Womens Golf Shoes: A Review of Top 5

If you play a lot of golf, and if you walk instead of ride, choosing the right women’s golf shoes product is important golf equipment choice. These days, there are plenty of top product options to choose from. Hopefully this review provides help if you are looking for a new pair.

I recommend that you have more than one pair in your size so that you can rotate them in and out, depending on the course (and weather) conditions. Also, if you go on a multiple round golf vacation, switching pairs of shoes is a good thing for your feet. Price does matter when looking for good women’s golf shoes, some deals provide free shipping.

What should go into your decision?

  • Traction (Spikes or spikeless): It is increasing more difficult to find spiked golf shoes, especially for women, with many brands moving to offer shoes with rubber dimples instead of spikes. Spikes provide more stability than spikeless styles, especially on hilly courses and in wet conditions. But today’s spikeless shoes are more advanced.
  • Waterproof: finding waterproof shoes can be a challenge. Many styles/brands are more “meshlike” – breathable, but definitely not waterproof. Non-waterproof shoes may be more breathable, but not suitable for water. Also note that many shoes aren’t entirely waterproof but are quite water resistant. Water resistant shoes will only keep the water out somewhat. If you want to go wading in creeks and ponds, you’ll need waterproof shoes, but you’ll give up on breathability.
  • Comfort/Fit: not all brands suit or fit all people. There is nothing worse than a pair of shoes that have a tight heel, causing blisters. If there is any discomfort when trying on a pair, they probably aren’t the right fit. Make sure you try on shoes wearing the socks you will be wearing on the course (note: socks can make a big difference if you’re wearing them). The width of your feet may impact what shoes you put on the menu for purchase.
  • Style: who doesn’t want their shoes to look stylish? And these days, there are WAY better options than the “oxford style” saddle shoes we used to only be able to find. Brands these days offer traditional styles, as well as more athletic styles.
  • Price: golf shoes run between $50 – $300 for a pair. You can sometimes get a good pair on sale at a big box golf store for a good price, but it can be hit or miss on styles and sizes, especially if the width of your feet are wider. And, especially on Amazon, certain colors of certain styles can have big fluctuations in cost. Most won’t provide free shipping unless you are a Prime member, but you will get customer service.


While on the higher end of the price spectrum, ECCO brand golf shoes are extremely comfortable, offer substantial support and are durable. Some models run on the wide side, so they may not be best for women with narrow feet. They offer a variety of styles and colors and come in spike and spikeless options.

ECCO HYDROMAX run $150+ but this product is waterproof. While they are spikeless, they still have good traction and support.

ECCO Women’s Speed Hybrid Golf Shoes are not waterproof since they have perforations in the leather, and come in a few “fun” colors (e.g. bright green, orange). They have this “sock” on the inside that adds comfort and additional cushion. The only drawback is that slipping them on in the parking lot can be a bit tight (but once they are on, they are great).

Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex shoes are quite pricey (over $200), but the product has breathable leather uppers and are quite durable. They are spikeless, but ECCO’s technology is advanced and they offer substantial traction. Not sure what to think about the boa closure system instead of laces.


After watching the Matt Kuchar and Tony Romo Skecher golf commercials — and being a supporter of Skecher shoes for regular wear because the are “Built for Performance in Mind” – I tried Skechers golf shoes women. They haven’t disappointed. You can find Skechers in the price range $45 – $110 per pair range, so they are on the affordable side. They have a variety of styles and within the styles, they come in multiple color options.

Go Golf Pro Shoe: these have spikes and are waterproof. I found them true to size. I don’t know if I would call them “leather” since they look more like plastic, but they clean up easily. Definitely not waterproof.

Go Golf Birdie Shoe: these are “meshlike” and quite breathable and come in an assortment of colors.

The GO GOLF Max Cut product has the same technology found in the Skechers GOwalk Max shoes with “responsive cushioning,” making them comfortable all day. The upper is made with synthetic mesh to promote airflow. They are water resistant but not fully waterproof.


Nike golf shoes come in a range of pricing (especially if you don’t mind previous season shoes), styles and options. Most Nike shoes are lightweight and have good cushioning. Many styles are not water resistant.

Nike’s Air Zoom Victory golf shoes have waterproof uppers to keep your feet dry and a sockliner and Nike’s Zoom Air Unit offer cushioning inside. For traction there are four spikes along with spikeless traction.

Definitely not waterproof or water resistant, Nike Roshe G golf shoes product are very breathable and lightweight and come in a variety of colors – at a good pricetag (under $60). They are technically spikeless, but they have the feel of spikes in terms of traction and support.


Footjoy golf shoes come in all kinds of styles for women, and at a good price. And you can often find great deals on previous season shoes. Many Footjoy styles would be considered “traditional”, but are top items on the menu.

Superlites are stylish, affordable, light, and have a mesh upper for breathability. Superlites are not waterproof, but for women’s golf, they have a great price. A new pair of these will make you a happy customer.

Footjoy also still makes a golf sandal that has a lot more support than other sandals on the market (which often seem too loose to swing and don’t have good traction). Their sandals have spikes and adjustable Velcro straps that can be tightened. Some cons about golf sandals (in general, not just Footjoy):

  • over time, they SMELL (really, really smell). And putting them in the washing machine won’t take the smell out of the synthetic and plastic materials
  • they are not attractive
  • they give you odd tan lines that make your feet look dirty


Women’s golf has new product for a decent price for these top women golf shoes. I have tried new Adidas golf shoes because of their style. But after three + tries, I have given up. They all seem to have narrow heels – and cause bad blisters with the rubbing. They may just not be a brand for me.

The last pair I tried were the Climacool II Golf Shoes – this product has a great color selection, and were super breathable (not just mesh, but slits on the side). Don’t wear these with socks since they are more breathable than regular shoes. Someone in customer service who knows women’s items, especially women’s golf shoes should be able to get you free shipping.

If you have a narrow heel and want a traditional golf shoe with a modern look, the Adidas Tech Response is option to try. The microfiber leather upper offers a classic style and inside, there is a sockliner to add cushioning. The Tech Response has spikes for maximum stability.


Today’s women’s golf shoes product has come a long way. It’s important to try them on and out before taking them out on the course. Get a few pair to help break in the new shoe.