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Unlike in other sports where the player with the highest score becomes the winner, the scoring system in golf is quite different. To succeed you need to have the fewest number of shots or the lower score taken either in the round or on the hole. Every course comes with a selected number referred to as par.

Practice keeping your golf score even in your practice rounds

It illustrates the score a professional golfer would score. Each hole, either with nine or 18 holes features an individual par score.

The par score of a course equals to the total par scores for each hole. Once a golfer has completed each hole, they record the score on a scorecard. Every player is tasked with noting down their scores and remaining truthful in writing the number of shots. The scorecard acts as a guide to the golfer during the game. It displays challenging holes and the yardages for every hole. 

Keeping Score Tips

  • Note the number of shots you hit as you play a hole. This way, you won’t have to count them once the game is over.
  • Write your score immediately after you complete the hole so you don’t forget
  • Leverage tools such as phone apps
  • Guide to getting your golf handicap

When you’re on the golf course, your tee time is the time you should be on the first tee rearing to start. You shouldn’t mistake this with arrival time. It’s important to arrive early in advance so that you can have sufficient time to warm up and relax before the game.


  • To give yourself sufficient time to prepare. Arrive at least 30 minutes before tee time.
  • On arrival, register with the starter to let them know you’re present
  • Take time to warm up on the range and proceed to the green and practice putt rolling before your tee time

Driving a golf cart helps you save on gas. Further, a big percentage of golf carts is electrical which makes them environmentally friendly. How can you get the best out of driving a golf cart, especially if you’re doing it for the first time?

Make sure the brake is firmly pressed down and locked in place before starting it. Many golf carts don’t start until the brake is on. Always double-check as a matter of precaution.

Insert the key in the ignition and gently turn it to the on position. If you’re using an electric golf car, you may not hear it start. Many golf carts come with two gears. F means forward and R is for reverse. Activate the golf cart gear and ensure that the lever is secured in place before proceeding to the next step.


Nobody should stand on the cart when it’s in motion. Many carts have no review mirrors or even horns which are why you should understand your surroundings well. 

Knowing what to and not to do in golf can take time. Here are the published rules of golf

Below are a few tips to help you know the rules of the game.  

What to Do?

  • Play at a moderate pace.
  • Adhere to the rules as they are set and administered by the USGA and the R&A
  • Replace divots, repair ball marks, and rake bunkers
  • Allow the farthest player from the pin to be the first to hit on every shot
  • Allow the previous hole to tee off first at the subsequent tee.
  • Bring a caddie with you where possible
  • Record every score for the purpose of handicap
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations of the course you’re playing
  • What’s the Price for Golf Practice and Lessons?

Learners will master various techniques such as chipping, putting, and fairway swings. The instructors also teach about the tournament and mental preparedness. The ideal instructor should have a PGA (Professional Golf Association training or any other golf certification body. Many of these instructors are based in fitness centers or country clubs and offer various lessons for golfers with varying skill level.

For every 30 to 45 minute private lesson, you’ll pay an average fee of between $50 and $60. Depending on your instructor, you might pay between $75 and $90 for hour-long sessions. Should you buy a bundle of lessons, the fees could be reduced by 15% or more.

You could purchase lessons in packages too. For instance, you may choose a package of 6 thirty-minute lessons for approximately $250 which translates to around $42 per session. You may also select six hour-long classes for approximately $375 which translates to $62.50. 

In this age of technological advancements, many golf instructors have adopted the use of video technology to record every detail of a player’s swing. They also utilize computer-generated motion evaluation on playback to help golfers understand how they can improve their techniques. 

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There are various tips of becoming a good golfer both for beginners and experienced players. Here are some of them.

  • Assume a proper address position. This includes your stance, aim, posture, and grip. These determine your performance on the course. You don’t need expert skills to enhance your set up prowess. All you need is the determination to achieve your ultimate swing platform and willingness to collaborate with your instructor.
  • Hit the ball straighter rather than further. The most successful golfers pay attention to the distance a golfer achieves during the game. However, novice golfers don’t need distance to reduce their handicap. Focusing on hitting the ball straighter helps you master your ball control skills. This helps you hit more greens and fairways.
  • Enhance your Pace Putting. By focusing on your pace, you’ll not only shoot lower scores but will also hole more putts.

There are various ways of preparing for a round of golf. These include:

Reading and Understanding the rules

Often, each golf course will have specific rules. You need to familiarize yourself with them before beginning your tee.

The rules could also change depending on the tournament you’re playing. Further, you may also want to check for any additional drop zones or course conditions unique to the tournament. Always pay attention to the tournament director or head golf professional before teeing off.


  • You can’t overemphasize the importance of practice. Remember, practice makes perfect.
  • Ensure your Golf Clubs are Cleaned Before the Game
  • Cleaning your golf clubs instills in you a feeling of preparedness for a grand game
  • 14 Tips for How to Practice at a Golf Range

Pack Your Sunscreen

Tournaments can take the entire day and spending a long time in the open field exposes you to harmful sun rays. Protect your skin with sunscreen.

Other tips include:

  • Visiting the restroom before your tee time
  • Arriving early and having fun while at it

If the performance on your first round was poor, chances are you won’t win the tournament. Of course, this depends on how poor your score was.

You can develop a goal and be determined to accomplish it. For instance, be determined to complete the tournament in the top 20. You may also want to identify one aspect of your game that you need to improve on. This way, you will improve your game both physically and mentally and remain focused on the next round.


After a bad day of golf, you may want to go home and while your frustrations away. However, taking time to assess the previous game and establishing what you can do to improve is a better idea. Remember, you can easily visualize the mistakes you made immediately after a game.

Go to the short game or range area and analyze some of your poor aspects about the game as see how you can improve. Often, you will find that you made careless mistakes which you can easily fix ad this will give you sufficient confidence to proceed to the next round. 

Other tips include:

  • Discuss your predicament with a fellow golfer and have them recommend some improvement tips
  • Don’t underestimate your ability. Use your poor performance as a stepping stone to performing better in other rounds.

If you’re a beginner, choosing clubs can be an arduous task. Without proper guidance, you may end up choosing clubs that you’ll hardly use.

As a novice player, you want to choose clubs that can help you enhance your distance and accuracy. The first thing you should do as a beginner is to choose your set of clubs together. 

This should include putter, driver, hybrid, a pair of wedges, a pair of wood, and various irons. You should determine the quality of your golf equipment and how much you’re willing to spend to acquire them.

A good golf equipment idea for beginners would be buying the equipment you can replace later after you master the game. In this case, you can opt for second-hand equipment. Don’t buy overly expensive golf clubs if you don’t have sufficient golf playing skills yet. 

Before spending your hard-earned cash on clubs, you first want to lay down your golf goals. This will ease your shopping. For instance, ask yourself why you want to play the game. Are you doing it for fun or do you intend to become a professional player someday? If you’re doing it for fun and are certain that you could end up playing it once in a blue moon, you may not need to break the bank to buy costly equipment. 

However, if you know you will play the game more regularly, you can invest in better quality clubs. Still, you will want to consider your skill level. As we’ve mentioned before, you need to master the game before investing in equipment as a beginner. By taking golf lessons and playing regularly, you’ll know the clubs that work best for you. 

Other tips include:

  • Compare between used and new clubs. If you’ll be playing once in a blue moon or are hardly skilled in golf, used clubs will be ideal. However, if you intend to play regularly and are a skilled golfer, you can opt for new clubs.
  • Have a definitive budget. Golf clubs aren’t cheap and you want to lay down a budget and stick to it.
  • Consider club fitting or get measured in a professional retailer shop. This ensures that you choose the right clubs for your body type
  • Know shaft options. Shaft composition incorporates shaft flex and graphite or steel. While steel shafts are cheaper, graphite clubs are lighter and can enhance your swing speed. Senior players and women can perform better with graphite shafts that have a softer flex. Young men, on the other hand, may want stiff or regular shafts. 

Here are some factors to consider when buying golf balls.


Often in the game of golf, more power in a ball means less feel. Still, some balls can give you ultimate power without compromising the feel.


Some balls in the market are designed to add length to a golfer’s drives. This, as we have seen above can reduce the feel of your ball on the green


Golf balls come with varying spin rates depending on the amount of control you want over the ball along the green.

Here are must-have golf accessories whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player. 

  • Golf tees
  • Golf ball marker or divot tool
  • Golf towel
  • Club brush or groove cleaner
  • Golf trunk organizer
  • Golf shoe bag
  • Golf gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle and snacks

There are various benefits of playing barefoot as seen below.

  • You’re able to stand with proper alignment and a neutral posture
  • There are no spikes which means you won’t get distracted as you swing
  • Your weight gets evenly distributed off your stance
  • Playing barefoot reduces your center of gravity seeing that there’s zero drop from the heels to the toes. This provides more stability and stable connection to the ground. When you play with shoes, the heels tend to create an irregular hip tilt
  • Putting barefoot allows you to better understand the lay of the land as well as feel the grass contours better. 
  • Each of your foot has 26 bones. When you play barefoot, these bones will have a better grip as well as maintain a stable balance.

You may not be violating any USGA official golf rules by playing barefoot. However, you could be violating the dress code of various courses and clubs. If you still feel more comfortable playing barefoot, you may want to purchase specially designed barefoot shoes. Get the type that comes with a thin, puncture-proof, and waterproof base as opposed to a rubber sole. This way, you can keep your feet clean and allow them to function naturally. 

Golfers are likely to experience lower back and spine injury, seeing that they spent a long time on the golf course in a bent position. This can also result from sprains and muscle strains. Remember, pain hinders a players ability to play golf which can be frustrating. To prevent back pain, you can wear a back brace to provide support on the lower back. 

Are you experiencing pain on your shoulder? Do you have difficulties raising your arm if the answer to these questions is yes, then it could be resulting from a rotator cuff strain.

A rotator cuff injury occurs when muscles and or tendons tear resulting in pain. Some of the movements that can cause this kind of pain are: swimming, executing a robust golf swing, or falling hard with your arm outstretched.

If you suspect that you have injured your rotator cuff, apply ice immediately and take a rest. Get a small ziplock freezer bag with ice and hold it against your shoulder for approximately 20 minutes.

Repeat the process every two hours and first thing in the morning for approximately two days. Use a robe belt to tie the ice bag against your shoulder. Avoid moving or stretching your shoulder during the process. 

If you experience hip pain after playing golf, it could be due to extreme pressure around the hip joint which you get from swinging the golf club over and over. You may also experience pain if you execute the swing inappropriately. Repeated twisting motion and the pressure exerted on the hips will not only cause discomfort, but it will also hamper a golfer’s ability to play. Here are treatment options you can try to eliminate the pain.

Take a Break

If you suspect the pain emanates from a golf swing, you may want to take a break until the pain subsides. 

Stretch to Enhance Flexibility

Always stretch before and after your exercise routine and before your golf games. Stretching in advance prepares your muscles and makes them flexible enough for exercise. Stretching after exercise relaxes your muscles and reduces the risk of injury. 

Exercise to Gain more Strength

If you choose to take a break from playing golf, you should focus on strengthening the injured region. You’ll want to focus on strengthening your inner and outer thighs as well as your buttocks.

Develop a strong muscle framework to enable your body to better absorb strain from playing golf. In case of severe pain, you may want to discuss the predicament with your physician. Ask them to recommend the best exercises to strengthen your hips. 

Always: start playing on a practice range as opposed to the golf course. The range is an ideal area that helps you get accustomed to the game. Further, you won’t be in any pressure to leave which means you can stay as long as you want. 

Avoid: Worrying. Remember, the game of golf is tough, and everybody including the professionals was once beginners. 

Always: Bend from your hips

Avoid: Bending from your knees

Always: Collaborate with a professional to develop a good swing foundation. Where possible, find and work with a PGA pro. You can leverage on online videos and other resources to enhance your golf skills too.

Avoid: Getting trained by your partner whether they’re professional golfers or not. Get a qualified instructor who isn’t related to you whatsoever. 

Avoid: Keeping your head down and still as you hit the ball. Your head should move with the entire body.

Always: Focus on the short game by putting and chipping before concentrating on your hybrids and long irons, driver, and fairway woods. 

Try to: Encourage your friends to join you in learning. You could even make it an event. Once a practice session is completed, you may want to celebrate. Completing a golf round is no mean feat and it calls for a celebration. 

Always: Have a glove with you. While some people may opt to play without a glove, many golfers are comfortable using them. Gloves are ideal when it comes to protecting your palm.

Avoid: Worrying about owning equipment until you master the game and can maintain solid and consistent contact with every swing. 

Always: Invest in appropriate golf attire. 

Always: Play as fast as possible. Be prepared to hit your shot when your turn comes.

Avoid: Carrying your range balls to the golf course.

Always: Learn basic golf etiquette and rules

Avoid: Picking up balls that don’t belong to you. Further, avoid wasting time searching for balls. 

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