Cobra Amp Cell Iron Specifications

If you are a golf fanatic, it’s hardly that you haven’t noticed how Cobra Golf has emerged over the previous years. A lot of buzzes has surrounded Cobra Golf after the emergence of the Rickie Fowler, and the Cobra Amp Cell irons review and driver designs.

I created this Cobra Amp Cell irons review with the launch of Cobra Amp Cell irons, my excitement is set to rise into new levels even if it is still currently low. These irons from the AMP Cell family seduce me as well many golfers with their great look, appealing adjustability, amazing feel, and good forgiveness.

Now, let us delve further into these irons.


Cobra Amp Cell Irons Review

The irons have an amazing look. It can be described as a modern, classy look that appears more conservative. Over the years, Cobra has strived to balance modern aesthetic with a traditional look in developing its irons. Colors on the irons are vibrant with a sleek finish as usual with Cobra irons. The white line that appears on this equipment is seen at the face aids in alignment.

When deciding to acquire new set iron, many golfers want those that look cool. To quench the desires of the golfers, Cobra incorporated a new feature, the color options, to its entire Cobra Amp Cell line. The colors that accent this club are usually one of the four; blue, red, silver or Rickie Fowler orange.

Even if is just the cavity badge that entails a different color, a color according to numerous researches around is a crucial determining factor when purchasing new irons. And for that, Cobra is generous enough to provide a wide range of cool looking options. There is even no clash of colors; for instance, if you decide to pick silver irons, you will notice they appear unique and nice in any bag you choose. If perhaps you don’t prefer paint colors just choose the one that has certain amounts of acetone and paint.

I tried to compare it with the Cobra S3 Pro, its predecessor, Amp Cell Pro, possesses a smaller head size but a topline that is slightly thicker with little offset.

Sound and feel

Cobra amp cell irons have an awesome feel. When playing with these irons, it appears sweet just like Mizuno blades set.

On center hits, I get the best shots ever as the ball clicks off the face giving a forged feel and distinct crisp sound. But, in case the ball mishits off the toe or heel, you will realize that something went amiss as you will get a feeling that is less blissful. Such kind of feeling is what almost everyone is looking for when using a set of blades

Even if the irons appear straight and forgiving, low-handicap golfers will still be able to move the golf ball right and left.


Cobra Amp Cell Irons

The way the cobra amp cell irons are developed is much similar to a driver than a golf iron. These iron’s faces are built in a unique metalwood face-welded formation. Following the legacy of Cobra amp cell irons review, E9 Face Technology is the process used for construction.

Cobra Golf’s R&D staff intended to make a straighter, longer, and easier to swing iron. Because of this technology, the iron has a lighter weight, more forgiveness and a high coefficient of resistance.

Cobra’s “V-Skid” sole design used on the sole “improves turf interaction” when carrying out the swings.  Through the “cells,” there is a distribution of iron’s weight to the head’s perimeter. The club thus becomes easier to hit due to the perimeter weighting that places the CG behind the sweet spot thereby enhancing a high launch that can result in more distance.

Performance on the course

The performance of the Cobra amp cell irons review is similar to their feel. They are usually long and forgiving.

Due to their lightness, it is crucial to make adjustments on the Amp cells. That way, it is easy to swing in a much faster way. Since there is a significant chance that the swing’s timing might change, you will need to concentrate on a good swing tempo that brings the club back nice and smoothly.

Simulator testing have shown that the Cobra amp cell irons review is able to gain +4.7 yards, which is more than what the distances other irons cover. Although some might not consider it a huge jump, the distance is adequate to play on the par 3’s and fairway. These irons are also consistent when it comes to ball flight and distance control.

The forgiveness of The Cobra amp cell irons is quite significant. Those shots that occur on sweet spot usually don’t lose a lot of distance. Similarly, the off-center shots give less accurate hits that result in a lot of loses in distances.

Fortunately, the E9 Face Technology and V-Skid sole ensure that the miss-hits are closer to the target line. In that way, mid-to-high handicappers get a lot of enjoyment out of a particular game.

Cobra Amp Cell Irons


  • Magnificent Playability: even a low-ball hitter can be able to experience high ball flights. When it comes to controlling trajectory and punch shots, it performs very well. There is a soft landing of shots on the greens even if it is from long distances.
  • Excellent Forgiveness/accuracy: the irons seem to possess a bigger sweet spot compared to the other irons which enable them to attain good distances even if the launch isn’t great.
  • Awesome Distance control: determining the scoring zone is easy as it gives plenty of lengths. Owing to the nice carry distance, it is even possible to predict the performance of mid- and long irons.
  • Nice Feel: it gives a descriptive, forged-like feel. At impact, the thick heads pound the golf ball. Some appear perfect in weighting and stable from setup to finish.
  • Impressive Look: it looks conservatively modern but classy. The white line even enables you to align the ball properly.


  • Not everyone appreciates its top line.
  • The address looks a little fat and the extremities shiny which might not appeal to other people.


All golfers should use this irons, if they can acquire it, due to its amazing performance. Golfers who find trouble breaking 80, 90 or 100+ are greatly advised to use the Cobra Amp Cell irons. If you are a mid/high handicap golfer, who wants to step up any game, consider this iron as it can enable you to attain more greens. Even the low-handicappers will obtain more opportunities for birdies and a chance to work effectively on the ball due to the workability of the iron.

I bet this cobra amp cell irons review that we created should be able to help you guys out.

The Cobra amp cell irons review are a wise investment that can shave some strokes on the scorecard. These irons are quality enough to deliver on the game improvement promises. Even if they are not for everyone’s budget, the asking price is worth it.

Cobra Amp Cell Pro Irons

From my personal experience, using Cobra Amp Cell Pro Irons brought a whole new dimension to my golfing game. When I compare them to the previous Cobra Amp Cell Irons, the difference is highly noticeable.

The Pro Irons establish a striking balance between performance and forgiveness. Their compact head and narrower sole cater excellently to both workability and playability, which isn’t as pronounced in the regular Amp Cell Irons.

Furthermore, the sound and feel at impact have improved remarkably, offering an elevated sense of control and feedback. Although the Cobra Amp Cell Irons set a sturdy foundational success, the Pro Irons undeniably take it to another level.

Bottom Line

Cobra Amp Irons

Due to its impressive all-around performance, testers agree that these irons are amongst the highest-rated irons.

Many golfers even label these irons as “Game-Enjoyment” irons as they are more than game-improvement due to their consistency, distance, superior styling, and impressive forgiveness. If you decide to use these iron to hit balls, you will realize that the results are not short of being fantastic.

In a nutshell, Cobra amp cell irons deliver as expected. These irons are light, straight, long, sharp looking and easy to hit. A player can choose from the available four colors: if you are a stylish golfer who wants to match color apparel scheme of the day, you can decide to purchase 2-3 sets.