Womens Golf Shoes, Knowing The Best Brands!

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Women Golf Shoes

If you play a lot of golf and walk instead of ride, choosing the right women golf shoes product is an important choice of golf equipment. These days, there are plenty of top product options to choose from. Hopefully, this review provides help if you are looking for a new pair.

I recommend having more than one pair in your size to rotate them in and out, depending on the course (and weather) conditions. Also, switching pairs of shoes is a good thing for your feet if you go on a multiple-round golf vacation. Price does matter when looking for good women’s golf shoes; some deals provide free shipping.

Best Women’s Golf Shoes for Beginners Ideas

  • Traction (Spikes or spikeless): It is increasingly more difficult to find spiked golf shoes, especially for women, with many brands moving to offer shoes with rubber dimples instead of spikes. Spikes provide more stability than spikeless styles, especially on hilly courses and in wet conditions. But today’s spikeless shoes are more advanced.
  • Waterproof: finding waterproof shoes can be a challenge. Many styles/brands are more “meshlike” – breathable but not waterproof. Non-waterproof shoes may be more breathable but not suitable for water. Also, note that many shoes aren’t entirely waterproof but are pretty water-resistant. Water-resistant shoes will only keep the water out somewhat. If you want to go wading in creeks and ponds, you’ll need waterproof shoes, but you’ll give up on breathability.
  • Comfort/Fit: not all brands suit or fit all people. Nothing is worse than a pair of shoes with a tight heel, causing blisters. If there is any discomfort when trying on a pair, they probably aren’t the right fit. Make sure you try on shoes wearing the socks you will be wearing on the course (note: socks can make a big difference if you wear them). The width of your feet may impact what shoes you put on the menu for purchase.
  • Style: who doesn’t want their shoes to look stylish? And these days, there are WAY better options than the “Oxford style” saddle shoes we used only to be able to find. Brands these days offer traditional styles as well as more athletic styles.
  • Price: A pair of golf shoes run between $50 – and $300. You can sometimes get a good pair on sale at a big box golf store for a reasonable price, but it can be hit or miss on styles and sizes, especially if the width of your feet is more comprehensive. And, especially on Amazon, specific colors of certain styles can have big fluctuations in cost. Most won’t provide free shipping unless you are a Prime member, but you will get customer service.

What are the Best Womens Golf Shoes

After carefully surveying customer reviews and conducting thorough testing, our team finalized what are the best womens golf shoes today. These shoes define the perfect blend of comfort, style, and utmost performance on the green and have been well-received by golfing enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned as we introduce you to these top-notch selections and help you find your perfect fit in women’s golf shoes.

New Balance Women's Golf Shoes

New Balance Women’s Golf Shoes

In my opinion, the New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Breathe Golf Shoe is an amazing pick, especially as one of the best women’s golf shoes for beginners. It exemplifies an ideal blend of comfort, usability, and stylish appeal. Whether made domestically or imported, the 100% synthetic material of the shoe lends itself to quality.

I was particularly impressed with the synthetic rubber sole, offering durability and a firm grip across various surfaces. The upper part is crafted from waterproof microfiber leather, which adds a sleek touch while also ensuring a protective shield for your feet.

The unique detail about this shoe is its DynaSoft 10mm drop midsole. This feature offers lightweight cushioning coupled with high responsiveness, adapting seamlessly to your foot’s every move. For me, the cherry on top is the comfort-enhancing CUSH+ insole, making this shoe a dream for those prolonged stints on the green.


The New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Breathe Golf Shoe is designed to provide a snug yet comfortable fit. It wraps around the foot beautifully to enable smooth movement, while the sturdy build makes you feel firm. Combined with its DynaSoft midsole, the synthetic material gives the user a soft, cushioned feel each time the foot is planted.


Thanks to the CUSH+ insole, comfort is high on the agenda with these shoes. This addition helps support your foot, adjust to its shape, and provide top-tier comfort that lasts all day. The breathability of these shoes further adds to their comfort, enabling ample air circulation even during more strenuous activities. The shoe’s waterproof aspect also ensures comfort in wet conditions, keeping your feet always dry.


These shoes promise excellent performance with a synthetic rubber sole and the NDurance outsole. They offer a firm grip on multiple surfaces, making them a perfect pick for golf courses. The robust outsole is designed to withstand heavy use and add to the shoe’s overall performance by providing stability. The waterproof microfiber leather upper further enhances performance in varied weather conditions. 

Gfore Women's Golf Shoes

Gfore Women’s Golf Shoes

In my view, the G/FORE Ladies Cap Toe Gallivanter G4LS21EF04 Women’s Golf Shoes in size 7.5 Pink are a fantastic option for those who require women’s golf shoes in a narrow width. Not only do they blend style with performance for the contemporary golfer, but the eye-catching pink hue and elegant design are also sure to turn heads on the course.

Constructed with a high-quality rubber sole, these Gallivanter shoes for women deliver durability and traction that translate to exceptional performance. As someone who values both support and cushioning during long strolls on the green, I certainly appreciate the comfortable insole and the thoughtful design.

In essence, these shoes not only look incredible, but they also bring outstanding functionality and stability to the table, allowing you to excel at your game.


The G/FORE Ladies Cap Toe Gallivanter offers a luxurious feel. It has been crafted for a snug fit that doesn’t compromise on ease of movement. The shoe texture also provides a smooth feel, adhering to foot contour and training, making each footstep feel natural during the play.


Prioritizing comfort, the shoe comes with a cushioned insole. This means it comfortably molds to the foot’s shape to provide unique comfort – a feature you will genuinely appreciate during long games or walks on the greens.

Its sturdy yet flexible sole aids in reducing foot fatigue, guaranteeing optimal comfort throughout the day.


As far as the version is concerned, these G4 womens golf shoes exceed expectations. Primarily, they offer increased stability that golfers look for during swings. The robust rubber sole provides excellent traction on the golf course, enhancing your performance by ensuring you stand firm on multiple surfaces. 

Footjoy Women’s Golf Shoes

Footjoy Women’s Golf Shoes

When it comes to the best women’s golf shoes for beginners, in my experience, the women’s Footjoy golf shoes check all the right boxes. Putting style, comfort, and cutting-edge footwear technology on display, these shoes are crafted in the USA and cater to the needs of enthusiastic golfers.

The shoes feature a clean white design, sporting a robust rubber sole for durability and prime grip across various terrains on a golf course. To top it off, they incorporate Performance Mesh—a lightweight material designed to deliver unbeatable comfort and top-notch breathability throughout the day.

Complemented by a cushioned EVA midsole, these shoes excel in underfoot cushioning, combining both comfort and stability. The Performa Sport Last is yet another impressive element, offering a full rounded toe character that ensures a snug fit across the forefoot and a narrower fit in the heel. With the added benefit of extra toe spring, golfers can count on an all-around comfortable experience when they step into these shoes for their next round of golf.


The FootJoy Women’s FJ Flex Golf Shoe features a luxurious and secure feel. The shoe’s design adapts to the feet’s movements without constraining them, giving you a comfortable, snug fit that allows for effortless walking and swinging across the course.


Prioritizing comfort, the FJ Golf Shoe boasts a soft EVA midsole with increased underfoot cushioning and a cushioned fit-bed for additional support. The Performance Mesh employed in the shoe adds to its overall comfort, thanks to its lightweight properties and superior breathability.


These golf shoes excel in delivering top-notch performance. The VersaTrax outsole has multiple traction zones that work together to secure grip on the course, improving your swing and enabling confident strides on various terrains. The Performa Sport Last enhances fit and comfort, ultimately aiding optimal golf performance.

Callaway Womens Golf Shoes

Callaway Womens Golf Shoes

Based on my experience, the Callaway Women’s Marin Golf Shoe is a remarkable option for those seeking women’s golf shoes with a narrow width. Melding style, comfort, and performance into a sleek grey design, these shoes come with a synthetic rubber sole. This ensures both long-lasting durability and a steadfast grip on the golf course.

Beyond this, I’m drawn to the waterproof performance mesh and microfiber leather upper, which ensure ideal protection for your feet under various conditions. Bolstering the overall comfort, the Opti-soft EVA midsole delivers a natural ground feel.

What sets these shoes apart is the spikeless dura-rubber outsole and multi-directional traction lugs. These features enhance the shoe’s stability and traction, giving you the confidence to focus on your swing. The addition of the 5mm PLUSfoam insole elevates the comfort and supports your feet with each swing—an ideal choice for narrow-footed golfers wanting both style and substance on the green.


The Callaway Women’s Marin Golf Shoe offers a luxurious feel thanks to its synthetic material construction, which seamlessly contours your foot for a snug yet non-constricting fit. The soft feel of the materials used and the responsive design make each step natural and effortless.


Prioritizing comfort, this shoe features an Opti-soft EVA midsole that offers a natural ground feel, reducing foot strain and ensuring comfort during long golfing sessions. The additional 5mm PLUSfoam insole furthers the cushioning, providing a softer landing spot for your feet and reducing foot fatigue.


The shoe shines in its ability to enhance performance on the course. With a spikeless dura-rubber outsole and multi-directional traction lugs, the shoes offer excellent stability and grip across various terrains. This design aims to improve your swing stability and allows you to navigate the course with confidence and precision. 

Addidas Womens Golf Shoes

Addidas Womens Golf Shoes

If you ask me what the best women’s golf shoes are, I’d like to highlight the Adidas Women’s Retrocross Golf Shoe. This shoe masterfully merges style, comfort, and sustainability in equal measure. Made with a blend of recycled materials, including a microfiber and textile leather upper, it reflects Adidas’ dedication to reducing plastic waste.

Equipped with a Polyurethane sole, the regular-fit shoe promises durability and a dependable grip on the golf course. The waterproof upper ensures your feet stay dry even in damp conditions, making it golfer’s ideal companion.

I’m thoroughly impressed by the shoe’s bold, reimagined retro design, which brings a heritage look that works both on and off the course. Lightweight and comfortable, it’s an excellent choice for casual rounds of golf and, I believe, ranks among the best women’s golf shoes available today.


The Adidas Women’s Retrocross Golf Shoe provides a unique feel. Made with recycled materials, the shoe offers a snug fit without restricting the feet’s movement. The regular fit design ensures users feel comfortable, while the retro-inspired look boosts confidence on and off the course.


Comfort is prioritized in these shoes; a snug regular fit and a Polyurethane sole provide a soft and smooth walking experience, minimizing strain on your feet. Its waterproof upper protects your feet from moist conditions, boosting your comfort and allowing you to focus solely on your game.


This shoe is designed to enhance performance with its grip-friendly Polyurethane sole, which offers a firm ground hold, enhancing your swing stability and leaps. They’re built to last with a waterproof upper, ensuring that wet conditions won’t dampen your performance.

Money-Saving Recommendation for Female Golfers

If you’re a golfer looking to add to your sports shoe collection without breaking the bank, one practical tip is to be patient and take advantage of clearance sales on Amazon. 

Women’s golf shoes often feature in clearance sales, which can save you quite a bit of money without sacrificing the quality or performance of the product.

Keep an eye on the Amazon Women’s Golf Shoes section, where discounts are regularly offered, especially during end-of-season and holiday sales. Pay attention to brands that frequently offer high values, such as Callaway Women’s Marin Golf Shoe and adidas Women’s Retrocross Golf Shoe.

Most Asked Questions!

What are the key features to look for when purchasing women’s golf shoes?

When shopping for women’s golf shoes, important factors to consider include comfort, support, stability, traction, durability, and waterproofing. Additionally, consider the style and whether the shoe is spikeless or has replaceable cleats, depending on your personal preference and the type of courses you play on.

How should women’s golf shoes fit for optimal performance and comfort?

A proper fit for women’s golf shoes should provide ample support and stability without being too tight or causing discomfort. The shoes should have a snug fit in the heel, good arch support, and enough room in the toe box for your toes to spread comfortably. Consider any specific needs, such as narrow or wide feet, and seek out shoes designed to cater to those particular requirements.

How often should women’s golf shoes be replaced?

The frequency at which women’s golf shoes should be replaced depends on factors such as the shoe’s quality, how often you play, and the type of terrain you usually play on. Generally, good-quality golf shoes can last between 2-3 years with regular use. However, it is essential to monitor the shoe’s traction, support, and overall condition and replace them if any of these factors begin to deteriorate noticeably.


Choosing the right golf shoe is crucial for any enthusiastic female golfer, not only for performance but also to ensure comfort and veritable style. The lineage of competitive options might seem daunting, but this review has provided an in-depth look at some of the best golf shoes available from labels like New Balance, Gfore, Footjoy, Callaway, and Adidas.

When hunting for your perfect pair, consider critical factors like traction, comfort, fit, style, and price. Whether you prefer the traditional spikes or the more recent spikeless designs, whether you value

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