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Callaway Strata Review – 12 Piece Golf Set

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Callaway strata review

One of the most iconic golf sets that have really stood the test of time, is the Callaway Men’s Strata 12-Piece Golf Set. Being one of the most stylish and versatile golf sets available for purchase when looking at beginner golf clubs. This Callaway Strata Review will help you decide whether you want the best selling golf set currently available on the market.

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Although, some beginners do prefer to shop around for each club in their bag separately, and there is nothing wrong with either. But, from my personal experience, I will always recommend that a full set is purchased. The most important thing to remember when purchasing a complete set is the amount of versatility is offers you as a beginner. Making sure that everything is covered from the putter to the driver, ensuring that you are correctly equipped to help you improve your game. Not only this but to give you the maximum enjoyment whilst playing too.

This is why Callaway Strata Review has produced a 12 piece set which is beginner and user-friendly, this is mainly down to the amount of forgiveness which each of the clubs in the set offers. Whether you are using a putter, wood, hybrid or even iron, each has the best-golfing technology which will help to give you the ideal boost to make sure you receive the best value from each shot. Not forgetting the bang for the buck this set gives.

I have done a Callaway Strata Review (12-Piece) in my beginners guide to golf clubs, and you can check out the review I did on the 18-Piece golf set too.

Callaway Strata Review (12 Piece) Golf Set

Callaway Strata Review

The set includes a number of great clubs, from the mallet style putter, 460cc driver, 3 wood (very nifty), 5H hybrid, 6-9 irons and a pitching wedge. All neatly placed within a great standing bag, which has around 5 pockets and a backpack style strap which really helps you to carry this set around the course a lot easier.

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Callaway Strata Review Men’s 12-Piece Golf Set – The Details

Overall User Experience

The greatest part of this set is the T-style aligned putter, it really helps to decrease the amount of time needed to get used to the distance control. Helping you to become the putting master in no time at all. Coming to the bag, this is one of the easiest player-friendly stand bags that I have tested and I have sampled my fair share of golf bags. It feels quality, Callaway has used a good range of strong materials, with plenty of pockets and storage available to the player. Callaway seems to have covered every angle you could possibly think of.

When you are a newcomer to golf, one of the biggest thrills is the ability to hit the ball as far as possible. Not to mention, when you hit the ball clean and straight with the big driver. The key to this amazing shot distance and power is the 460cc driver, which gives the novice player a large sweet spot. This means that the impact feel is solid and with a great hang time from this club, you can watch your ball travel a long way whilst you are still looking great holding your pose.

I wasn’t as impressed with the 3 wood in this set, but the hybrid really did shine through. Making it easy to hit with a great amount of forgiveness as well as being an all-round club. Moving to the stainless-steel irons, these utilize the great progressive sole-width technology, this means that the clubs are really quite forgiving. Helping to provide you with great feedback, meaning you can really pinpoint your weaknesses and place a good amount of focus into your control and accuracy.

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  • With a great amount of forgiveness, the 460cc driver ensures that you have a great distance and are able to hit consistently.
  • The bag has a backpack style strap, this means that it is “shoulder-friendly”, although it is slightly on the heavy side. There are a great number of features, accessories, and headcovers which helps to cover all the bases.
  • The hybrid in this set is a fantastic club. With a ton of forgiveness, it helps to make this club user-friendly.
  • The irons within this set, have a great weighted feel and use the progressive sole-width technology, which help these irons to have a good mix of both control and forgiveness.
  • Great value for money, you really cannot beat the value for the price.


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  • The 3 wood which comes with this set can take a lot of getting used to. There isn’t a great deal of forgiveness, but there is a good amount of distance if you can hit the ball perfectly.
  • The shaft of the driver is a little heavy, this means that it won’t be suited to those who are faster swingers.


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So, What’s In The Bag? – Accessories & Features

With a high-quality, well-designed and forgiving set of clubs within this set. There is a reason why the Callaway Strata Review (12-Piece) Complete Golf Set has withstood the test of time. Even if there are a number of new beginners coming into the golfing scene, this golf set is still very welcome on the course. So, without further delay, here is what you will find in the bag.


The driver included in this set is the 460cc which has a really great sweet spot. Rather on the larger side in fact! You really can give your all when you are striking off from the tee, safe in the knowledge that you have a lot of forgiveness which will help when you don’t hit the middle every time. As mentioned in the cons, there is a lot of flex to be found in this driver’s shaft, which means that there is a varied shape when you have a high swing speed. Although, taking everything into consideration this really is a great club to behold.

If you want to add a specialized driver to your bag: check out other reviews.

Hybrid & Fairway Wood

I will fully admit from the start out, that I wasn’t best impressed with the 3-wood within this set. It had a good distance with an okay sweet spot but, the overall shape and trajectory were really inconsistent. Not to mention, that when mishitting on this club I felt that the shots went hugely out of the way. Aside from this, the hybrid club included really is a fantastic club. If you are struggling with your wood or drivers this will really help, as well as giving a good feeling when it comes to the range. This club really is great if you find yourself in difficult lies. My opinion on this 5H is that it helps players in both respects, being the best thing between an iron and a wood.


This set includes irons from 6-PW, meaning you get a full range of irons that are gorgeous to hit. The key behind these irons is the fact that they are very forgiving, as well as having an extremely generous sweet spot this gives a really nice impact with a great feel. The other benefits of having great irons, is their ability for you to have precision and control. With the sole width technology and weighting really helping to improve the accuracy when hitting. There could be a few things that could be tweaked with the Sand Wedge, which would help around the greens. With that said, you can’t help but to be impressed with how these irons perform on the course.


Within this Callaway Strata Review (12-Piece) Golf Set is a fantastic mallet putter, although there isn’t too much time spent praising it, I really liked it. With the alignment lines helping you to square the face-up. I found that the putter face bounce was very “springy” but, it didn’t seem to take a long time to get used to. For the beginner player, this putter has a great mixture of distance and accuracy.

Bag & Accessories

Having looked around online, I did notice that there was a lot of people making a few complaints about this bag. The main criticism being that it is a little on the heavy side. However, I do feel like the backpack style strap, really is a great fit and helps to make the bag comfortable when carrying it around the course. The stand is a great feature and really helps when your setting up for your next shot. A number of accessories come with this bag, such as five pockets, rain hoods and even a cooler pocket. This means that there is plenty of storage for equipment, clothes and any other pieces you need to take around the course.

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So, Should You Purchase The Callaway Strata 12-Piece Golf Set?

As you begin to pick up your interest in golf and really start to become hooked. I would be surprised if you weren’t overwhelmed with the number of things you need in terms of equipment as well as amenities. With the main thing, you want to get right is in the clubs that you select for use, especially when purchasing a complete golf set.

With the Callaway Strata Review (12-Piece) Golf Set initially being released over 2 years ago but, still being popular today is really a testament to the quality that Callaway brings to the scene. Forgiveness of the clubs is clearly at the forefront of this Callaway Strata Review set, with all but the 3-wood being absolutely spot on in terms of all-round benefits.

The provided accuracy and precision from these clubs really help to improve your game, giving solid feedback which really helps to give this set an extra edge. The whole golf set is aesthetically pleasing, with the many features and accessories, the bag is the final piece to this amazing club set.

When you look at the value you are receiving, this set is priced really competitively. So, what more could you want from a set? Yes, there are some complete sets which are really well made today, but there are not many that will outlast the Callaway Strata Set. The quality really does shine through, especially when you factor in the price. If you are a newbie and are looking to not only improve your game but, enjoy your time around the course, the Callaway Strata 12-Piece Set is definitely for you.

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