How to Regrip a Golf Club: 5 Step Checklist

Learn How to Regrip a Golf Club

If you’ve ever been curious about how to regrip a golf club because you think to yourself, “I think I could save some money.” You are right. This is one of the best golf tips I received when I first started playing.

For the time it takes to regrip a golf club, you can regrip your entire set in about 30 minutes. You should give it a try. There is something about swinging a club that you have regripped yourself – it gets you closer to your club.

Here are some top golf grip brands to use.

And, as we all know having a good relationship with your golf clubs is important to building your game.

Signs You Need New Grips

Most modern golf grips typically can last two golf seasons depending on how many rounds you play in a season. Some golfers regrip their clubs every year.

There are a few reasons you may wan to take a look at regripping your clubs.

  • The rubber or leather of the grip feel hard and slick
  • Parts of the grip are fraying
  • You don’t feel in control of your grip during your swing

Staggered length of used golf clubs


Golf is a very challenging game and having the proper grips will definitely help you develop a comfortable swing.

Size of Grip

There are three sizes of grips. Standard-size grips will work well for most golfers at all skill levels.

  • Regular

  • Mid-Size

  • Jumbo (Oversize)

Some golfers can benefit from either mid-sized or oversized grips. If your grips are either too small or too large it can have a negative impact reducing your ability to control the club at contact with the ball.

Determining the correct size grip can be done by considering hand size, swing mechanics and the pattern of your golf shots.

One of the best ways to figure out the size of golf grips you need is by looking at your golf glove size as follows.

  • Men’s extra-large (XL) = use a midsize or jumbo grip on your clubs.
  • Men’s large (L) or medium (M) glove size or a women’s large (L) glove size =  Standard size grip.
  • Men’s small (S) glove size, or a women’s medium (M) or small (S) glove size = undersized grips. Youth players also should consider undersized grips.

Grip Styles

There are a variety of golf grip styles. The two main types of grips are rubber and corded.

Rubber grips come in stiff and soft styles and varying degrees of smoothness and feel. Many rubber grips also are very light, adding little weight to the club and can absorb the shock of each shot very well.

Corded grips have a mix of rubber and strands of fabric (cord) threading embedded in the grip. This cord adds a little gription to the feel, but are a less-smooth surface. Corded grips tend to be heavier than rubber golf grips

What You’ll Need to Regrip a Club

  • Towel
  • Hook knife
  • Two-sided grip tape
  • Mineral solvent
  • New golf grips

How to regrip a golf club - what you will need


You may want to buy a golf regrip kit the first time you are trying to change your grips on your own.

How to Regrip a Golf Club: 5 Step Checklist 2

How to Regrip a Golf Club: Follow These 5 Steps

1. Secure the Shaft

First, you will want to make sure to secure the club shaft so you can work on it. Some people use a vice with protective rubber so they don’t damage the shaft.

However, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of buying more equipment, you can firmly hold the shaft between your legs. Just be careful and firm with each step you take.

2. Remove the Old Grip and Tape

Next, you will need to use a straight blade or stripper to remove the old grip.

Please be sure to cut away from yourself. Peel or scrape off the old grip and grip tape. If the tape still has ‘stickiness’ and grip you can keep the tape on for the next grip.

However, most times you will need to remove the old tape and may want to use a cloth and solvent to clean off the residue.

3. Measure the Tape and Apply to Club

You will need two-sided grip tape. To measure, simply hold the new grip parallel to the shaft to determine how much area you need to cover with the tape.

Lay the club down on a flat surface, then place the tape on top of the shaft.

Make sure you leave a half-inch or so of excess length that sticks out past the end of the golf club.

Then, roll the tape around the club. You can bunch up the excess tape at the end in the hollow shaft.

How to regrip a golf club - use two-sided sticky tape

Add Grip Solvent

Grip solvent does two things a) makes it easy to slip on the new grip over the sticky tape and b) evaporates overnight to allow the golf grip to stick to the sticky tape and secure the grip to the shaft.

There are several resources that will tell you to add grip solvent to the inside of the golf grip AND the shaft. I’ve found that adding grip solvent to the inside of the grip is sufficient.

So, cover the hole at the butt end of the grip with your finger and pour a good amount of solvent inside the new grip. While having both ends of the grip covered, shake the grip so the solvent is spread around on the inside.

Slide on the New Grip and Align

Finally, slide the grip over the shaft. Make sure to have the alignment pattern of the grip up. Make sure to push the grip all the way onto the club and do not leave it twisted. Put the butt is against the shaft butt.

The grip can now be aligned with the alignment pattern square to the club face. You must do this within a minute or so after sliding on the grip.

You will need to make sure to let grips dry several hours prior to swinging the club. I usually let my new grips dry 24 to 48 hours before swinging them.

How to regrip a golf club - the satisfaction of a completed regrip

Top Golf Grip Brands

When looking for the right style and brand of golf grip for you, take look at some of these brands.

Tips on a Proper Way to Grip a Golf Club

Grips and how to grip the golf club which is a little different than learning how to regrip a golf club.