The Ultimate Golf Wedge Review: 14 Brands

As a golf novice, choosing a new wedge can be difficult. There are so many options and hard-to-understand concepts like bounce and grind. Figuring out what loft you need is a problem in itself.

Fourteen Golf Wedges Review

The golf wedges brand listed and the fourteen wedge review below are all of the best wedges today. Let us help you to choose the type of wedge that will suit your golf course. The brand’s golf wedges are available in a wide range including different blade and cavity models to suit every swing from low-bounce wedges to high-bounce wedges. Our wedges are made by a company with wedge technology that has been part of the golf industry for over 100 years. They have a reputation for making excellent wedge fitting and have been the official ball of the PGA Tour since 1996 wedge reviews. Their golf clubs are used by some of the world’s best players including Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, Lee Westwood, and Justin Rose.



Pinemeadow golf wedge
The Pinemeadow pre 3 wedge pack

Pinemeadow pre-wedge review:

This good wedge is available in 5 different lofts. You can also purchase Pine Meadow Her Wedges from Shank for Women if you prefer. Standard gap wedges are 52 degrees, sand wedges are 56 degrees, and lob wedges are 60 degrees. If you know a set of wedges is right for you, you can purchase three sets of wedges, 52, 56, and 60. Pinemeadow wedges are available in a black satin finish. This is one of the things I don’t really like about this wedge. The finish tends to wear off a bit and I wish these racquets had a more durable standard finish.

Pinemeadow pre-3 wedge pack is a great choice for golfers who prefer a soft feel and thinner sole options for increased spin.

Pinemeadow wedges
The Pinemeadow 60-degree wedge

The Pinemeadow 60-degree wedge delivers precision shot control and high trajectory with the custom contours of a classic sand wedge. Made from soft, high-quality cast carbon steel that provides a beautiful finish and durability.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan golf wedge
The Ben Hogan Equalizer 2 wedge

Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedge Review:

Ben Hogan Wedges Review – One of the most famous golfers in history, Ben Hogan used to call his wedges “Weaponry”. The proper name for these performance-enhancing clubs is a “Cavity Back” wedge. This type of club has double grooves that grip onto the ball and causes it to spin faster through impact. As well as generate a farther distance potential than conventional Nike wedge designs.

The Ben Hogan Equalizer 2 wedge has a classic player look thanks to its clean, minimalist, and elegant design. In fact, it’s designed to be more forgiving than the original equalizer while improving performance for every shot. They work just like the wedges I tested. You are beautiful. You can save $25 to $100 on comparable wedges from Big Boy.

Most Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedge review always consider these wedges for beginners. Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Equalizer Wedges are available in 2-degree increments from 48 to 62 degrees. This simplifies the lineup a bit compared to the company’s previous wedge offering, which offered clubs in 1-degree increments and almost too many choices. (However, if a specific wedge loft measurement is required, the company will specifically order it.)

Ram Pro

Ram Pro Spin Wedges
Ram Pro Spin 3 Wedge Set

Ram Pro Spin Wedges Review and Ram Golf Pro Spin 3 Wedge Set Review:

The Ram Pro Spin Wedges use a Diamond-Textured Sole and Grooved Platform to provide traction, spin, and control on the course. The CNC milled face technology provides maximum forgiveness on mis-hits while the high toe design increases confidence throughout your game Ram Pro-Spin wedge is built to help golfers get the ball airborne quickly on short shots and use their spin to control the trajectory. A redesigned center of gravity helps you find consistent contact faster, while a new face pattern gives you incredible control over where you hit the ball. The Ram Pro-Spin is available in a compact blade style and open clubface model that matches most average swing speeds and helps optimize your setup posture.

Introducing the Ram Pro Spin 3 wedge set. An ultra-lightweight forged from a single piece of steel to help you get up and down from anywhere on the green. This compact design provides remarkable performance with superior touch around the greens.

The Ram Sand Wedge is built to help you improve your wedge play. Its grooved sole provides consistent traction, while a perimeter weighting system allows more swing speed through impact.


Srixon Wedge Set
Srixon Golf ZX5 Irons (7 Iron Set)

The new Srixon Wedge Set is one of the latest wedges and is made up of a 5-wedge set, with a split between 56/60/62 degrees and 60/68/72 degree wedges. For a beginner golfer looking to get into the game of golf, this is a good choice. The set comes with a carry bag for easy transport of all the equipment needed for your round. Built to help you put your best swing on the course, the Srixon Z585 Approach Wedge features a thinner top line, flatter sole and smaller footprint which improves distance off the turf conditions. The new Mid-Carburetion Sole Design disperses weight more evenly for increased stability and improved precision, with the use of Diamana Black 120 shafts in stiff and soft flexes.

The Srixon Z785 Gap Wedge features the new Tour V.T. The sole has been modified to move across grass more efficiently, reducing impact resistance and tightening the spread of shots for maximum consistency and control.

Srixon Z785 Gap Wedge
Srixon Golf ZX7 Irons (6 Iron Set)

Also, you want to make sure your wedge play is on point with the Srixon ZX7 gap wedge. The ultralightweight offers a large sweet spot, while the Tour-proven spin-rate enhancement gives you more stopping power on and around the green.


The Ping Wedge Degrees is a great tool to easily and accurately measure your shot alignment. It’s easy to use, with instant feedback on how to improve your alignment. It is an important aspect of your golf game, and therefore should be something that you choose with care. Read on to find out more about this club and whether it’s right for you.

Ping 52 degree wedge
Ping 52 degree wedge

Ping’s 52* wedge delivers a low-spinning, high launch, and a more penetrating trajectory. The face features a square Leading Edge Design (LET) and square trailing edge for maximum precision on the fairway or around the green. The high-performance design provides playability off tight lies, with stability for high-distance shots.


Kirkland is relatively new to the golf equipment industry and its clubs are marketed exclusively by Costco Wholesale Corporation. The company was founded in his 1983 and currently has 558 stores in the United States and its territories.

Kirkland Wedges Review:

The Costco wedges and Costco wedges sets are Kirkland wedges for sale in Costco. Kirkland Signature Golf Wedges are manufactured by Southern California Design Company in Carlsbad, California.

Kirkland Left Handed Wedges
Kirkland 60 degree wedge LH

The Kirkland Left Handed Wedges are great for the junior golfer who is looking for a well-made wedge with a classic head design. The well-lofted grooves allow this club to work great in sand traps and stop quick pitches from rolling too far. Milled Face Technology adds hand-milled microgrooves to the face in addition to traditional grooves to improve spin and precision. Each wedge features a progressive center of gravity to optimize spin and launch for optimal trajectory and control. Take your game further with True Temper’s high-performance wedge flex shaft.


Wilson's Lob Wedges
wilson harmonized 60 degree wedge

Wilson’s Lob Wedges are a great option for players looking to get more out of their short game. These wedges feature a wide sole and low center of gravity that gives you extra versatility around the green. The lob wedge features an oversized head with a variable bounce face design that helps your finesse shots where the ball will land on your second shot. These new lob wedges help you hit more approach shots closer to the pin and help you control your distances on bunker shots.

Get more fun on the court with this racquet’s quality engineering and super game-enhancing design. Everything you need to start playing today. Wilson’s world-class engineers and designers have put together a racquet that helps new players easily get the ball where they need it for longer, straighter shots. Exceeds the industry’s most stringent durability standards Built to last using quality materials, this racket is one that you will enjoy for years to come. Wilson 60-degree wedge delivers ultimate control with precise movement, allowing you to limit distance loss‎. Designed with a small bounce, the wedges are perfect for those sand shots which require precision and distance control.


The Cleveland RTX wedges are a great option for any player looking to improve their game. The brand’s highly-regarded tour wedge series is known for being both extremely playable and easy to control, offering a wide variety of options depending on your needs and swing mechanics.

Callaway wedge set 52 56 60
Callaway wedge set 52 56 60

The CBX2 incorporates a hollow chamber design that adds weight around it for greater forgiveness on impact. It also features improved feel-balancing technology and a Getback TPU insert that reduces vibrations for a purer feel. These wedges offer three different sole grinds giving you the versatility to hit every shot on the court. The Cleveland 52-degree wedge used is still very effective than Cleveland RTX in wedge shots since this is one of the best golf wedges.


Asking your self are Lazrus wedges good? The Lazarus is listed among the best wedge. It comes to us from a good company, they know wedges and they’ve made a lot of them over the years. The design and style of this one are pretty cool!

Lazrus Wedges
Lazrus Wedges


Discover the golfing benefits of Titleist Vokey wedges with spin rates and distance control in a familiar feel. If you want the best wedges in the game, look no further than Titleist Vokey sm7 wedge or Titleist Vokey sm 9. Titleist Vokey wedges include a full set of 54-degree, 56-degree, 60-degree, and 64-degree wedges. Each wedge features Titleist’s high-density tungsten weighting system to deliver consistent spin and distance control while generating more mid-to-high loft shots with each iron.


The progressive center of gravity (CG) provides an excellent feel for precise distance and trajectory control. Thanks to Bob’s tour-proven polish, shot versatility has been improved for swing types and course conditions. You get more spin from his 100% tested TX4 grooves, and a new parallel face construction creates sharper, more stable groove edges. Advanced personalization with a wide range of industry-leading custom options.

vokey grind chart

Vokey designed the Vokey Grind Chart to help you find your perfect wedge for any shot. Simply enter the number of holes you want to play, then select your preferred grind, loft, lie and bounce. Follow the chart to find which wedge has your ideal combination!


Taylormade wedge

The new Taylormade wedge loft is a great-looking wedge with a slightly more compact design than some of the other woods TaylorMade has available. This mid-bounce wedge gives you the same lie angle, bounce, full shots, and shaft options as the R1s and XR irons which makes the loft wedges a versatile option for those who need a variety of shots from different clubs.

Taylormade Rusty Wedge. Taylormade’s Rust Wedge has a unique shape that resembles the classic pitching wedge but with a little bit of extra bounce in the sole. It features the same distinctive two loft options and two bounce options, plus a milling pattern that gives it plenty of bite around the green. You might wanna check the TaylorMade mg2 wedge set. TaylorMade’s MG2 wedge incorporates a Raw Face design that provides a more precise spin and more feel to your full shots. We also laser etch between the grooves on the raw side to create a rougher hitting surface and increase spin on the green side.


Mizuno wedges are among the most popular wedge, fairway woods, and irons on the golf scene today. Mizuno clubs have long been known for their excellent craftsmanship and ball-striking capabilities, making them a favorite of professional golfers including Ryder Cup player Francesco Molinari who is known for his consistent driving ability with his Mizuno MP-69 wedge. The Mizuno T20 52-degree wedge is a versatile wedge that has a classic look with a classic bounce. The sole grind, bead and muscle design make this wedge stand out from the rest. It’s a “must-have” for every short game.

mizuno t20 52 degree wedge
mizuno t20 52 degree wedge

The Mizuno t20 52-degree wedge felt dramatically different with swing strength. On short shots, shots up to about 50 yards, the ball felt heavy and hard off the face. There was a bang when the ball hit the racket. When it comes to design, the T20 is exactly what I like. The leading edge is fairly straight, the blade is compact, and the tip is slightly angular and iron-like.


PXG Wedges Review:

The PXG Wedge Loft is a high-launch wedge with a crescent-shaped sole width that allows players to easily hit the ball from multiple lies. The innovative spin control was designed to help players generate maximum spin rates with optimal trajectory. There is less skidding and more toe height on shots aimed for the green, making it easier for pros and amateurs alike to tame their most difficult golf shots.

PXG Sugar Daddy 2 Wedge Review
PXG Sugar Daddy 2 Wedge Review

Sugar Daddy II bites and confirms commands. He is an exceptional player, especially when it comes to its emery face blast around the green. He can confidently open his face or hit square chips in any situation. The 0311 Sugar Daddy II is an outstanding wedge. Whether he’s chipping, pitching, or bunkering, he’s an absolute joy to hit. For me, full-face grooves are an acquired taste and confidence around the greens.


Callaway Complete Golf Club Review: Everything You Wanted to Know? The Callaway Jaws Complete Golf Set is designed for golfers of all skill levels who are looking for a complete set of clubs in one purchase to optimize performance with higher friction and turf interaction throughout your game. The set includes everything you need to begin playing golf, including a driver, fairway wood, hybrid club, and irons. One for men and one for women. The Callaway Complete Golf Club set is designed for golfers of all skill levels who are looking for a complete set of clubs in one purchase. The set includes everything you need to begin playing golf, including a driver, fairway wood, hybrid club, and irons. The Callaway Complete Golf Club comes in two different models: one for men and one for women.