Brittany Lincicome tests positive, WDs from Dallas event

Getting To Know Brittany Lincicome

Brittany Lincicome is a renowned figure in the world of professional golf. Born on September 19, 1985, in St. Petersburg, Florida, she quickly ascended to fame with her exceptional golfing skills. Known for her driving distance, Lincicome holds substantial title wins under her belt. Notably, she is a two-time winner of the ANA Inspiration, one of the five major championships in women’s professional golf. Competing on the LPGA Tour since 2004, Brittany has etched her name as an avid competitor and an inspiration for many. With her dedication and fervor, Lincicome’s influence has reached beyond the greens.

Brittany, Early Golfer

From the get-go, Brittany Lincicome was evidently on a trajectory toward golfing greatness. Her starting point? The West Florida Golf Tour, where her remarkable skills were meticulously crafted.

Lincicome’s mastery of this local circuit rapidly piqued the interest of golf insiders. As an Epson Tour event participant, she received a sneak peek at what the competitive field had to offer. This in turn facilitated her seamless transition to the conventional normal LPGA Tour schedule, a step she willingly accepted.

As the only LPGA Tour player hailing from her training ground, Lincicome adjusted promptly to the professional tour’s pace and ferocity. Her beginnings on the West Florida Golf Tour and Epson Tour Circuit event marked the onset of a brilliant career that has since captivated the LPGA landscape.

Brittany Lincicome Test Positive From Dallas Event

Brittany Lincicome

Celebrated LPGA golfer Brittany Lincicome, a prominent figure in the sport, made an unexpected decision to withdraw from the eagerly anticipated Volunteers of America Classic in Dallas. This choice came in light of a positive COVID-19 test result. Lincicome, a two-time major champion, took to her social media platforms to announce the news. She shared on Instagram, “Despite diligent precautions, I’ve unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19.

Thankfully, both my husband and our baby girl have tested negative.” As a precautionary measure, the 35-year-old golfer has entered into self-isolation and is actively engaged in contact tracing to safeguard the well-being of those she recently interacted with. While expressing her disappointment at not being able to participate in the prestigious event, she remains hopeful of competing in the upcoming U.S. Women’s Open, scheduled to take place at Champions Golf Club in Houston.

Lincicome set to defend at LPGA’s season-opening event

The Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic is set to kick off the Tour’s 2018 season this Thursday at the Ocean Club Golf Course located on Paradise Island, and Brittany Lincicome is eager to defend her title. The secret to her success? Shooting low scores. With the continued support of her hat and bag sponsor, Lincicome is geared up to dominate the competition.

Last year’s tournament shattered numerous scoring records, with Lincicome emerging as the victor with a stunning 26-under-par 266, sealing the deal on the first playoff hole against Lexi Thompson. This was the 32-year-old’s seventh career win and her first since 2015. Reflecting on her triumph, Lincicome shared, “I didn’t even think I had that many birdies in my game.”

After last year’s win, Lincicome discovered that achieving such low scores was indeed attainable. Her winning score was only one stroke behind the LPGA record for a 72-hole score in relation to par, held by Annika Sorenstam (2001 Standard Register PING) and Sei Young Kim (2016 JTBC Founders Cup).

Lincicome and Thompson were evenly matched throughout the tournament, with Thompson shooting a remarkable 12-under-par 61 in the second round. Despite a hand injury and an extended layoff, Thompson, ranked No. 4 in the Rolex Rankings, will be returning to compete this week.

The tournament commences with Lincicome, Ryu, and Michelle Wie teeing off at 8:05 a.m. ET, followed closely by Feng, Thompson, and Nelly Korda at 8:16 a.m. With the support of their hat and bag sponsors, every contender is ready to take the course by storm.

Awards and Accomplishment

Chevron Championship

Brittany Lincicome stood victorious at the noted Women’s PGA Championship, making her mark amongst the elite LPGA Tour players. She mastered the Championship Superstition Mountain challenge, esteemed as the best golf course worldwide. In a testament to her talent, she seized the championship title, further cementing her status in the golfing community.

Women’s PGA Championship

Brittany Lincicome, a standout among LPGA Tour players, clinched victory at the prestigious Women’s PGA Championship. Showcasing her prowess on Superstition Mountain, considered one of the best golf courses, she put on an unforgettable performance. Her triumph reaffirms her as a formidable force in the golfing realm, etching her name in championship history.

U.S. Women’s Open

The U.S. Women’s Open hosted a feverish competition among some of the most talented players in the world, ultimately culminating in Brittany Lincicome emerging as the victorious champion. With a performance marked by exceptional skill and determination, Lincicome left a resounding impression on spectators and fellow players alike.

Her journey to this notable achievement can be traced back to her impressive run at Florida’s Natural Charity Classic, where she first caught the attention of golf enthusiasts. It was at this event, where Lincicome exhibited poise and precision, foreshadowing an extraordinary career ahead.

Women’s British Open

Brittany’s athletic prowess was on full display as she clinched the Women’s British Open, marking a significant milestone in her illustrious career. Recorded at one of the world’s best golf courses, her triumph was not just a testament to her skills but also an event with a few surprises.

The hallowed greens of this renowned golf course have witnessed many an intense competition, but what made Lincicome’s win distinctive was the unexpected twists that embellished it. Never before was the unpredictability of the game so apparent and yet so incredibly exciting.

Best Women’s Golf Gear From Brittany Lincicome

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Titleist Pro V1x

We highly recommend the Titleist Pro V1x as one of the best golf balls, which has been a go-to choice for professional golfer Brittany Lincicome. The Pro V1x is designed to deliver exceptional performance, offering a perfect balance between distance, spin, and control. It’s an excellent option for golfers seeking consistent ball flight, optimal control around the greens, and impressive distance off the tee.

The Titleist Pro V1x features a soft, urethane elastomer cover system, providing exceptional durability and a superior feel. The ball’s multi-layer design enables golfers to achieve higher launch angles, lower spin, and outstanding precision. The state-of-the-art aerodynamics of the Pro V1x ensures a stable and penetrating ball flight, beneficial to players in a variety of conditions.

Brittany Lincicome tests positive, WDs from Dallas event 2

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy CB Wedge

The Mack Daddy CB Wedge was engineered to seamlessly blend with your cavity back iron set. Its unique cavity back design offers more forgiveness, making it an excellent choice for less experienced players, while still providing more advanced players with superior spin and control, thanks to the aggressive groove design.

One of the standout features of the Mack Daddy CB Wedge is its high toe and broad sole which, combined with the JAWS groove design, allows for exceptional control around the greens. It offers easy chip shots and precise pitch, even from deep roughs.

Brittany Lincicome tests positive, WDs from Dallas event 3

Brittany Lincicome Autographed Pink Golf Ball (LPGA)

Injecting vitality into collector’s items, the Brittany Lincicome Autographed Pink Golf Ball is far more than just another golf ball. Its vibrant pink color, often linked to both power and playfulness, serves as an embodiment of Lincicome’s dynamic playing style. Adorned with Lincicome’s signature, this unique item stands as a bona fide artifact from one of women’s golf’s preeminent competitors. This extraordinary keepsake even resonates with echoes from her memorable Epson Tour appearances.

Far from merely commemorating Brittany Lincicome’s significant contributions to golf, the Pink Golf Ball stands as a chapter in sports history. It acts as a springboard for intriguing conversations and presents itself as an unmissable asset in any golf memorabilia collection. As a cherished token, this ball symbolizes an individual’s ardor for the game and admiration for the exceptional athletes who mold its course.

In its striking pink hue, this golf ball represents a tribute to the fortitude and vibrance of women in a sport that has been predominantly male-driven for decades. The ball symbolizes not just Brittany’s pivotal role in the golf world but also encapsulates the essence of playing on the best golf courses, which is every golfer’s dream. The color, the autograph, and the association, all draw a picture of a game that continually evolves while celebrating its stellar athletes.