Best Golf Balls For Beginners – Review 2023 Edition

Golf is an interesting game! If you observe most people who are playing golf, you would probably see them often seem to pack irons. But, you might wonder, where are the best golf balls for beginners?

If you are a golfer, it is good to be concerned about golf balls. Some people might argue that any available ball can play. Well! No! To make great strides in the game, you will need to own the right Golf balls set. Know that golf balls are equally important as golf clubs.

Irrespective of the style in use, a ball will be the same even if there is a change in the iron.

Therefore, the top five best golf balls for beginners

brands for beginners currently in the market are as follows:

  1. Callaway
  2. Srixon
  3. Pinnacle
  4. Wilson
  5. TaylorMade

You may want to look at some of our tips for buying the best golf ball for your game.

Considerations in Buying

When looking to buy the best golf balls for beginners, it is important to consider what features are most important. You must look at the ball spin, the price of the golf ball, and the compression rate.

Ball Spin

It is important to consider the spin of a golf ball when looking for the best one for beginners. After all, what use would it be to have a high-tech golf ball if it’s not giving novice golfers the benefits they need? Spin helps with ball flight control, meaning fewer hooks and slices.

More spin also means an increased backspin which is great for accurately stopping shots on the green. Plus, having extra control allows for more accuracy and confidence out on the course – so it can certainly save some embarrassment! All in all, considering spin when selecting a beginner golf ball ensures all those new to the game benefit from its qualities and have an enjoyable time golfing.


Whether you’re a golf pro or someone who is just getting into the game, finding the right ball for your needs is an essential step in ensuring your game reaches its potential. But why stop at finding just any ball? Picking the best golf ball can be determined by one key factor: its price!

Price should be considered because it helps narrow down the field of options; high prices usually mean higher quality, while lower-priced ones may not have all the features you need. Plus, with certain models costing up to 100 dollars a dozen, why not save some money and choose one that is more affordable? By looking at price when searching for golf balls, you can rest assured that you have made a great decision that works both for your pocket and your golf swing!

Compression Rate

Every expert golfer knows that the compression rate of a best golf balls for beginners is essential to achieving accuracy and distance, but why should beginners pay attention to this? Choosing a golf ball with the right amount of compression can make all the difference when it comes to taking your game up a notch.

Compression rate has an impact on how the golf ball spins and reacts off the club during a swing, which can affect the ball’s direction and control. Considering compression before you buy may be confusing for novice players, but understanding what numbers are best for your playstyle can help you avoid bad shots and wasted strokes. After all, nobody wants their starting handicap weighed down with penalties from an ill-suited golf ball!

A Detailed review of the best golf ball for distance and accuracy

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist's Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Titleist’s Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Forget those pesky hooks and slices that make golfing a nightmare! Titleist Velocity is one of the best beginners golf balls will give you fantastic distance, low spin rate, higher ball flight, and more control with your irons. Not to mention the added bonus of being able to choose between four vibrant colors – white, matte green, pink, or orange – so now you can go out on the course looking as fabulous as your game plays!


Take your game to the next level with Titleist Velocity best golf balls for beginner! Get longer distance than ever before, extremely low long-game spin for unrivaled control, and greater iron stability—all while maintaining a high flight no matter how you swing. It’s like having an extra club in your bag without carrying anything else!

Pinnacle Golf Soft 15-Ball White

Pinnacle's Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Pinnacle’s Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Get ready to hit the links with Pinnacle’s latest and best golf balls for beginners: 15-Ball White. This athletic powerhouse has an energy-stuffed, ultra-low compression core for maximum softness, increased distance, AND lower spin! Plus it comes complete with serious aerodynamic advantages – 332 dimples bring consistent flight time after time!

You can choose from three luxurious color options: regular white or both pink play number/side stamp designs in either optic Pink or classic White swagger. Play hard yet stay smooth like butter while playing your best game ever – now that’s peak performance at its pinnacle of perfection


Get ready to take your golf game to new heights with Pinnacle Golf Soft 15-Ball White! These top-quality recreation balls are crafted in the United States and come in a package that measures a sky-high 24.1 cm tall — perfect for getting those long drives off the tee! What’s more, this amazing product weighs an impressive 0.885 kgs — sure to give you maximum performance on every swing of your club.

TaylorMade Noodle 22 Long & Soft DDZ

TaylorMade's Best Golf Balls For Beginners

TaylorMade’s Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Why spend a fortune on best golf balls for beginners when you can get TaylorMade’s Noodle 22 Long & Soft DDZ for the low, low price of less than one buck? Not only is it super affordable, but its soft iothane cover gives your short game exceptional control. Plus these little baby beauties boast extraordinary longevity – I’m still enjoying mine after ten whole years!


With its impact propulsion core, you’ll be launching drives farther off the tee and enjoying a great feel with an increased spin around greens. The patented dimple design ensures that no matter how hard you hit your shot, it will fly straight as an arrow! Plus this model has amazing durability thanks to its IOTHANE cover – providing long-lasting use for all of your golfing adventures.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls 12B PK

Callaway's Best Golf Ball For Beginners

Callaway’s Best Golf Ball For Beginners

For beginner golfers looking for more than a one-trick pony, these Callaway Supersofts are the answer! Thanks to their HEX Aerodynamics technology, they provide both good ball speed and spin – plus an amazing high flight that’ll send wedge shots close to your target. No wonder why these have landed as Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in golf balls! Consider your search officially over; now go get ’em birdies.


Get that hole-in-one with the new and improved Callaway Supersoft best golf balls for beginners! Featuring a Hybrid Cover made of an innovative Paraloid Impact Modifier from Dow Chemical, you’ll experience blazing-fast ball speeds while receiving optimal launch and spin control.

The high-speed Soft Compression Core takes your game to greater heights so every drive is longer than ever before – plus Hex Aerodynamics optimizes its drag for enhanced lift-offs for maximum distance on each shot. Whether it’s birdies or eagles you’re after, look no further than these reliable balls. So pick up those clubs take aim at glory; feel the power of softness unleashed today!

Vice Golf Drive White Golf Balls

Vice's Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Vice’s Best Golf Balls For Beginners

For those new to the game and ready for a challenge, Vice Golf Drive White best golf balls for beginners are just what you need. Boasting three pieces instead of two with an added urethane material that packs more punch off the tee, this set is perfect for improving your swing speed without sacrificing distance or accuracy!

Choose from one of three stylish matte color options (red, white, and lime), making every round look sharp as well as successful. An upgrade in golf gear doesn’t get better than this – jump into high-quality performance today with Vice Pro Softs!


Vice Golf Drive White Golf Balls are a tee-time must-have! Not only do they have extreme durability and cut resistance, but also feature an extra-long alignment line for optimal accuracy. With the Hotlist winner of 2020 in its pocket, these novice-friendly golf balls will give you just what you need to get your game going on the green – distance off that powerful swing of yours! Plus their white colorway looks awesome while doing it.

Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls

Volvik's Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Volvik’s Best Golf Balls For Beginners

Introducing the Power Soft from Volvik – it’s like having your cake and eating it too! With a mid-high launch, lower spin, impressive control around the greens, and five eye-popping colors to choose from; this golf ball is sure to have beginners everywhere feeling like pros.

Not only does this peak performer offer long distance but also won high ratings on Volvik’s website – at an unbeatable price point that your wallet will love too. Get ready for performance worthy of tournaments with every swing thanks to the perfect combination of low/mid compression (70) ideal for speeds up to 75-95 mph.


Volvik Power Soft best golf balls for beginners: For the first-time golfer, these balls are like a superpower. With their oversized core and increased speed, you’ll be driving your ball to longer distances with more accuracy than ever before!

The dimple design ensures optimal flight control and stability while the ionomer cover gives a soft greenside performance. Plus they come in five glossy colors for better visibility – so good luck avoiding those sand traps!

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls 

Wilson's Best Golf Bals For Beginners

Wilson’s Best Golf Bals For Beginners

Get your next round up to par with Wilson Staff Zip, the best golf balls for lady beginners! A two-piece construction of a patented Zero Compression Core and Surlyn cover ensures that you get the perfect piece for low spin, fast speed off the tee box, and a soft feel around greens – all at a great price.

Not only that but its unique 302 PhD aerodynamics dimple pattern helps reduce drag and create an awesome stable flight so even newbies can hit it out of the ballpark in no time flat!


Get ready to take your game to the next level with Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls! Perfectly designed for beginners, these composite golf balls are equipped with a patented Zero Compression Core that packs an amazing punch. And we haven’t even mentioned the awesome Speed Generating Cover or 302 PhD aerodynamics flat-bottomed, shallow dimples – surefire ingredients for achieving maximum performance and stable penetrating ball flight.

Dimples on a Golf ball

Best Golf Balls For Beginners

If you keenly take a look at the best golf balls for beginners, you will realize that apart from being shiny, the surface is not that smooth. Why? Those things that make the golf ball not to be smooth are the dimples. Previously, balls were dimple free, but as time passed, dimples became integrated into balls. Therefore, as you examine the golf ball, you will see plenty of dimples which may make you wonder why that is the case?

A golf ball has an average depth of about 0.01 inch and between 300 and 500 dimples. The helpful thing about these dimples it that they enable a ball to project far away.

Dimples in balls come in different shapes; while some are spherical others are hexagonal.

Why a golf ball needs dimples?

Dimples on any golf ball carry out a vital role of lift and drag of a ball. These aerodynamic forces will aid in flight. As the ball travels up in the air, dimples will allow adequate air to cling to the ball’s surface.

As the best golf balls for beginners goes up, air will cling on the ball’s front side and later pass behind thereby reducing the drag and increasing the lift. The ball will in the process tend to travel further and higher.

However, for a smooth ball, air will not be able to cling onto the ball but smoothly flow making the ball to have half the drag and no lift increase.

Therefore, the lift will enable the ball to travel far and high in the distance while the drag provides a turbulent air layer for the surface of the ball to cling. In other words, dimples will allow the ball to keep going after an impact.

How do you choose a ball?

Beginner Golf Balls

As a starter in the golfing game, you might ask; what do you consider when choosing the right kind of ball? Well! Here are some crucial factors to stick to when choosing a golf ball for the occasion.


The way the best golf balls for beginners will react when it gets in contact with a golf club depends on the construction. In other words, the style of the golf game to be played will influence the choice of the ball in use. That is why you find manufacturers are keen when placing golf ball construction limits. The five main golf ball constructions that golfers use are as follows:

  • One- piece: when it comes to golfing, this kind is the most basic. The ball is made out of a solid sphere that is molded with dimples. Such kind of a ball is designed for beginners and is the best suit for crazy-golf courses and driving ranges where the ball will not have to travel far. For that reason, most players use it as a playing ball in such kinds of areas as it can lost easily. Regarding costs, the shots are pretty costly than other models.
  • Two- piece: it is a solid core built of tough and durable material. The golf ball’s firmer appearance enables it to generate more distance. Even if it has a high roll distance, it is not easy to control like other softer balls. Ordinary golfers commonly use it while playing.
  • Three-piece: the golf balls entail either a liquid core or solid rubber. Due to their softness, a golfer has more control of the ball when hit. Besides, a player can comfortably provide the desired spin.
  • Four-piece: each layer entailed in a four-piece has a different and specific purpose. It fuses the distance that the two-piece possesses with the three-piece construction feel. These two layers enable the ball to produce a good spin. The inner soft feel layer transfers the hot core energy, and the extra layer increases distance when it is hit.
  • Five-piece: in the golf ball area, the latest development is this five-piece ball. This ball features five layers which react to different swing speeds and shots to generate optimum performance. Five areas that the ball can optimize performance include short iron, mid iron, long irons, driving, and wedge shots.

Here are more details about how golf balls are made.


Much of the discussion about dimples has already been dealt with earlier. You are now aware that dimples determine the distance and speed that a ball will travel. Actually, the distance that a golf ball with dimples will go is almost twice the one that has no dimples. Also, a shot’s trajectory can also change greatly with a slight change of the ball’s depth.


Comprehension is a measurement of the deflection the best golf balls for beginners takes when a clubface hits it. A golf ball is constructed to be either a low-compression or high-compression. When the ball experiences a high comprehension, the distance traveled will be longer. The basic reason for this is that, when a club hits a ball, the rebound tends to be more. Experienced players with high swing speeds and good ball control can comfortably handle hard compressed balls.

In a scenario whereby there is less comprehension, the balls will compress easily, as they tend to be soft. Such kinds of best golf balls for beginners are usually suitable for high handicappers and new players as they respond well to better control and slower swing speeds.


The design of the best golf balls for beginners is such that they can meet a player’s needs. The major spin categories include:

Low spin: these kinds of balls decreases created side spins thereby allowing the shots to go straighter through the atmosphere. Players who struggle to cover more ground distance are best-suited to use the balls.

Mid-spin: a mid-spinning ball is a combination of high and low spin balls. Besides incorporating the best of both feel and distance, mid-spin balls offers players solid distance with a great feel.

High-spin: these are the kinds of balls designed to spin the most in the air. Players can control high spin balls better than other types of balls. But, the detrimental thing about them is that they don’t travel much distance.

Final Thought

Any golfer desires the best golf balls for distance and accuracy for beginners which will give an amazing experience on the golf course. For a new golfer, any ball that can travel a reasonable distance with a light swing and has minimal mishits is suitable. Such kind of a ball will enable a player to have the confidence to hit well and experiment with plenty of variations to find a suitable gaming style.

For this reason, all the five balls discussed above are best golf balls for beginners, but a TaylorMade golf ball stands out as it is easy to hold and hit. The ball has a low drag that enables the ball speed not to reduce as well as a substantial amount of dimples for holding air, which allows it to go far. Apart from covering good distances, the ball’s performance in the green section is encouraging. Therefore, owing to it having a good distance and nice launch, any newcomer will become confident when using this golf ball.

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