Alexa Pano | 13-year-old alternate Pano bails on U.S. Women’s Open

A prodigious talent destined to play professional golf. Featured in Global Golf Post, she has become a prominent figure in the world of professional golf. Known for her unwavering dedication, Alexa Pano is determined to make her mark on the sport. With her exceptional skills and relentless work ethic, she fearlessly faces the challenges of the final round.

Alexa Pano’s journey promises to captivate golf enthusiasts worldwide as she strives for greatness. Keep an eye on this young sensation as she continues to shine in the world of professional golf. Stay tuned for more updates on her remarkable career.

A 13-year-old Female Golfer

Meet a trailblazing 13-year-old female golfer making waves in the golfing world. With her incredible talent and determination, she has taken the Epson tour by storm. Recognized by Golf Digest for her exceptional skills, she is already leaving a lasting impression at such a young age.

Her dreams of one day participating in the prestigious Augusta National Women’s Amateur are within reach. Keep an eye on this rising star as she continues to amaze and inspire on her remarkable journey. Stay tuned for more updates on this promising young golfer’s incredible achievements.

Alex Pano

13-year-old Alternate Pano Bails on U.S. Women’s Open

With the Shoal Creek course in Alabama drenched by Subtropical Storm Alberto, 13-year-old alternate Alexa Pano has given up hope of playing in this week’s U.S. Women’s Open. The course was closed on Wednesday, with lightning in the area, and access had been limited all week prior. Nearly four inches of rain has deluged the course over the past several days, with Tuesday’s practice round closed to fans and all non-essential personnel.

The extremely wet conditions have made it tough for players to get out for practice rounds and downright impossible for South Florida phenom Pano, who — as the second alternate — had to give way to established players. Her father, Rick Pano, said they had decided to leave on Wednesday rather than wait for a chance to play a course his daughter hasn’t even been able to practice on. “We’d figured to come here and, at worst, experience what few 13-year-olds have, to prepare and practice in the top women’s championship in the world, hoping for a withdrawal,” Rick Pano said, via The Global Golf Post.

“But we have made the decision to leave here (Wednesday) as there is one alternate ahead of Alexa. And even if she got a call, she’d go out on this course blind. That one is impossible.” Two-time U.S. Women’s Open champion and No. 1-ranked Inbee Park called it the wettest conditions she has ever seen at the event. Many players got a practice round in on Monday and the practice facilities were opened Tuesday afternoon.

Achievements as a Young Golfer

Alexa Pano, a name synonymous with golfing greatness, has amassed an impressive list of achievements throughout her career. Pano played with precision and skill, catching the attention of notable college fans. Her stellar performance and dedication earned her the coveted Epson Tournament status, the first female pro sponsored by the NFL team propelling her toward the top of the golfing world.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Pano set her sights on the LPGA Tour. With her undeniable talent, she breezed through Stage II, proving she is a force to be reckoned with. From the tranquil fairways of Lake Worth to the global golfing stage, Alexa Pano continues to amaze audiences with her unmatched proficiency and determination.

What’s in the Bag?

Alex Pano

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Titleist Vokey Design SM9

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