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All You Need to Know When Buying Golf Balls

Every golfer wants to improve their performance every day. This is why they spend a big percentage of their time finding the best golf balls for women designed to go further, fly straighter and stick on greens with more control.

Golf balls brand

Many golfers hardly know how to choose the right ball. Here’s how to choose golf balls for your game.

Selecting the Best Golf Ball for Your Game

One of the best ways of choosing the ideal ball for your game is by trying balls from all brands. You can do this by buying a sleeve of each brand you come across and try them out. Often, knowing the specific branch you’re using can either make or break your perception towards the performance of the ball.

You can choose to ignore the brand as you hit, putt, and chip with the balls. This will go a long way in helping you establish the ball that’s most comfortable for you. Here are other methods you can leverage to know the best golf balls for women also in the market.

Read Actual Consumer Reviews

Currently, there’s one golf ball name that’s in every golfer’s or aspiring golfer’s tongue. But why, you may ask. It’s because the manufacturing company behind Titleist has worked day and night in a quest to make their brand a household name.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the company has the ultimate golf balls; it’s just an indication of how critical the right marketing strategy is. So, to find the best deals on golf balls, be weary of strong marketing, you can save money before you click add to cart – you just have to look at the specs per page.

When searching for the ideal golf ball, don’t choose a brand just because a certain professional golfer approves it, you want to conduct extensive research across the board and even check out the small hardly recognized brands. Often, they have the best golf balls.

Read Customer Feedback

When you shop, check out what the existing brand customers have to say about the product if you want to save with deals. You want to ensure that they’re genuine and real before making your purchase. Real customer reviews help you understand the product well before purchasing.

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Talk to the Experts

Some of the best sporting products retailers specialize in a wide variety of golf balls. The staffs in these retail stores have comprehensive knowledge about various types of golf balls. They’re better placed to assist you to select the best golf balls depending on your needs and your skill level.

Seek out all the opinions you can when you shop. Try hitting a few on and off the course to know which are the best deals out there.

Seek the help of a professional golfer but also discuss your expectations with your local golf ball retailer. The advantages of purchasing your golf balls from a golf ball retailer are the fact that you’ll have a wide variety of balls to choose from.

Selecting a golf ball can be an arduous task. What with the numerous styles and models available in the market today. Do you understand why there are numerous golf ball types in the market? It’s because every golfer’s needs vary. If you’re searching for the ideal golf balls, here are some factors you need to beware of.

Learn which golf balls are good for senior golfers.

Choose What Works Best for You

Golfers will from time to time want to try different balls. Trying new equipment can be exciting and it allows you to analyze and test your skills as well as get good deals. Here is a video you want to add to your library of free advice.

However, if you’re looking at maintaining your best scores and identifying your weaknesses, you may want to stick with what works best for you. Remember, it takes time before you can get well acquainted with new equipment. More often than not, this can have an impact on your game.

Ensure the Balls Compliment Your Putter, Wedges, and Irons

Many people imagine that the best golf ball is the one which stretches the furthest off the tee which isn’t true. You need to figure out whether the ball is compatible with your short game. Find out how comfortable it is off the putter, and whether it complements the 7-iron.

When you find the ball that complements your scoring clubs, you’ll be in a position to adjust your long clubs and driver appropriately.

Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speed?

Are you looking for the best golf balls for slow swing speed? Here are some of the best options you can choose from.

Titleist Golf Balls: Tour Soft

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are specially designed for golfers who are out to achieve excellent performance in the field. These cost-effective golf balls come with the Titleist premium technology to ensure that differently skilled golfers can use them with ease.

These balls come with a 4CE grafted cover not only to give them a soft feel but also to provide one of the biggest cores produced under the Titleist group. The ball will give you an explosive distance regardless of your swing speed. If you are a slow swing player, you’ll enjoy the distance and response gains that these balls offer.

best golf balls for women

TaylorMade Project A Golf Balls

TaylorMade Project A Golf Balls are designed for the novice player and those with who have difficulties with their swing. These balls come in handy to provide ultimate green control and off the tee distance.

Project A golf balls come with a similar dimple pattern as is the case with TaylorMade’s tour-level golf balls. This provides golfers with increased ball speeds and minimal drag. These golf balls come with a urethane cover which features a dual dimple core which all golfers regardless of their skill level will appreciate.

best golf balls for women

Read a full review of other TaylorMade Golf Balls.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

best golf balls for women

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are optimized to provide players with more distance. They come in a simple package and are available in a wide variety of colors. The good thing about colorful golf balls is that golfers don’t have to struggle with finding them in the field. The Chrome Soft Golf Balls are an ideal option for golf players seeking to achieve more distance at affordable prices.

best golf balls for women

Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls

best golf balls for women

The Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls are optimized to make them the ultimate golf ball. They come with the dimple in dimple design that minimizes sidespin to maintain more golf balls in play. These golf balls are well balanced and versatile to give players the ideal greenside performance, a soft feel, and a low driver spin.

best golf balls for women

You’ll get all these for very affordable prices. If you’re looking to achieve more distance, accuracy, and an advantage ahead of your competitors, these balls are ideal. If you don’t fancy white balls, these balls are available in optic yellow for added visibility both in the rough and the fairway green. Look at more Bridgestone Golf Balls.

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

best golf balls for women

The Vice Soft Golf Balls are affordable and offer enhanced performance. The balls are designed with a 3 piece cast urethane cover and are ideal for golfers with a slower swing. They come in a wide variety of color.

Players are guaranteed to enjoy the feel, sound, and excellent performance of the Vice Pro Soft. the balls come with low compression to give them a great soft and responsive feel. They are a durable and good value for your expenditure.

The Vice Soft golf balls feature a matte neon lime finish for enhanced visibility on the field, especially during bad weather.

best golf balls for women

How do I choose the best golf balls for women?

What’s the best strategy to use when choosing your golf balls? Do we buy new or used? You need to consider various factors such as your specific needs and skill level. Eventually, you may have to select various boxes and try them out. Here are tips to help

Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Top Golf Ball

There are four essential factors to consider when choosing a golf ball when you shop as seen below:


Price is one of the most critical factors to consider when it comes to choosing the ideal golf ball. Buying new or used has an impact on price. While many people may think that the most expensive balls are the best, this is far from the truth. Sometimes the cheapest balls give you the best performance.

One thing you should keep in mind is that your golf ball budget should be determined by your skill level. The more you improve, the better you’ll get at leveraging the spin features and soft feel of more expensive golf balls.

Remember, if you are out to improve your skills, opt to play more and save money to buy high-end balls in the future. You could buy them as a reward to yourself for performing well.

Full Shots

Many full swing shots are regulated by altering the setup and eventually taking a comprehensive swing. When comparing short game putts and shots, it’s easy to notice that both involve partial swings, and controlling different distances.

This is why the golf ball feel is more or less important when it comes to shot making. Still, many golfers have different preferences and will either choose a soft feel or harder golf ball as they execute their swing shots. This may not have a direct impact on a player’s ability to execute the shot. However, this can have an impact on their confidence.


Feel is a personal preference and you may want to try different balls until you can get the ball that makes you confident. To get a better understanding of feel, you may want to consider the following factors.

Short Game

The feel comes in handy during the short game. Of course, we may have difficulties determining the right feel you need to execute short game shots.

Many professional golfers prefer a ball that has a softer feel on the green. You will need to try various ball options before you can finally identify one with a soft feel depending on your requirements.


All golf putts need a certain level of feel for better control on the green. Many professionals opine that when assessing whether or not a ball is the right one for you, you may want to begin trying it on the green and putting all the available options.

Eventually, you’ll need to dispose of the balls that are hard to control on the green.

What should the compression on the ball be that I play?

Golf technology has continued to advance over the years. This has been necessitated by the advancement of golf shafts and clubs. The right compression rating is a critical factor to consider when choosing the ideal golf balls.

Golfers with a slow swing need low compression golf balls. It’s worth noting that golf ball compression ratings vary between 70 and 110.

If you can appropriately match ball compression with your swing, then you can increase your golf shot distance. A ball compression of approximately 80 should be ideal if you never send the ball over a long distance, are an average strength woman or senior, or are a junior golfer. 80 compression balls enable slow swingers to compress the ball with ease.

90 Compression Rating

Are you a female? Do you have long ball hits? Or are you an average male? If any of these questions is yes, then the 90 compression golf balls will be ideal for you.

These balls need a faster clubhead speed on shot to help maximize the ball compression. You’ll need to test different balls to establish the ball that goes farthest with your swing. If your clubhead speed is fast, or you usually send the ball over 275 yards off the tee, then the 100 compression golf ball will be ideal for you.

This ball will help boost distance in all your shots. If your clubhead speed isn’t fast enough, you could experience a decreased range off the tee.

Test Different Balls

To play the ideal ball and be at the top of your game, you want to test different ball compression ratings within the practice range. Note down the average distance you hit each ball rating using the same golf club.

Some golfers select soft compression ball ratings because they have a better feel when it comes to hitting approach shots. You may need to mitigate the feel of each ball and the distance measure as you hit your short irons and wedges.

What golf ball should I hit for longer distances?

The following are top golf balls ideal for longer distances. Free advice on best price for good deals.

Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls

best golf balls for beginners

Pinnacle soft golf balls are low compression. They’re the softest balls you can use if you’re looking at hitting for long-distance and low spin.

The ball comes with 332 dimples, a feature that guarantees that the flight across the air isn’t under pressure. Pinnacle balls go through stringent testing procedures to ensure that they are ideal for achieving distance.

It’s worth noting that many professional golfers check for ball softness. Many average golfers today are particular about ball softness. You can be sure that the Pinnacle soft golf balls are ideal for distance regardless of the club players use. What’s more, they are affordable.

best golf balls for beginners

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls

best golf balls for beginners

While Nitro, a company that specializes in the production of golf balls may not be the biggest brand, their golf balls are some of the cheapest in the market. Further, their golf balls are specially designed to help players achieve distance. The balls come with a titanium core which increases the energy on impact.

The Nitro ultimate distance golf balls are made of two-piece construction and feature an aerodynamic dimple design for extra distance. One great thing about these balls is that they are available in various colors.

This increases ball visibility ensuring that you don’t lose the ball in the rough. If you’re on a budget, these balls will give you good value for your money. The package includes three extra balls, something that many manufacturers don’t do.

best golf balls for beginners

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

best golf balls for beginners

Distance Plus Golf Balls as the name suggests are specially designed to help players achieve distance. They are highly rated across the world and feature an extra-large core and a thin cover to help players get the most distance. Top deals on these are fairly easy to find, but you may not get free shipping.

These are 2 piece golf balls from are specially designed to middle and high handicapped golf players searching to enhance distance with each of their drives. These balls are available in two different colors and are affordable.

best golf balls for beginners

Final Thoughts

Top deals on price can be found before you click add to cart if you want to save. The question: Are you looking for the best golf ball for your skill level in the game of golf? If you are, then this guide should help you find the best balls with minimal struggle. Check out this site that talks about how golf balls are refurbished if you are really cheap. Lol!

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