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Cobra Bio Cell Driver

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Cobra Bio Cell Driver

Cobra Golf is one of the elites in manufacturing quality drivers for the game of golf and the BIO Cell product line is a great club. Using the latest golf club technologies and innovation, it has done its best to be a significant player in the industry. After the AMP Cell driver, many were surprised when Cobra stated out their intention of releasing another drive. To most customers, the Cobra Bio Cell driver was a hit such that they thought they could play with this club for long. But, that thought was myopic as Cobra had better plans for them.

The New Cobra Bio Cell Driver comes equipped with the SmartPad and MyFly8 technology that gives it impeccable adjustability.


Cobra Bio Cell Driver

Cobra Golf is a reputable company that gives its customers expressive customization options in its drivers. And, once again, it has done that with the new Bio Cell driver line.

In terms of the color option, it has made many people happy. The company decided to bring back the traditional black crown to impress some of its fans. Other than black, there is a new additional 4 options to the color palette: Barbados Red, Vibrant orange, Blue Aster and Silver. All these color options on the Bio Cell together with the finishes are just amazing!

An indestructible neat cobra skin pattern is noticeable on the crown; some might describe it as a smart Leopard finish. You will also see a white Cobra logo that is a helpful alignment tool. The logo helps you determine the center when at the address. The traditional 460cc head shape is not meant to intimidate any golfer while at the address but to increase distance and forgiveness.

A large oval “sweet spot” is noticeable when you look at the Bio Cell driver’s face; which you can use as a reference point as you hit the ball. Therefore, as long as retain the ball on the “sweet spot,” you will be on the right path. It is certain that the Cobra Golf has cooler looks than other clubs in the market.

Cobra Bio Cell Red

Sound & Feel

You will hear from the Cobra Bio cell whenever there is a solid contact made at the center position of the club’s face. There is a solid and distinct muted sound that emanates from the all titanium, thinner forged face of the Bio Cell. Alongside the sound that it gives, its E9 face produces a large sweet spot that makes off-center hits more forgiving.

The club is usually fast and light due to the Project X PXV Graphite Shaft and light crown. Compared to other OEM models that came up last year, this club is not excessively light, but light enough. As a result, it gives a cool sound upon impact that is not too soft and too loud. That kind of sound is exciting as many people feel that overly light drivers usually have no control.

On good contact hits, you might feel the ball popping off the clubface. A little different sound is heard on the toe and heel mis-hits to inform you that the hit was bad.

All-in-all, the Cobra Bio Cell driver has a very solid grip yet forgiving feel.


Cobra Bio Cell Driver

Since the Cobra Bio cell has eight different settings, tests have been carried out to gauge its adjustability. Expected impacts occurred when there was a change in the driver settings through 12.0º, 10.5º, 9.5º Draw, and 9.0º. After making the necessary adjustments, the good thing is that you will not struggle to position the club comfortably.

The stock Project X PXv shaft pleasantly surprised many Cobra fans. Many attest that the PXv is the best stock shaft that gives a player good ball control. Bio Cell’s accuracy allows a golfer to replicates the fade time with no problem. In that way, you will be able to hit straight and long bombs.  If you open or close the club’s face or just acquire a good mis-hit, you might hit the driver off the fairway.

Experienced players can work on the fade easily and bomb draw after draw. Just like other drivers, the ball comes to face hot when you hit it. The Bio Cell driver is a Game Improvement Driver that performed well on the ball making it amongst the longer hitting drivers this year. When playing with other drivers, you will notice that the Bio Cell driver is either long or longer than the Xhot2, SLDR, 588 and Covert 2.0 Custom drivers.

Those who struggle placing the driver into the air simply require a new golf swing.  Otherwise, with this club, getting the ball up in the air and even long down the course fairways is easy due to its high performance.

Even with poor results, low heel or toe miss players can attain good results. In addition to misses being good, on-center strikes are usually very long. Getting a low-spinning head with an immense shaft pair right off the rack is usually hard, but Cobra has it all.


As earlier mentioned, Bio Cell drivers’ adjustable settings encompass the SmartPad and MyFly8 technology. Therefore, as a Game Improvement Driver, it eases the drives a bit for golfers.

Forged E9 Bio Cell face and Crown Cell weighting technologies reduce the weight in the face and crown respectively resulting in a higher MOI, lower CG, and effectively faster ball speeds.

Ultimately, the driver creates the largest “Sweet Spot” that enhances straighter and longer drives. This makes it to have even higher loft options compared to the Bio Cell+.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • Great distance: In the Game-Improvement category, the Cobra Bio Cell Driver is amongst the longer clubs.
  • Excellent forgiveness/accuracy: It is a forgiving and an accurate club that has a tight dispersion making mishits to go less offline.
  • Amazing feel: The club satisfies the ears and hands as it provides a compressed and crisp smack upon impact and some softness added to it.
  • Good playability: There are different swings from different settings of this versatile performer. This gives the ball a proper, high flight. Even several Bio Cell testers attest that its delivery is rare amongst the game-improvement driver as it ranges from a high draw to a low fade.
  • Fresh look: Though it appears serious at the address, it’s still colorful. The head colors choices make the golf game appear fun. Whiteface marks and Cobra’s alignment logo frame the sweet spot.


[wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • Shorter hits at times: Even after making the necessary adjustments, a minority of guys tend to hit it too low.
  • Flashy colors: There are a couple of people who don’t prefer flashy colors; which caused Cobra to decide to release the black model.
  • Numerous forgiving options: Although the Bio Cell is very forgiving, one might find other drivers that are a bit more forgiving.



Aldila NV 75 X-Flex Shaft .335 + Cobra BiO Cell PRO Driver MyFly8 Tip

Aldila NV 75 X-Flex Shaft .335 + Cobra BiO Cell PRO Driver MyFly8 Tip

Gofotu .335 Driver Adapter Sleeve 9-12 Right Hand Compatible with Cobra F6, F7 F8 F9 Fly-z Bio Cell

Overall – Cobra Bio Cell Driver

Cobra Bio Cell driver is surely one of the best drivers around. Its distance together with the accuracy seems very impressive. The ability to work on the ball also surprises many.

Though the cobra cell resembles Cobra ZL Encore in feel and sound, its shape and technology are more like the Amp Cell line.  Even if Amp Cell Pro has the best technology, the feel or sound does not impress many people.

That’s why Cobra has sought to address this in its new Bio Cell driver, which has excellent feel, look, and performance than most drivers in the market.

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