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Hybrid Golf Club

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Hybrid Golf Clubs


It has revolutionized how golfers play. The hybrid club performs better than fairway woods in terms of distance and outperforms standard irons in terms of accuracy.

The golf clubs got the name “hybrid” due to mixing some features of both golf irons and fairway woods. The outcome is usually great.

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Hybrid Golf Clubs

Why are Hybrid Golf Club Better than Golf Irons?

More Distance

Golfers use hybrid golf club to replace golf irons. A golfer will hit an extra distance when using a hybrid golf club than the distance it would hit when using a golf iron of the same number.  In most cases, the extra distance is usually by 5 to 8 yards. The extra distance is provided due to the lower and deeper center of gravity.

Higher trajectory

The club heads of the hybrid golf club are larger than the standard iron club heads. This provides a lower and deeper center of gravity. Due to this aspect, it becomes easier to hit the ball with the hybrid compared to the iron.

A 4- hybrid shots will give a higher trajectory rather than a 4- iron shots. Once a shot has a higher trajectory it gives a golfer a better chance to hold the green, this makes a hybrid club more preferable.

More accuracy

When a casual player is using a hybrid golf club, he or she is likely to hit the ball farther. The longest 3-hybrid shot may not travel so much farther than the longest 3-iron shot, but an average golfer using a hybrid is likely to reach the peak distance more often than when using a standard golf iron.

Due to this factor, some golfers may prefer to replace a certain number of golf iron with a hybrid golf club with the next highest number.

Components of Hybrid Golf Club

A hybrid golf club has various components that include the following;


Golf Grip

Different manufacturers offer grips of different colors and styles. The grip is very crucial as it determines how well you hold the hybrid golf club. You can hit the best shots using the hybrid once you have picked a comfortable grip for your hands.

It’s crucial to consider the weather conditions since when the environment is hot, you are likely to get sweaty. In this case, you will need a stickier grip that can withstand the moisture. When playing in rainy environments, a golf glove will provide a good grip.

The length of the shaft is usually similar to that of an iron. This being the case, the shafts have a shorter length that provides more feel and control. This isn’t the case for the fairway wood as it has a longer shaft. For instance. A 5- hybrid club shaft length maybe 39 inches while a 5- wood shaft length maybe 42 inches.


The hybrid club’s shaft thickness is different from that of iron and fairway wood. It’s about 1/16 inch thicker than wood. This aspect helps the hybrid twist less at impact resulting in straighter golf shots.  This is one reason why golfers find hybrids providing easier shots and hitting straighter compared to the woods.

Hybrid clubs swing faster since their shaft weight is lighter than that of a fairway wood. This gives the golfer more control and better clubhead speeds.


A hybrid’s clubhead is less in overall size and volume. The head is rounded so that it will hit the flat face. The face is harder to produce longer golf shots even when the golf wings are slower.

Golf Club Heads


This is where the club head connects with the shaft. The hosels of most hybrids are not adjustable. You can’t, therefore, change the settings or loft to account for the draw and fade swing bias. 

There are standard loft angles for the hybrid golf club, thus you may need to carry multiple hybrids with different lot angles. This will ensure that you have covered the distance gaps between your irons and your driver.

Nevertheless, some improvements have been done to the hybrid clubs to make them adjustable. The hybrids with adjustability cost more than the standard hybrid clubs. They are made adjustable in terms of weight to manipulate the center of gravity and your golf shot’s launch angle.

Center of gravity

The center of gravity in the hybrid club is placed in the clubhead. This allows the hybrid to launch the ball with a higher trajectory in contrast with the launch provided by iron and fairway wood. The center of gravity is back deeper in the clubhead and lower towards the bottom of the club. They, therefore, deliver great forgiveness and a softer flight.


The underneath side of the club is what is referred to as a sole. The sole of a hybrid is wider compared to that of an iron. This is a plus for beginners as with the wider sole they can make better contact and instill more confidence.

When looking at the bottom a golf iron, the club head’s is skinny but for the hybrid, the club head extends after the face and takes the rounded shape of a driver.


Golf loft

The loft is the clubface’s angle concerning the ground. A low- lofted hybrid is 14 to 17 degrees replaces the 3 or 5- wood. This is easier to hit than a long iron.

A moderate- lofted hybrid is 18 to 22 degrees can replace the 5- wood or 7- wood, and can substitute the 3- or 4- iron. Higher lofted hybrid is 23 to 28 degrees can replace a 9- wood, or a 4- or 5 iron depending on the furthest you can hit the clubs.

Picking the right hybrid golf clubs

You need to know the existing lofts of your fairway woods and irons before selecting the best loft for a golf hybrid club. Most of the fairway woods have a loft between 13,15 or 17 degrees. The typical 4 iron has a loft that starts around 23 to 25 degrees. This can go up to 29 degrees depending on the manufacturer.

A potential gap is left to be filled when you have chosen a loft of 17, 19 or 21 degrees. If you want to replace the 4-iron, you should consider a hybrid club with a loft of 23 degrees. Nevertheless, some 4-hybrid may not have a loft of 23 degrees. The loft varies depending on the manufacturers. A 4- the hybrid club may have a loft of 21 degrees while most of them have 23 degrees.

Having this in mind you should put into consideration the level of loft when selecting hybrids from different manufacturers.

Cost of Hybrid Golf Clubs

Cost of Hybrid Golf Clubs

Hybrids from popular brands such as Titleist, TaylorMade, and Callaway are more expensive hybrid clubs than those from less popular brands.

When purchasing from popular brands, the range is from $99 to $199 for a single hybrid club. Thus, if you want to change a few different irons to a few hybrids, then you are likely to spend a few hundred dollars.

With the above information, you have relevant information on golf clubs, their components and their benefits over iron and fairway wood. we hope that it will guide you as you choose a suitable golf club for you.

You can expect a better performance in your golf game and improve your skills in the same. Just be keen on the details of each golf club to ensure that it can be replaced with your existing golf iron.

Final Thought

Finding the best hybrid golf club in 2023 can be a challenging task, as there are many options available on the market. However, by considering factors such as personal preferences, skill level, and budget, golfers can make an informed decision and find the right hybrid club for their game.

It is recommended to try out different brands and models before making a purchase and to seek advice from professionals or experienced golfers. With the right hybrid golf club in hand, golfers can improve their game and enjoy the benefits of this versatile and practical club on the course.

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