certainly appeal to a unique set of golfers, those who relish the challenges and rewards that come with this original form of the game. These are the traditionalists, the purists, and the golfers who appreciate the history and heritage that every stroke carries on some of the world’s oldest golf courses.

These golfers experience a sense of nostalgia while walking on grounds that have borne witness to centuries of golfing excellence. They find the exposed coastal settings of true links courses to be a refreshing departure from the manicured landscapes of parkland and heathland courses.

The unpredictability of a game played amidst natural dunes, with ever-changing sea winds, offers them a thrilling, strategic challenge. These golfers embrace the test of skill that true links courses provide, taking exceptional pleasure in mastering the complex, natural layouts that make every round an adventure.

Recommended Apparel and Equipment for Playing at a Links Golf Course

What are Links Golf Courses? 2

Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

This lightweight, moisture-wicking shirt from Under Armour is designed to provide maximum comfort and breathability during the rounds. The quick-dry fabric and anti-odor technology make it perfect for tackling unpredictable weather on links courses.

What are Links Golf Courses? 3

MAGCOMSEN Men’s Polo Shirt Quick Dry Performance Long and Short Sleeve Tactical Shirts Pique Jersey Golf Shirt

MAGCOMSEN’s polo shirt combines style with functionality, offering a quick-dry and comfortable performance fabric for golfers. The durable design is ideal for navigating the challenging terrain and conditions often found on links courses.

What are Links Golf Courses? 4

Titleist Players 4 StaDry Golf Bag

This bag has a unique StaDry waterproof construction, making it perfect for handling the unpredictable weather conditions often found on links courses. Its lightweight design and comfortable straps allow for easy carrying, while the multiple pockets provide ample storage for all your golf essentials.

What are Links Golf Courses? 5

Pride Professional Tee System Evolution Plastic Golf Tees

These tees are made of low-friction plastic and feature a durable, high-performance design suitable for various course conditions, including the challenging terrain often seen on links courses. The unique low-resistance tips help create longer and straighter drives, making them ideal for windy environments like link courses.

What are Links Golf Courses? 6

CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart – Caddycruiser One Version 8

This cart has a one-click folding mechanism for ease of setup and storage. It is also lightweight and features an effective brake mechanism, making it a suitable choice for the varied terrain of a Links golf course.

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