Taylormade P790 Reviews

So you may be wondering about the Taylormade P790 Reviews, well Taylormade say that it has created a forged distance which is much better for its players. Which to me sounds really useful and I am glad they have decided to make this wonderful set.

Although it isn’t fully forged all the way through, as it has a wrap-around face which is forged using 4140 Carbon Steel, this is then welded onto a casted 8620 Carbon Steel Body. This means that when you hit the ball with the forged section, the feel and the rest of the head will give you a few surprises.

With a hollow head, the P790 has a small screw in the toe, which around 4g of SpeedFoam is inserted into the cavity and will expand itself over 4 times to fill it. This helps to support the forged face as this piece is around 1.75mm thick in some areas.


Taylormade P790 Reviews

When you have a hollow ‘forged’ head which is filled with foam, it may have a sound which is similar to what the PXG has but, TaylorMade has made a head similar to this before which is the R9 Iron from 2009 which also contained foam within its head.

From the iron 3 to 7 there is a high-density weight made from tungsten which is at the back of the bottom cavity, this will help to increase the MOI (Moment Of Inertia) when using the set.

TaylorMade P790 Reviews


Taylormade P790 Reviews

In the front of this, there is a Cut-Thru Speed Pocket which can be found on the sole of the 3 right through to the 7 irons, where the thinner face is subject to a little flexing which will increase the speed of the ball.

Taylormade say that the Taylormade P790 Reviews definitely has the look and feel of a players iron, and when you place it down to take a good look around it, it does seem this way. Looking at the irons for a closer inspection, you can see that they have a large than usual size of blade throughout the whole set.

With the top line of the long blade (79mm, hence why it’s called a 790) is a lot thicker than you would usually expect with clubs of this size, although it does give a large sense of confidence and so does the little extra offset given.


Taylormade P790 Reviews

When you take a look at the P790 when it’s in the bag, it looks fantastic, having a modern design which is clean and with a matt finish. The chrome strip on the back which wraps around to the toe really stands out against the matt backing.

In this TaylorMade p790 Reviews it’ll provide that TaylorMade can really be proud that they have managed to produce one of the best-looking iron sets on the market, combining the toe screw and square font of the numbers together it looks phenomenal.

But, it’s not about the looks, it’s about the performance and comparing these to the smaller P770 irons, you can see that the new improved design gives a greater advantage when compared with the traditional construction of the P770 forged range.

TaylorMade P790 Irons

When comparing the 6 irons within the three sets available using GC2, you can see that the ball speed from the P790 was just over 5mph higher. Combining this with a 900 rpm spin which gave 10 yards of extra carry when comparing it to the P770 with the same club head speed of around 89mph.

Now before you rush off to purchase your TaylorMade P790 Reviews set for the lowest price, I want to point out the the P790 6 Iron, does have a 3 degree stronger when comparing it with the other 2 models which have 26.5 degrees, which maybe isn’t so surprising.

It’s down to the classical debate or what the number on the irons actually means. Of course, they have gone with the peak height which as shown is around the same but, with less spin and the ball going a lot faster, it is important that it will still stop quickly enough for you.

While the P790 set is portrayed as being a lot more forgiving than the other ranges, I found that it the set felt just as consistent as the other models. My range of spine and also distance varied slightly of around 5 yards of the average, with the difference between them being the ball speed and carry.

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The difference could either be me or the shaft itself, it might be noted that I was using a lighter true temper dynamic gold 105 shaft with the TaylorMade P790 Reviews rather than the stock KBS Tour FLT 120 shaft which is found on the P770 set which is notably heavier by around 15 grams.

The feel is totally different in this new shaft within the P790, it is great and you really feel like you can get a great impact through the head. Although, this isn’t for everyone as many people may feel like it is too light.

Going from the 7 iron upwards is where you can really start to benefit from the technology of the TaylorMade P790 Reviews irons larger head. The SpeedPocket slots with the tungsten weighting and the cavity really help to bring this head together.

You really start to get into the groove getting into the top end of the irons. You notice that the construction loses the slot and tungsten. The wedge was really springy when compared to the forged blades which may be a small issue for some of the lower handicappers.


Taylormade P790 Reviews

The sound and feel of this set was a little on the hollow side, but if you can catch the head right, you can get a great zippy feel. But, this wasn’t as consistent as I thought it would be throughout the irons. Which is often found when you combine a number of different head constructions into a single set.

Looking at it realistically the P790 is a fantastic club, but when you look at it as a player’s iron it certainly doesn’t have the feel and consistency when compared with other sets. The short irons are not quite sharp but I could easily see a player mixing the lower irons with another of the P700 sets.

It gives you the feeling that high single figure players could make real use of the Taylormade P790 Reviews and while it may work well for them, there are a number of different slightly larger head clubs which are slightly cheaper and allow a more forgiving head. You may want to take a look at the TaylorMade M1 2017.

Final Thought

Taylormade P790 Reviews

If TaylorMade had given the P790 a slightly larger head and maybe have the slots all the way down to help give consistency. With the great looks of the irons it could be a definite winner with a set of irons which is aimed at the 6-12 handicap level.

With all that aside, this TaylorMade P790 Reviews set is definitely a player’s set and is the most forgiving of the current P700 model series. With a great amount of ball speed, if it fits your needs and budget then it would be a great choice for you without a doubt!