Golfsquatch is the biggest footprint in golf – stomp!

Part of being a golfer means you help other amateurs learn about the game of golf as you become better – this helps you learn. Whether you’re scoring in the 100s or are a scratch golfer, we want to help you stomp down your scores.

Golfsquatch - the biggest foot in golf
Because we’re passionate about golf, in awe of the beautiful course, in search of the perfect swing.

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What Is On the Golfsquatch Website?

Below are some of the areas we hope to cover to honor this amazing game. We hope it helps with your affliction.

Where Did the Name Golfsquatch Come From?

One day while playing on our home course in Bellevue, WA I was walking out of the trees, and one of my friends yelled, “Hey Squatch, did you find your ball!?”

Apparently the fact that I’m 6’5″ tall, has a big beard and my gate reminds people of a Sasquatch, it was only fitting that the golf website I started be named Golfsquatch.

Golfsquatch  Golfsquatch Walking







Golfing With Friends Helps Improve Your Game

Any game that you can play and practice with good friends it’s great.

The time required to play an average round of 18 holes of golf takes around 4-5 hours. This means you are spending a lot of time with each other, especially if you are practicing golf with your friends too.

10 Ways Golf is Like Church

  1. You get exposed to God’s creation
  2. Fellowship
  3. At times you just have to believe in all the good
  4. Sunday is as good a day as any for a round of golf
  5. There is tithing
  6. Your significant other might not share the same interest, but it’s better if they do
  7. You might find yourself with your head down praying
  8. There is a good chance you might sing
  9. You will meet strangers and learn to appreciate your fellow man (or woman)
  10. We are all equal (ly bad) in the eyes of golf.

Why a Golf Website?

The truth is, we love the game. We are amazed when we watch professionals play.

We talk about the game of golf as if we were making money playing it like the pros and not spending $1,000s every year just for the chance to shoot a few above par.

We’ll never play as we see on television, but for a few shots every round we hit a golf ball in a way that makes us believe it’s an easy game. Ha! So, we come back again next week.

We love being outside in natural beauty.

It’s one of, if not the, only ways we get exercise as we age.

We enjoy the fellowship and meet people from all over the world who play.

Golf is the only game we know of that frustrates and thrills with the same intensity.

So, maybe this golf website is therapy – an opportunity to stay connected to a crazy game we love.

Hosting Golf Tournaments

Right now we host two annual golf tournaments in Washington State

We hope to add more in the future and ultimately generate enough sponsorships to donate a scholarship to First Tee Participants to grow the game of golf.

If you have a tournament that you run, we would be happy to add a link to your tournament here. We know how hard it is to run a local golf tournament and want to support you in any way we can.