Top Used Golf Clubs for Sale: Drivers, Iron Sets: 2020 Edition

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Best Used Golf Clubs for Sale - A Review

Having the best golf clubs for your swing is essential, but you can get some good deals on used golf clubs. There are high-end used clubs for sale all over the place. 

HINT: Everyone thinks a good golf game comes from the clubs … it’s the golf swing baby!


Although this gear is used, it is still in good condition. Additionally, there are websites you can look up to get the best-used golf clubs. We have taken the time to guide you through some of the best-used golf clubs available for sale out there now. 

Hopefully, this review is helpful for you in your search.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion is one golf club you should always be on the lookout for when searching for used clubs. A lot of companies have come up with golf clubs that try to offer forgiveness. But, most don’t stand up to Big Bertha Fusion. With a superior MOI (Moment of Inertia) to most clubs, this golf club is truly one of a kind.

Big Bertha Fusion - Top Used Golf Clubs

Design Behind This top Used Driver

In order to make this golf club have superior forgiveness, Callaway increased the MOI. This design includes getting the weight low and back. However, having the all-metal head keeps the weight up in the crown. Callaway has integrated carbon components to deal with the weight issue of the metal head.

The head of the Big Bertha Fusion has carbon parts to make it lighter for you. The light carbon materials carefully replace the heavy bits. What makes this golf club unique is the titanium Exo-Cage that makes up the body — additionally, a Triaxial Carbon crown and sole help to manage the weight of this club.

Used Golf Club - Big Bertha Fusion Driver

Triaxial carbon is lighter than titanium and also thinner than most metals. These metals make the Big Bertha Fusion Driver save around 35g of weight, which is redistributed on this top-rated used golf club

The weight is shared among the medallion, rear screw, and internal weight pads. By spreading the load, Callaway has increased the MOI by 17% on this golf club.

Moreover, to correct the weight issue, the head of this golf club has a triangular shape. The shape might seem weird, but it is perfect for forgiveness. One advantage over square-shaped heads is that the triangular shape isn’t slower through the air. The Big Bertha Fusion is a revelation when it comes to MOI.

To add speed to this golf club, the Callaway added its Speed Step crown on this club. The speed step crowd smoothens the airflow over the head and maximizes the clubhead speed. The back of the crown is styled with a woven structure of the Triaxial Carbon. The woven design is stylish, giving the club an eye-catching finish.

Carry Distance and Forgiveness 

The carry distance of the Big Bertha Fusion and the Callaway XR16 is the same. But, the lower flight and lower spin of the XR gives it a couple more yards. Moreover, the extra spin of the Big Bertha Fusion gives it great forgiveness. And, the Big Bertha Fusion has a light shaft that measures 45g-55g UST recoil.

Furthermore, the Fusion is perfect for players of all skill levels. It comes in a 9.5, 10.5 degrees lofted head. Additionally, the 13.5 degrees head can be adjusted down to suit different players. You can adjust it down to 1 degree or 2 degrees up in a draw or neutral face angle. The adjustments give you plenty of flexibility.

Take a look at getting this used golf club online. Check prices here.

Final Thoughts on Used Big Bertha Fusion Driver

The Big Bertha Fusion might cost a bit more than other Callaway products like the XR16. But, it is worth every penny considering the quality materials and technical advancements. Also, the head shape will allow you to hit more fairways with all that aerodynamic technology. Likewise, the Fusion is one of the most forgiving drivers available on the market.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B078DT8WS2″ locale=”US” tag=”golfsquatch-20″]Callaway 2016 Big Bertha Fusion Driver 9 UST Mamiya Recoil ES 450 Graphite Regular Right Handed 44.75 in[/easyazon_link]

Wilson D7 Irons 

With prices for quality golf equipment going through the roof, we know how expensive they can be. But, we have seen some high-end clubs go for favorable prices like the Wilson D7.

You can [easyazon_link identifier=”B07HH92DNZ” locale=”US” tag=”golfsquatch-20″]get this golf club on the secondhand market[/easyazon_link] while still in good condition. Also, it consists of quality materials that will improve your game and overall skill.

Used Golf Clubs - Wilson D7 Irons

This golf club is on sale in online secondhand stores and websites that sell used equipment. And, it offers excellent value for money, making it a smart investment. It has incredible features and is well constructed to help you on the golf course.

Design Sets These Used Golf Clubs A Part

The Wilson D7 is truly a stylish golf club and one that should be at the top of your list. The Wilson Company has combined looks and playability very well in this product.

The Wilson D300 seemed ugly to most users, so the company made some improvements on the D7. Additionally, it is lighter than most drivers by about 30grms, and the weight is well distributed. Also, the weight distribution helps with the carry distance this golf club offers.

You can also swing this club faster than regular clubs because of the lighter shaft and head. Furthermore, it allows excellent grip, and the speed boost is also as a result of the head design. In this design, the Wilson Company removed the adjustable hosel that was with their previous model. The absence of the flexible part has significantly reduced the weight by 20 grams.

Wilson D7 7-Iron - Used Golf Clubs

In addition, the primary material of this golf club`s crown is carbon-composite Kevlar. The Kevlar material also helps with the lightweight nature of the Wilson D7. If you are a player who loves low spins, then this golf club will suit your playing style. Also, the weight this company saves is distributed based on the loft. Those who prefer high lofts still get a club with the weight back and toward the heel of the club. This design helps with an improved draw and carry basis.

D7 Irons - Used Golf Clubs

Final Thoughts on Wilson D7 Irons

Someone trying to get into golf will appreciate the ingenuity of this golf club. It costs a bit cheaper than the previous versions of this club, but it is still expensive. Luckily, a secondhand Wilson D7 that is in excellent condition will still serve its purpose. Also, the weight distribution will enable you to have a diverse playing style.

Ping G30 LS-TEC Driver

This product was a new addition to the Ping G30 series.

It is a fantastic golf club that has incredible features that anyone might want to have on the golf course. The Ping G30 LS-TEC won’t come by easy on the secondhand market, but it is available on some stores and websites. Furthermore, it is a golf club that is designed to perfect the low spin hence the LS-TEC in the name.

The LS stands for a low spin because it reduces the spin in your shots.

Used Ping G30 Driver - Top Used Golf Clubs

Design and Features 

As we mentioned earlier, the Ping G30 LS-TEC is excellent for low spin shots but also forgiveness. Also, it offers a stable spin with USGA approved MOI. The MOI allows the Ping G30 to have long accurate drives. Additionally, the center of gravity is extremely low to generate 400rpm less spin while maintaining a high MOI.

Moreover, this golf club has brilliant flight control and excellent distance on off-center shots.

The turbulators on the crown of the Ping G30 LS-TEC reduces aerodynamic drag on the downswing. This design helps with increasing distance by also adding to the clubhead speed and ball velocity. In addition, the thin face of the G30 consists of a cutting-edge T9S titanium alloy to maximize deflection.

G30 Ping Driver - Used Golf Clubs

The deflection increases ball velocity and distance with a high MOI as it provides an in-depth, commanding sound. And, this golf club has a higher strength-to-weight ratio because of the T9S titanium. The improved accuracy and increased forgiveness are due to the optimized center of gravity due to the re-allocated weight.

Trajectory Tuning + Technology 

This technology allows you to fine-tune the trajectory before taking a shot. Also, you can optimize the launch angle of before your round to maximize distance. The trajectory tuning technology is unique to the Ping G30. You can tune it up to a degree in both directions or if need be 0.6 degrees of removed or added loft.

Used Golf Clubs - G30 Ping Driver

If you are confident enough with your lofts, then you can adjust this golf club to the perfect loft setting. The loft settings are offered in 8, 8.4, 9, 9.5, 9.6, 9.9, 10, 10.5, 11.1, and lastly, 11.5 degrees. However, these lofts are limited to only two heads. The settings give you a chance to select the head and lofts you are most comfortable to use on the course.

Tour 65 Shaft Technology

The tour 65 shaft technology complements the Ping G30 very well. With a weight of 61 grams, the technology supplements the Tec weight and swing profile. Also, it proved to stabilize the golf club throughout the swing. Even with swings beyond 110mph, it did not feel like it was being overpowered. The combination of the shaft and head reduce the annoying spin that you may encounter.

Final Thoughts on Ping G30 LS-TEC 

This golf club has a lot of technology put into it to make it useful. The Ping G30 LS-TEC is suitable for low spin, and players seeking higher spin alongside forgiveness. This product is a great golf club that will prove to be a fantastic investment. Buying a brand new Ping G30 LS-TEC might be too expensive for some, but there are secondhand ones available.

Cobra F-MAX Superlite Irons 

After much success with the original F-MAX irons, the Cobra Company perfected their irons to these Superlite models. As the name suggests, these products feature lightweight designs and technologies. You can find them below their original price in certain stores where golfers dispose of their golf gear.

Used Golf Clubs - Cobra F-MAX

Technology and Design 

Superlite irons have an incredibly lightweight design and technology to provide more speed. Also, these Superlite golf clubs have great distance and better launch. In addition, the clubheads are 4-grams lighter with optimized forgiveness and stability while maintaining a high MOI. Furthermore, a 7-gram lighter grip and a 5-gram lighter shaft design offer excellent weight savings.

The Cobra F-MAX sits among the fastest clubs and ball speed gear for golfers with moderate swing speed. The new shaft design assists in weight minimization, creating the perfect blend of launch, speed, and distance. Moreover, the F-MAX features a comfortable midsize LAMKIN REL 360 grip. The grip technology features a rubber compound that is 7 grams lighter and soft for lighter swing weight that improves comfort for longer approach shots.

Cobra F-MAX Superlite Irons - Used Golf Clubs

This product offers an optimized center of gravity due to the continuous hosel length. The hosel has been strategically positioned in each iron to produce the best launch trajectory and launch. Also, the long irons have shorter hosels that lower the center of gravity, promoting distance and higher launch. Similarly, the taller hosels raise the center of gravity in the short iron wedges to support lower, controlled trajectories.

Used Golf Clubs - Cobra F-MAX Superlite Irons

There is a progressive offset design that gradually increases from the minimal offset in the wedges. And, the short irons that require precision to maximize offset in the long irons had an amplified launch and right to left draw bias. The low heel is where the weight is positioned along with the low toe areas to increase forgiveness. Moreover, the low center of gravity adds to the stability on the off-center hits for more accurate approach shots that are straighter.

Final Thoughts on Cobra F-Max Irons

The Cobra F-MAX is what you need if you like to travel light. It is one of the lightest golf clubs available and a great tool to have. Be on the lookout for any offers on this golf club on the secondhand market and grab one. Also, use the powerful technology advancements to upgrade your game.

Used Golf Clubs Are a Good Investment

You don’t have to break your bank to get the best golf gear to improve your game.

Cheap isn’t always expensive, and you can get amazing deals on high-end used golf clubs. Some people dispose of their equipment when they trade up or quit the game, not because they are damaged.

Take your time and go through our list and find a club that suits you.

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