Ping G25 Irons Review

With the Ping G25 irons review, there are incredibly hard to place in terms of a handicap category. With the G range previously, they were easily assigned to be perfect for those with a mid to high handicap. Appealing more to those golfers who were looking for a bit more forgiveness than in other irons on the market. With the Ping G25 Irons Review, the manufacturer states that these clubs will be perfect for players of any ability and I must say that I totally agree with them.


If you take a look at the clubs visuals, you can instantly see that there have been some significant improvements. Looking at the top line and sole and comparing it to the G20 irons, they are a lot thinner. This is a great thing to see as I feel they were starting to become a little too bloated looking.

With a slight camber grind round the back of the sole which helps to give some great and much needed relief. Although it seems barely noticeable, it does a fantastic job of improving how the club flows through the turf.

Ping G25 Irons Review

Taking a look at the head of the G25 irons, you will notice that they have the same generous and oversized design which when comparing to the i20 irons, makes them feel incredibly small. The G25’s are definitely back to where the G10 & 15 irons were and I see this as such a major improvement.

The offset is still there which we have seen in the previous models, but you will notice that it reduces slowly as you do down through the set, so looking at the 7-iron and down it looks like a better iron player.

When you take out the club and hit with them, you will see that the claims made about the clubs being for players of all abilities hits home.The clubs themselves feel great and it feels as though they are forged irons, this being due to the new vibration dampening medallion which you can find on the back of the face.

Working your way through the set, once you get to the mid to long irons, the feedback from me is that they are excellent especially with the larger face and the best part being that they allow a huge amount of forgiveness if you require it. It really is hard to believe that these clubs are a cast cavity back iron.

Make An Impact – Ping G25 Irons Review

The trajectory of these clubs is also worth mentioning, it really performs great and is fantastic at penetrating your shot well. With the new lower Custom Tuning Port unit and stability bars, helping to give a sense of rigidity when you make impact on your shot.

Not to mention, it has a lovely feedback feel. With the face feeling lively enough without giving too much of a bounce, I often find myself hitting with irons for the shear joy they give me when I hit a perfect shot. When it came to testing the G25 irons I knew that it was a definite winner!

It really is quite hard to believe that these Ping G25 Irons Review are for players of all abilities. Even for those who have a low handicap, it is the ability of this club to combine a great amount of forgiveness, high quality feel and flight that makes it all possible. Not forgetting about the overall better looks that have been brought to this stunning set.

Many lower handicap players may take a while to get used to the greater levels of offset that these clubs have, compared with those players of a higher level, but they will still have a great time playing with them.

There are a huge number of models in the distance performance category currently and it can be difficult to choose. But if you are looking for a decent set, then I wholeheartedly recommend looking at the Ping G25 Irons Review.