Golf Shorts

A Guide: Look at Golf Shorts for Men and Women

Playing golf during summer is very interesting, but this may not be the case when you begin heating up. This can become uncomfortable and affect your performance in the golf course. Think about the golf apparel that fits your style

Golf Shorts

It’s undeniable that having the right golf clothing has a great influence on your golf performance. This is mostly through giving you more freedom of movement, improving your confidence, adding more protection, and having a good relationship with other golf players.

Although golf shorts are wearable in all seasons, they’re ideal for warmer periods of the year. Golf shorts are comfortable and cool compared to other golf apparel since the player can transition to other activities easily. Most golf shorts have a neat and tailored look, are moisture-wicking and stretchy for the best performance. 

Before we look into the best golf shorts in the market, it’s worth pointing out some of the considerations you should make before purchasing golf shorts.

Golf Shorts Buying Guide

  • Pockets

The design of the pocket is very crucial in shorts. This is because you will need to store some small golf items such as; golf balls, scorecards, and tees for easy access. These items can be stored in the golf club bag, but it might be a hassle to access them every time they’re required. The best golf shorts have a good pocket design that can hold small items comfortably. 

You should always ensure that the shorts have two pockets. Nevertheless, there are shorts with some ‘unreal’ pockets on the back that are meant to improve the look of the shorts. 

  • Material 

The material of the short should moisture wicking. This is an important aspect especially when you’re playing in hot weather. As you play during this weather, you will not escape sweat. Thus, a moisture-wicking material will ensure that you stay dry throughout by allowing warmth past the shorts easily. Always check for this texture for great performance in the golf club.

  • Design 

Most golf clubs have clothing rules that every golfer should follow. It’s important to ensure that your preferred golf short is suitable for the golf course. However, most manufacturers in the market give their shorts a proficient and brilliant look that is acceptable in most golf clubs.

Best Golf Shorts for Men

Below are the top three golf shorts that can be preferred by men golfers.




Adidas Golf Ultimate+ 3-Stripes Shorts

IZOD Classic Fit Golf Shorts

Haggar Cool 18 Expandable Waist Plain Front Plaid Shorts

  • IZOD Men’s Golf Swing Flex Stretch Cargo Short

The features of this short are breathtaking. Its material is stretchy for great mobility. It controls sun up f-40, it’s comfortable due to the 4-way stretch fabric, protects against sun rays and roomy for the best performance. Moreover, it has the moisture-wicking feature that keeps the golfer dry in warm weather.

It’s more desirable since it’s made from a combination of polyester and spandex. Interestingly, the cargo zip pockets can store the small golf necessities for easy access during play. 

  • Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Pleat- Front Short

This is classic golf short with a sophisticated look. The classic fitting is enhanced more by the pleated front. Its material is 100% Polyester, and more comfort is provided by the hidden expandable waist.

This expandable waist also ensures that you have a perfect fit for the best performance. The hand pockets are off-seam for a more stylish look. 

  • Adidas Golf Men’s Climalite 3-Stripes Short

Adidas is a household name in the world of sports, this short is not anything short of the quality products from Adidas. The climalite fabric that the short is manufactured from gives it a stylish look and makes it more comfortable. The side pockets are slanted and the back pockets are welted.

Moreover, the short has a pure motion stretch to enhance performance throughout the game and has a 3-stripes brandmark on the right pocket. 

Best Golf Shorts for Women




Under Armour Women's Links Vented Shorts

Bakery Golf Shorts for Women Bermuda Relaxed Fit

Dickies Women's Stretch Performance Short

  • Under Armour Women Links 4’’ Shorty

This short is made from a combination of 90% Polyester and 10%Elastane. It has a UA storm technology that makes the short water repellent without sacrificing its breathability.

The woven fabric provides more comfort and breathability. It provides a perfect fit due to the adjustable waistband with the inner elastic. Additionally, it has a five-pocket design and a working fly.

  • Dickies Women’s Stretch Performance Short

This short is made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. The pockets on the right leg are hook-and-loop and hidden at back. Interestingly, it’s material is moisture-wicking to provide more comfort even in hot weather.

The short is durable due to the reinforced double-needle stitching. Moreover, it’s stretchy to enhance more freedom of movement for a great performance.

  • Bakery Women’s Bermuda Golf Shorts 

This short is made of 90% polyester and 10% Spandex. The Flex fabric is stretchy and the flex technology is important to help you stay cool and dry while on an outdoor golf course without sacrificing its breathability.

The fabric is smooth and the short takes a good shape for more comfort. Additionally, they are knee-length chino shorts making them a casual relaxed fit. The short also has two side pockets, two back pockets with button closure, and one front coin pocket.

Final Thoughts: Wearing the appropriate golf shorts keeps you cool and dry, thus boosts your comfort and performance in the golf course. You now have some options to choose from. Make your game interesting and keep it cool by selecting the above stylish golf shorts.