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I’ve been exploring the world of golf drivers recently, and I’ve learned quite a few things that I want to share with you. If you’re looking to buy a new golf driver, it’s important to consider several factors like clubhead size, loft, and shaft options. So, let me share a quick golf driver buying guide that will help you make the best decision and find the perfect driver for your game. Let’s dive in!

Considerations on how to choose a golf driver

This golf driver buying guide will surely give what you need

Head size of your golf driver

The volume of club heads is measured in cubic centimeters. The maximum limit provided is 460cc. most drivers in the market range from 440cc to 460cc. The golf players who choose 440cc like to shape the ball more in the air as different launch conditions are generated. Drivers with 460 ccc are typically designed to offer more forgiveness.


In recent times, almost all the club heads are either made of titanium or composite heads. Titanium is lightweight, strong, and long-lasting. The club heads were therefore increased without the increase in weight.  Lightweight drivers enable the golfers to swing faster and produce more distance.
Different types of materials are combined to produce composite drivers. Heavyweight materials such as tungsten or lightweight materials such as carbon are combined with titanium to have a composite driver in place.
The combination is aimed at improving the performance of the best golf drivers. The lighter materials are mostly used on the rear section or the crown, they help to reduce the driver’s weight and alter the center of gravity of the driver. The heavy materials help to increase the perimeter weight of the club which increases the MOI.

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