Best Golf Gloves, A Review for Beginners: 2020 Edition

Why Use Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are not just a fashion statement on the golf course.

Gloves help us in certain aspects of our game and have become important. Additionally, choosing a golf glove will also depend on your playing level; there are entry-level gloves, premium gloves, mid-point, or stick with a value option.

Hopefully, this blog will help you look at a few different types of golf gloves and what they offer.




Mizuno Pro Golf Golf Glove, Left Hand

Callaway Golf Dawn Patrol Leather Golf Glove, Left Hand

BIONIC Gloves StableGrip Golf Glove, Left Hand

Callaway Golf OptiColor Leather Glove, Left Hand

MG Golf Glove, Left Hand

FINGER TEN Men's Golf Glove Rain Grip Pair Both Hands

Other golf equipment you will also need are.

Why Do Golfers Wear a Golf Glove?

Golf grips are recommended, but not required equipment for golf. Here are a few reasons golfers wear them.

Better Grip

The key reason to wear a golf glove is grip. A golf glove is tackier than skin, particularly in hot weather, and will help to prevent the club from turning in a player’s hand.

Blister Prevention

If a golf club is gripped too tightly — the repeated swing action might result in blisters or callouses. Though wearing a glove is not a solution, it can reduce the chances of blisters and callouses forming.

Dryness and Warmth

Golf gloves are made of many different materials and have different uses. Most golfers choose either leather or synthetic gloves that may be worn when using any club in a variety of conditions.

Mizuno Pro Golf Glove

Golfers looking for a functional yet straightforward golf glove will fall in love with the Mizuno Pro golf glove. It is comfortable and will allow you to enjoy your game without any restrictions.

This golf glove will give you a better grip, and as a result, you perform excellently on the golf course. Mizuno makes incredible products that are of high-quality materials.


The primary material used on this golf glove is Cabretta leather. This type of leather comes from sheepskin and is what most manufacturers use on their golf gloves. Compared to leather from sheepskin that provides wool, this is tougher. Additionally, it has a soft feel to the hand and is durable.


After using this glove for quite some time, we can say it is durable. You can use this golf glove for months every week, and it will hold. The grip also remains the same even as it begins to show signs of wear. Also, the quality of the leather construction is impeccable, and this glove will give you excellent service on the course.

Furthermore, the excellent stitching work done on the glove helps with this glove’s durability. The stitches hold and don’t break like gloves from other brands. Most gloves break along the sutures due to poor quality is done.


This glove has Mizuno Flex Mesh technology across the knuckles that adds to the flexibility of the glove. Furthermore, this technology also removes the need for a break-in period as your hand will fit in perfectly. Additionally, having the Mizuno Flex Mesh adds a cooling effect to the gloves making it a bit breathable. The Flex Mesh is convenient and across the knuckles.

Last Thoughts

This glove offers excellent value for money by providing durability, a bit of breathability, and tech innovation. However, if you have sweaty hands, then we suggest removing the gloves after your round. Taking the glove off will prolong the glove’s longevity, and your hand will remain fresh. This product is not highly breathable, but it performs well.


Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

Callaway is a titan when it comes to making golf gear. The Dawn Patrol golf glove is what you need for an excellent grip and feel.

Additionally, it offers high-level performance at a reasonable price. Also, it works as well as the high-end gloves, and it matches them for quality and functionality.

Durability and Fit

Every golfer knows that the best way to prolong the life of a glove is to let it rest for a day after use. Additionally, you should also take it off between shots to allow it to breathe. With the low price of the Callaway Dawn Patrol glove, you can buy more than one pair and rotate them. As you keep the gloves in rotation, they will serve you for years to come.

Furthermore, the Dawn Patrol glove is well-made and all-leather. It is long-lasting and can go for more than 15 rounds before showing any signs of wear and tear. Average golfers can use a single pair for months. Additionally, this glove has a snug fit, and it is comfortable and soft. Also, the Velcro tabs included allows a perfect-feeling glove and great feel.

Some Final Thoughts

This glove performs as expected, and its affordable price gives you a chance to stock up on them. This golf glove is elegant and built for functionality. However, using it in wet conditions can be tricky because it gets slippery. This product absorbs water, and this ability ruins the longevity of the leather.


MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

This product is reasonably priced for an all-Cabretta leather product. Other brands that compete in this price category use cheaper, less durable materials.

It’s a perfect option for beginners trying to get used to the sport. You get worth more than just an affordable golf glove with the MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta leather glove.

Design and Functionality 

This golf glove is designed and structured to make you feel and play like a pro. You can use this brand to play each round with a different glove. It will make each shot great due to the material used and construction. This product is soft with a snug fit, and the finger areas have perforations for breathability purposes.

The MG is known for having thin leather, which is a plus for durability, but it gives it a short life span. Additionally, light leather is the reason this glove has a great feel.

However, leather is prone to tearing and having holes. Also, it tends to break lengthwise after 4-6 rounds, and the climate factor is also something to keep in mind.

Playing in hot climates with these gloves gives them a shorter life span, and they break when your hand gets wet. Thin leather is not as durable as you might want, so it is advisable to carry an extra pair. You can buy as many as you want and use different gloves for each shot to enjoy your game.


For a long term option, this brand will suit you well. But, they can also be a great companion if you buy them in bulk. They feel great, and they are very comfortable to use. Additionally, the leather can be itchy to the hand when you get sweaty. Take advantage of the reasonably friendly price and use the MG to improve your game.


Callaway Golf Opti-Color Leather Glove

Stylish golfers will enjoy this product due to its wide variety of colors. It also gives you a chance to look fashionable on the golf course.

And, you can use these golf gloves to match your outfit also among other golf gear. Callaway Golf Opti-Color leather glove will also help to enhance your performance and turn you into a pro.


The Opti-Color is soft and comfortable to wear, allowing you to focus on your game. Also, you get to have an excellent grip and feel as you play your round. The traditional Callaway perforations are also present to provide breathability. In addition, the holes allow your hand to be cool, but it’s still recommended to remove the gloves after taking your shot.

Final Thoughts

The colorful options give you a chance to stand out on the golf course, as we mentioned earlier. You can be fashionable and unique, knowing that no one will have the same outfit as you. And you get to have a tour-level performance while looking stunning. In terms of performance, it runs as the Dawn Patrol Glove.


Finger Ten Rain Grip Golf Glove

If you suffer from sweaty hands as you golf, then this is precisely what you need. The Finger Ten golf glove wicks moisture excellently, allowing you to remain dry and comfortable.

You can use it in wet conditions, and it is perfect for hot climates. However, the feel on this product is reduced, and some might feel it’s uncomfortable.

Material and Design

This golf glove consists of synthetic material, making it suitable for any climate condition. You can relax, knowing that your hands will remain dry and comfortable. The Finger Ten wicks sweat from your hands and also allows excellent airflow. Additionally, the materials of the Finger Ten glove dry fast on hot days so you won’t be playing with soggy gloves.

Furthermore, this glove has a synthetic mesh design that gives it its capabilities. Also, its superior breathability is almost unmatched by other brands. Moreover, it performs much better than all-leather gloves in wet conditions. Additionally, the lack of leather material around the palm area gives this gloveless feel and more tackiness.

Finger Ten Company has the proprietary SuedeMark microfiber palm material. This material gives this product its fantastic grip in damp conditions. You can rest assured that this golf glove will always keep you in the game. Moreover, the material is durable and will last for many rounds.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that this brand is a single glove product. The Finger Ten glove doesn’t come in a pair, but it is cover for the essential hand. However, you can order two for each side without having to break your budget. This product is budget-friendly and worth investing in. Moreover, this is one of the essential gears you will ever need on a golf course.


Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove

This golf glove is the perfect glove for advanced golfers. This glove relieves grip pressure and is made from durable material. Some users experienced difficulties in the feel when trying on the Bionic StableGrip, but after a while, they loved it.

Furthermore, it has medical benefits for people living with arthritis.

Fit and Design

The Bionic StableGrip offers a universal fit to most hand sizes. You won’t have to worry about having big hands or fat fingers with this product. Also, the Bionic is uniquely engineered to offer comfort and breathability without sacrificing Fit. And, this golf glove consists of quality materials that guarantee durability.

The fingers and palm have special pads built into them for better breathability and to reduce grip pressure. However, the extra padding feels uncomfortable, but it helps with the grip pressure. Moreover, some users have found the stuffing to be too thick for their liking. Remember to lightly grip the golf club with this glove on because the pads can press your fingers awkwardly.

Additionally, the thick padding around the pad helps increase the durability of this product. The filling might affect your game before you get familiar with the construction. Similarly, the stuffing offers relief to people who have arthritis. Those who find it too painful to play with other golf gloves can be assured of comfort. They can continue playing and enjoying their round without any problems.

Final Thoughts

This product has left users with divisive opinions of whether the Bionic StableGrip golf glove is useful. Some claimed that it threw them off their game due to the extra padding around the palm and fingers. Others claim to have used the filling to their advantage and seen improvement in their overall game. It is really up to you to decide whether you will enjoy using this golf glove because it fits differently to everyone.

Despite the debate surrounding the padding, all the users agreed to its breathability and durability. The Bionic keeps your hand free of sweat and comfortable. Also, it allows people with arthritis to enjoy golf and not quit the beautiful game. As some users took off the golf immediately after trying it on, some golfers grew attached to the golf glove. Give it a try and see if you like how it feels before purchasing it, don’t let other people’s opinions decide it for you.


Golf Gloves Are a Must-Have for Beginners

Having a golf club can be the difference between a win and a defeat on the golf course. With the list we have provided, we are sure that you will get one that works for your needs.

Avoid having sweaty hands or less grip on the iron by not using a golf glove. Improve your performance and comfort level with the right golf glove.